Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Favourite – Blogging March Day 29

I done a posy yesterday showing you some of my favourite Urban Decay pencil eyeliners and I mentioned how I love the way you can add a bit of colour to your eyes without being overpowering using eyeliners to create a splash of colour. And today, I want to show you my favourite gel eyeliner of the moment which I purchased during Christmas. Bobbi Brown isn’t a brand that I usually turn to when it comes to fun and funky makeup, but I had a consultation for a new eye makeup look and the lovely lady at the counter put this on my eyes with a brown eyeshadow and I fell in love so bought it straight away and it has now become my favourite liner!

I’m a huge fan of gel eyeliners (eyeliners in general really) and because I have used them for such a long time, I have mastered the application of them. I have come to realise that the thicker the brush is, the easier it is to apply and this is strange when you think of it in theory however, logically, the thicker brush hold the product a little more robustly and it doesn’t clump up or disperse patchily and this makes a solid line of eyeliner- perfect every time! I love a bit of gel because it lasts so long however, generally speaking, all gel eyeliners are same: come in a small pot, have the same consistency and dry out fairly quickly. But it’s the colour of this particular Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner that caught my attention.

I have slightly green/brown eyes and because of this, wearing green enhances my eye colour quite a lot. However, every day, I don’t want to brought greens on my eyes and so this deep and dark ivy colour is perfect for adding a hint of colour without the super duper drama. It’s just a hint of colour and it picks up in the light. If you work in a corporate environment, or if you want to add a splash of colour without the hassle, this is perfect.

You can see from the image below that I even blended the colour out because you can use this as an eyeshadow base and it works perfectly for this as well. I’m a  huge fan of these and there a lot of brands that do gel eyeliners (Inglot being a brand with the most widest range of colours I’ve ever seen). I wanted to show this Bobbi Brown’s eyeliner though, because its a universal brand and I’m hoping my readers from all over the world can purchase it!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Review – Blogging March Day 28

  Urban Decay is a brand that is always releasing new and exciting products to their collection and by no means least are their Glide On Eye Pencils which are all the rage because of their staying power. They’re not called 24/7 eyeliners for no reason and they are so pigmented, that I just had to show you some of them to prepare you for the sweaty and hot months that lie ahead of us (where anything long-wearing will be appreciated.. For me especially).
There’s nothing more i love than a deep and bold look to the eye that makes them stand out more. One of the most prominent features on my face are my eyes, so i like to play on these and one of the easiest ways is to use eyeliners on and around my waterline to create that dramatic look. I really like playing on colours and if you do too, but don’t like bold colours on the eyes, then try eye liners like these on your waterline or lightly smudged before/after your liquid eyeliner, to add colour but with less impact. I think a huge trend to come soon will be deep set eyes with Chanel’s campaign with Kristen Stewart being all about the eyes and with Lisa Eldridge recently raving about kohl eyeliner, I am definitely feeling the darker eyes trend approaching. Some of the best and most long lasting eyeliners to fulfil this has to be Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Eyeliners and the ones I have here in particular come in a set, so starting off the trend with a good foundation. There are 5 colours that come in this set called ‘Delirious’ which is aptly named after the deep and dark colours which are perfect for adding a hint of colour, to what would usually be bare or just black.  You can see from the swatches that they are creamy and very pigmented and the colour selection from the collection that Urban Decay have is enormous. They swatch beautifully and what’s more, they apply effortlessly too. They’re creamy and blend so well on the eyelid and on the waterline and they’re not hard to apply, like some eyeliners can be. I have even used these on my eyelid before where I have just smudged them on my lid and blended out with a relatively dense synthetic brush, although you have to be quick as these set very quickly. The only criticism I have is that they all have glitter in them apart from the black and although I love the look it gives, sometimes, I think a bold and matte colour makes a huge statement too. That’s not to say that I’m not in awe of these so if you see them around, then make sure you grab yourself some, because they’re too good to miss.

