Clinique Versus Hydraluron Moisture Gel Smackdown – Blogging March Day 24

One of the things that no one can say they do enough os, is drink water (well maybe it’s just me). But during the winter when the central heating is on all day and the air is so cold and bitter, having hydrated skin is one of the hardest tasks to achieve. Hydrated skin is important because it means that makeup glides on and it makes your skin look plumper and generally better when it looks as though it’s thoroughly moisturised. With so many face creams claiming to do this and underperforming, it’s quite hard to find products which are able to hydrate skin, without sacrificing other benefits skin care should do. I hate when oils are greasy and tacky to the touch, especially when you try and apply foundation on top… Everything just moves around. So, when I heard about hydrating gels, it sounded like the perfect way to hydrate skin quickly and with little/no noticeable look to the skin at all. There are more and more available in stores now but I wanted to test the two that I have been using head to head: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and Clinique Moisture Surge.  Initially when you look at the packaging of both of the products, you notice a huge difference in the way the jars are. With Hydraluron, there is a plastic tub with really bold and stand-outish writing with a pump that puts all other pumps to shame (imagine if all foundations had a pump like this). The pump runs on a push mechanism housed on a disc. Every push will have enough product for one use and its hygienic because you’re not sticking your fingers into a tub, unlike the moisture surge. The Clinique is a little more old fashioned with a tub made of robust plastic that you have to dip your fingers into. They’re both around the same price, coming in at £34 for 50ml whereas the Hydraluron is £25 for 35ml.
The image above is of Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I basically washed my hands and let them air dry so that they would dry out. You can see from the before image that my hands are incredibly dry and cracked and generally, that’s what the skin on my face can sometimes look like when I haven’t been using oils, or hydrating masks (but this is rare for me), and the after image shows how moisturised, plump and alive my skin looks. Generally, the skin on your hands is rougher because of more use and so your face’s skin will never take on hydrating gels to this extent but, Hydraluron makes your skin feel amazing. I use this everyday before I use my face cream and I love how it has stopped my pores from being so clogged up and how comfortable my skin feels. I don’t ever think my skin feels tight or uncomfortable in the cold. It’s an extra investment in your skin care, but if you get dry spots and patches and find your skin is generally quite irritated by dryness, then this will help leaps and bounds. It does smell a bit strange but it’s nothing too offensive and it doesn’t linger.
 The image above is of Clinique Moisture surge. You can see dry and cracked skin where I haven’t moisturised and after where my skin looks very glow-y and has a plump effect to it. Clinique are always fantastic on delivering with their skincare and it’s very rare for them to make skincare which doesn’t comply with what the jar says. Clinique’s Moisture Surge is a lot nicer to smell than Hydraluron and the effect it has is quite a bit more drastic. It makes my skin feel really fresh and the glow it gives means that I often skip the primer because it’s giving me enough of a dewy look. I have noticed how it also helps my makeup stay on for longer as well. The only things that concern me are how it doesn’t give me the same hydrated feel as Hydraluron.. It feels different and sinks in quicker. Although it leaves a glow behind, I just want it to hydrate my skin which, I don;t feel it does because when I remove my makeup at the end of the day, my skin feels dry under. It’s very comfortable to wear, though and it’s not noticeable at all.

So which one wins? I have to say that the one that stands out to me in every aspect is the Hydraluron which caught my eye from day one because of their innovative packaging. Although their brand feels very clinical, their bright fonts make them seem more modern and playful whereas I feel as though Clinique are quite old fashioned. They are priced the same as well and this means that they are direct competitors and I feel as though Clinique focused a little more on the look and feel of the product, rather than the overall feel and effectiveness of the product.

Props to Hydraluron… You done good kid.

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