Clinique Versus Hydraluron Moisture Gel Smackdown – Blogging March Day 24

One of the things that no one can say they do enough os, is drink water (well maybe it’s just me). But during the winter when the central heating is on all day and the air is so cold and bitter, having hydrated skin is one of the hardest tasks to achieve. Hydrated skin is important because it means that makeup glides on and it makes your skin look plumper and generally better when it looks as though it’s thoroughly moisturised. With so many face creams claiming to do this and underperforming, it’s quite hard to find products which are able to hydrate skin, without sacrificing other benefits skin care should do. I hate when oils are greasy and tacky to the touch, especially when you try and apply foundation on top… Everything just moves around. So, when I heard about hydrating gels, it sounded like the perfect way to hydrate skin quickly and with little/no noticeable look to the skin at all. There are more and more available in stores now but I wanted to test the two that I have been using head to head: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and Clinique Moisture Surge.  Initially when you look at the packaging of both of the products, you notice a huge difference in the way the jars are. With Hydraluron, there is a plastic tub with really bold and stand-outish writing with a pump that puts all other pumps to shame (imagine if all foundations had a pump like this). The pump runs on a push mechanism housed on a disc. Every push will have enough product for one use and its hygienic because you’re not sticking your fingers into a tub, unlike the moisture surge. The Clinique is a little more old fashioned with a tub made of robust plastic that you have to dip your fingers into. They’re both around the same price, coming in at £34 for 50ml whereas the Hydraluron is £25 for 35ml.
The image above is of Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I basically washed my hands and let them air dry so that they would dry out. You can see from the before image that my hands are incredibly dry and cracked and generally, that’s what the skin on my face can sometimes look like when I haven’t been using oils, or hydrating masks (but this is rare for me), and the after image shows how moisturised, plump and alive my skin looks. Generally, the skin on your hands is rougher because of more use and so your face’s skin will never take on hydrating gels to this extent but, Hydraluron makes your skin feel amazing. I use this everyday before I use my face cream and I love how it has stopped my pores from being so clogged up and how comfortable my skin feels. I don’t ever think my skin feels tight or uncomfortable in the cold. It’s an extra investment in your skin care, but if you get dry spots and patches and find your skin is generally quite irritated by dryness, then this will help leaps and bounds. It does smell a bit strange but it’s nothing too offensive and it doesn’t linger.
 The image above is of Clinique Moisture surge. You can see dry and cracked skin where I haven’t moisturised and after where my skin looks very glow-y and has a plump effect to it. Clinique are always fantastic on delivering with their skincare and it’s very rare for them to make skincare which doesn’t comply with what the jar says. Clinique’s Moisture Surge is a lot nicer to smell than Hydraluron and the effect it has is quite a bit more drastic. It makes my skin feel really fresh and the glow it gives means that I often skip the primer because it’s giving me enough of a dewy look. I have noticed how it also helps my makeup stay on for longer as well. The only things that concern me are how it doesn’t give me the same hydrated feel as Hydraluron.. It feels different and sinks in quicker. Although it leaves a glow behind, I just want it to hydrate my skin which, I don;t feel it does because when I remove my makeup at the end of the day, my skin feels dry under. It’s very comfortable to wear, though and it’s not noticeable at all.

So which one wins? I have to say that the one that stands out to me in every aspect is the Hydraluron which caught my eye from day one because of their innovative packaging. Although their brand feels very clinical, their bright fonts make them seem more modern and playful whereas I feel as though Clinique are quite old fashioned. They are priced the same as well and this means that they are direct competitors and I feel as though Clinique focused a little more on the look and feel of the product, rather than the overall feel and effectiveness of the product.

Props to Hydraluron… You done good kid.

Drug Store Primer.. Soap and Glory Hocus Focus review – Blogging March Day 5

  When it comes to the drugstore, primers aren’t the first thing that pop into your head. I have very recently started using a primer under my foundation in order for it stay on for longer, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg on primers from high end brands. I wanted to find one that was new and innovative and one that would change the game for the drug store primer title and I think I’ve cracked it.. Behold, Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory.
  Now, I know that Soap and Glory aren’t available all around the world, but if you ever happen to come across it on your travels or online, check out their makeup, because it’s ground-breaking. It’s not the cheapest in the drugstore however, it’s very comparable to the likes of Benefit Cosmetics. Price- wise, if you live in the US, it’s very similar to Physician’s Formula and the quality is just as good.

When I was searching for a primer, I wanted something that made my skin look luminous (as a lot of my foundations have a matte finish) and I wanted something that would blur my ginormous pores on and around my nose. I have also started to develop fine lines (at the age of 24.. that was a horrible thing to discover a few months ago, believe me, but they’re mostly laugh lines (so to me, I’m just  very happy person)). I wanted a primer that done everything and when I saw this in Boots the other day, I almost jumped out of my skin! It said it would do everything I wanted and I just had to give it a go.

At a first glance, the packaging is cute and when i saw the bottle, it was small but was full of product, literally, spilling out when i opened it. It has a nozzle tip for the application and the colour of the bottle reflects the colour of the product inside. The actual liquid is quite runny and very easy to blend out. When I tried it on my hand, the first thing I noticed was the gold reflection and when I looked in another light, it was very rosy toned. I don’t mind both of those things and when i blended it out, it almost disappeared, leaving behind a very subtle sheen that looked so natural, I thought it was just my skin shining.The first day I used this, I wore it under a velvet finish foundation (review coming soon) and it done very well, where I never noticed the glow right away however, noticed my skin looking radiant throughout the day. I then tried the primer under a more natural and nearly naked foundation where I found it really stood out. It was very bold and quite dramatic so was definitely something I wished I had used a bit more conservatively. I then tried it on it’s own with no foundation and only on the high points of my face and by golly gosh, I was truly blown away with it. It is the perfect highlighting colour and blends so well, it looks completely natural.

I like the way the primer was when concentrated for a glow, but for blurring, never really noticed and when worn under a foundation, found that it made me look very glow-y however, borderline oily and that’s not really what I want in a foundation. I love the way it looks gold in some lights and pink in others because it shows a versatile product for many skin tones, which if you haven’t gathered already, is a huge factor I consider when looking at makeup.

I would recommend this to everything, at least even testing it in store, and seeing whether you think you could make it work like I have managed to. My highlighter game just went up 10 points thanks to this!

February Beauty Favourites – Blogging March Day 2

Welcome back guys! Let me introduce you to my favourite products of February 2016! I’ve recently reorganised all of my makeup and found some gems that had been hidden from sight and I’ve rekindled my love for them!

 Let’s start with this new purchase from December last year that I originally regretted buying! I bought the Laura Mercier – Secret Brightening Powder in the hope that it would help set my under eye concealer as well as add a bit of brightness to my usual tired looking eyes! When I first used it, I had just come back from holiday and was quite tanned and wearing a darker foundation to match and this made my skin look so ashy. However, as I’ve lost the real tan and continued to fake tan, this powder has turned out to be amazing! It’s translucent (although I always think translucent powders have a white cast) and it’s super finely milled. In fact, it’s so finely milled that it looks like dust and you have to use a dense brush to pick this up or it just floats away from the brush! I don’t know about brightening, but it keeps my makeup at bay and really helps to reduce shine throughout the day with caking up!
 The next product is an old-y but a good-y! This Sleek Contour Kit (in Medium) has been featured in many blog posts before and it’s just sensational. From the day I purchased it a year or so ago until today, I’ve loved using it to contour my cheeks and nose. The shade is very cool toned and the highlighter is mediocre too. Although I’m not that keen on how gold the highlighter is (because I can’t use it in my brow bone.. I prefer a cool tone), I do find myself reaching for it as an eyeshadow to add a pop of glitter sometimes. The texture is smooth and blends effortlessly and I love that the packaging is sturdy and has a huge mirror!
 I recently posted an image on Instagram of my favourite nude shade and I actually received this in a Glossy Box! It’s by the brand Color Club and in the shade Barely There which suits my complexion effortlessly! It’s the perfect mix between a pink and nude, doesn’t make my hands looks old or tired and is nice and refreshing for these Spring months!
 When I was rearranging my make up, I wanted to find some foundations I hadn’t used in a while and stumbled upon Rimmel Wake Me Up! I had been using Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua the day before and was admiring how good that looked on my skin and consequently the next day I used this and found such a resemblance in the feel of it! The finish is beautifully velvety and the shade is spot on (although mine is a little old and oxidises a little after half an hour of application). I love the way it makes my skin glow and makes me look healthy and awake whilst still looking as though I’m very naturally made up. The price point in comparison to the Chanel foundation is remarkable but the finish is just as good!
 I’ve been researching concealer religiously recently because I want to try new products and I’ve found the love of my life. Make way for the Dior Skin Concealer which has changed my concealer game by miles! The pigmentation is really good and it covers my dark circles with ease whilst still hydrating my under eyes. This shade is spot on because it make my skin look like a one shades canvas and I can highlight and contour as I wish on top without it bunching up. This works great with the Laura Mercier Powder! The shade selection isn’t huge which is a downside but if you find yourself matching a shade, grab it! The price tag reflects the quality however, you need the tiniest bit and it will last you a very long time as the packaging has quite a bit of product in it!
 Last but not least is this lipliner which had made my winter go by so smoothly! This MakeUp Forever Lipliner in shade 14C is perfect for adding colour to the face without looking overbearing. I’ve recommended this to everyone I know and it looks excellent on everyone. It lasts all day and stays put exactly how you applied it. Although it does dry my lips out, I’ve found putting a little lip balm on beforehand helps to combat that and make it a little more comfortable to wear! The colour goes well with any makeup look I wear as too, which is an added bonus.

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 28 – February Beauty Favourites


I can’t believe that a whole month of blogging has gone and I won’t wake up to post my new blog for the day every morning as I have been! I’ve loved Fe-Blog-Uary and I hope you guys have too! I sure missed a few days but I hope I’ve made up for them and it’ll be back to a regular schedule of uploads every other day during March and Blogging April will be here before you can say MAC! I thought it would be nice to end the month by showing you my favourite products of February 2014.. So here we go, for the last time this month!


Beauty UK Blush in ‘Popsicle Pink’ – £3.99
I bought this recently and featured it in a haul post after I had gone shopping for a few bits! Not expecting high hopes for it, I was so surprised at the effect it gives your skin after you’ve used it! It’s supposed to be a really shimmery light pink baked blush but it’s so light for me, I use this on top of my blusher for a highlight and my oh my.. Does it highlight?! It gives an amazing glow to the cheeks without looking fake.. It’s inexpensive too!


HD Brow Powder Kit in ‘Foxy’ – £19.96
I got this in a beauty box and was excited to try it after it being hyped up so much in the beauty community! I’m not a big fan of brows but I’ve loved using these colours as eyeshadows and filling out the odd gap in my brows! The colour ‘nude’ is a perfect crease colour (camel colour) and I love using the lightest shade as a brow highlight! These are really buttery and pigmented eyeshadows so you only need a tiny amount!


Inglot Lip Paint in ’63’ – £10
After getting this in summer, I semi- forgot and semi-lost this lip balm from Inglot! Inglot tend to do really good lip products so I wanted to try this after the amazing sweet smell enticed me! This is a typical ‘me’ shade which is a rose toned nude and it’s a real high shine finish too! It’s really moisturising and smells nice.. Could you ask for anything more?

Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion – £2.99
I got this tiny sample size body lotion in a Glossy Box but it’s not so much the product I was excited about! Although it’s a really nice lotion, it’s not moisturising enough for my body, I think people with oily skin, would love this! It’s not sticky, smells good and absorbs instantly! What I love about this cream is the travel size that it comes in! I love being able to take this out and about with me in my bag to moisturise inbetween my fingers etc. It’s really good for on the go!

Premae Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum – £22.50
I received this a while back in my Glossy Box and I loved it however, I’ve only started using it properly since last month! I really like how lightweight, yet moisturising this is on the skin! When I’m applying it, it dries into the skin and I can’t feel it but when I feel my face, it feels moisturised and nourished! It’s a nice little serum I use before bed because it doesn’t smell too offending and I won’t wake up with oil spots because it isn’t that greasy on me!


Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in ‘202 Natural Vanilla’ – £15
Lastly, is my love for loose powder foundation again and this is the only one I own! I really like the coverage it gives and how fresh your face looks after! I’m a big fan of using this with my concealer too because it sets it perfectly! Body Shop have done it right by finely milling this and I like the fact the packaging has a sieve in it! It’s really mattifying and fills in fine lines too making it a multipurpose product and you can’t beat that!

What’s your favourite products of February? Have you ever tried any of the products I’ve mentioned?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 27 – Beauty Favourites: Mascara


One of my most favourite make up items to wear and the one product which I feel naked without, is mascara! I think mascara is one of those products that every woman wears even if they wear no other make up! It’s amazing how much better and more awake a face looks when there’s a slick of a good black mascara on those lashes! Over the 10 odd years I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve developed some favourites.. As you do.. So take a look at my favourites that I’ve managed to narrow it down to (it wasn’t easy)!

It sounds really strange to say but, my lashes aren’t the best however, they take on mascara really well! They’re fairly long but, I don’t have any volume and they’re dead straight so I have to curl them! They’re obedient though.. When I curl them, they stay like that and when I apply mascara, they tend to do whatever the mascara claims to do! If you’re blessed with amazing lashes, then these mascaras will make your lashes even more sexier! If like me, you have droopy lashes, these will make all the difference!


Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £19.50
The cult beauty product which some love and some hate! For me.. It works really well but only at a price! The brush on this mascara is what makes it so unique because it’s a plastic and super spikey which even has bristles on the tip, making it easy to reach those hard-to-reach-corners! I love the way the brush acts with my lashes! The actual product inside the tube is what I struggle with.. It’s quite watery and on average, I find that after using this tube for a month or so, it starts to work amazingly! I’ve depicted a sample size but even that is quite generous so continuing to use it for a few weeks works out well! It separates, lengthens and volumises my lashes incredibly! I have to use a good few coats and build on it, but it really does work well for me!


L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black – £10.99
This is another one of those mascaras which every Beauty Blogger has raved about at some point! I remember using this about 5 or 6 years ago when I was school and it was fairly new and when I saw it a few years ago on the shelf, I bought it to use whenever my then-current mascara finished! I kept forgetting about this whenever my old mascara finished until recently, when I rediscovered it and.. Boy, am I glad? This has to be one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used! It has a really long and thin plastic brush with tiny bristles in a square shape around the barrel! It’s a unique design and works well for top and bottom lashes!

I love this mascara for everything! The lengthening, volumizing and curl it gives my lashes! The liquid in the tube is really thick and paste-like which makes it really good fot volumising however, it takes a while to dry and I often have a to wait a good few minutes before applying another coat! I have noticed that this transfers to my under eyes if I wear it on my lower lash line which, I have never been troubled with before! I do really like this Carbon Black formula better than the original for its superbly intense colour and pigment, though!


Nouveu Noir Black Mascara – £14.99
This isn’t a greatly popular one but by no means least do I not think that it isn’t worth it in my top spot! I reviewed this in a beauty box around a year ago and I was really stunned to receive a full size and really good quality mascara, like this! The brush is a small oval shaped bristle brush which is quite small!

I don’t use this mascara in the normal fashion, though! I actually use this at the end of my other mascara coats because this is so super black! It adds a real darkness to my lashes making them look more voluminous! As well as using it on the top, I use this on my bottom lashes too because it’s such a good sized wand! The packaging is made of metal too.. It feels such good quality! The mascara product itself isn’t so great alone because it did nothing for my lashes however, I found using it at the end for a shot of pure black, works so well!


Maybelline Colossal Volume a Express (Smokey Eyes) Mascara – £7.99
I started using this mascara after purchasing it whilst it was on sale! I didn’t have too many high hopes for it because I thought it would be cheap and wouldn’t work but I couldn’t have been more wrong! They have quite a few different products in the Volume Express range and before this ‘Smokey Eyes’ version, I had ‘Cat Eyes’ which had a different shaped brush! The brush is a medium sized, rounded bristled brush and not too exciting at first!

However, the way this makes my lashes look is amazing and it’s a look I love: slightly clumpy, voluminous and long! The product inside it, is great because I have dipped another spooley in the tube before and the mascara still performed amazingly! It’s great value for money!

What’s one of your mascara recommendations? Have you ever tried one of these?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 25 – FYI: Skin Illuminating Primers


During winter, I love reviving my skin a little (or at least creating a persona that it’s revived)! There are tonnes of products which claim to be illuminating, but do they really work? For me, illuminating means a glow to the skin which looks natural and as if its from within! If it looks fake, it’s just highlighter, if it looks natural, it’s illuminating: SIMPLES!



This MONU Illuminating Primer doubles up a moisturiser for me too! It’s quite hydrating and adds just enough nourishment for my skin for me not to have to wear any face cream: double trouble! I received this product in a Glossy Box hence, the small size but ever since I’ve received it, I love it! It creates a really natural looking sheen to the face which literally makes you look as though you drink gallons of water a day!

Skin looks hydrated and completely clean (which is so hard to explain, but it does)! It’s quite white in colour though, so probably not the best for darker skin as it would most likely leave you looking ashy! It doesn’t really make my make up last longer on top, but it makes my skin look so good, I don’t want to wear foundation!

L’oreal Lumi Magique Base
I got this almost two years ago when I was experiencing quite a bit of dry skin on my face and no matter what I used, I always looked dehydrated and as a result my skin started to become a dull colour! I bought this with the hope that it would give me a glow and make me look back to normal again! I love this stuff.. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to dry looking skin! My skin looks dewy and even when I wear it under foundation, the shine peaks through and looks great!

It’s quite a watery primer and although I don’t notice my makeup lasting longer, I think it looks great on the face! I have to avoid using this on my T-Zone though, as not makes me look almost sweaty with all the shine in an area where I’m quite oily! The liquid is white and great for pale complexions but would also suit olive skin tones too! It has a really fine silver metallic glitter running through which gives that ‘wow’ factor to the skin. For the price.. Priceless!


Revlon Bare It All
Drug stores always come out with highlighters and primers, but I love the idea of lotions and hydrating products, which really help the skin keep as hydrated as possible! This limited edition ‘Lustrous Lotion’ is marketed to be a super illuminating lotion which you can wear under or over foundation! I’m a big fan of stuff like this because it’s so versatile!

I love that this is slightly pink toned, so rather than wear it under foundation, I wear it as a blush and it gives me an amazing glow and when I wear it as eyeshadow, it looks superb then too! It’s quite a thick consistency and although it doesn’t keep my foundation on my face, the look it creates makes me look plastic (which I love)!

Lumi Magique Concealer
I really wanted to throw in this Lumi Magique Concealer because I don’t feel as though it gets enough credit for what it does! Concealers are great for all their coverage and all that stuff but, how many concealers have we tried that make your skin look like it’s naturally chiselled to perfection? I love using this for adding an instant highlight to my cheek bones and making them look prominent! But, it helps my features stand out yet, looks fresh and glowing, as though all that highlighting work is normal! It’s still a great concealer for under the eyes, but for what it does highlighting-wise, it’s amazing!

What’s your favourite highlighting product? Any recommendations?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 24 – MAC vs. MUA


I wanted to try something a little different with today’s post and really wanted to do a true comparison between a High End and High Street brand! I thought about what brands I wanted to compare when it finally hit me, to choose the cheapest brand I know: MUA and one of the most famous brands: MAC! I really wanted to know whether if you paid more, you got more quality with brands, so here’s my test!

I know MUA isn’t available in all countries and people from the UK can purchase it from Superdrug but international beauty geeks can purchase online here! MAC is available from MAC stores which are usually located in main city centres as well as Debenhams, Selfridges and various other department stores! However, you can also purchase MAC online here!

MUA Lipsticks


MUA lipsticks cost £1 each in the UK making them one of the cheapest lipsticks that anyone can buy! I have a few colours from their range which I use time and time again for a pop of colour, as the shades I have, are quite bright! They are really pigmented, glide on and feel really creamy! Perhaps a little too creamy..? They seem to slip around a bit and bleed around my lip line if I don’t wear a lip liner! I love the way they feel.. Really luxurious and they don’t stick to the dry bits on your lip, either! (excuse my poor execution of applying the lipstick.. It kept sliding around on my lips)! The packaging is really good with a clear window which opens out as a pot of lipstick that you can dip your brush into! I love the way it shows the colour of the lipstick and despite it only costing £1, it doesn’t feel cheap at all! They have 16 colours in this £1 range which isn’t a tonne, however, they have lots of other ranges priced differently with different finishes and shades!




MAC Lipsticks


MAC are really well known for their lipsticks! They have some really famous colours but I thought I’d swatch some less well known shades (and one famous one)! Their lipsticks do feel like they have a sense of quality! Although some shades like ‘Mehr’ are quite paste-like on the lips, they still feel really nice to apply though! They’re long-lasting (no matter what the finish) and don’t bleed at all, regardless of the colour! They have what seems like millions of shades but at £15 a tube, they’re 15 times the cost of MUA! You can only buy them where MAC is sold and it’s not as accessible as where MUA are sold! The packaging is a bullet shaped tube which is really classy and classic MAC. There are lots of different finishes which makes finding a certain look, really easy to shop for and of course, who can resist picking up a lipstick from those lovely MAC stores to swatch them.. They have prestige!




MUA Intense Colour Eyeliners

Again, these come in at £1 each and there are 6 colours to choose from! Not the broadest range of colours, but the colours that they do have in this range, are quite funky and fun! The pencils come with a sharpener on the lid making them super easy to use and the whole packaging is the colour of the pencil, making them super easy to find in your stash of eyeliners! It’s really pigmented and smooth to apply! It doesn’t pull or tug at my eye and they’re fairly long lasting too! The colour fades beautifully when it does and leaves a nice subtle hint of colour which I like too! Not bad for £1 ehy?

MAC PowerPoint Eyeliner

I’ve chosen this range of eyeliner because it’s the only eyeliner I have of MAC! MAC eyeliners are something which I actually avoid buying because they cost so much! I received this in a holiday gift set so didn’t really mind the cost as it worked out worth my while! I really like the colour of the pencil because it’s a nice subtle colour which isn’t too harsh! The colour comes off a little patchy though and doesn’t really apply very well.. It’s one of those pencils you rub in your hand or hold under a hair dryer to warm up first and then apply which, isn’t really ideal! There are 13 colours in the range which is a good selection and MAC have a lot of pencil eyeliner ranges! I really like this but at £14 a pencil, the price is crazy steep!

MUA Powder Blushers


These are a recent buy for me when I went shopping around a month ago! I saw these blushers and after trying a tester, I was really shocked that they only cost £1 each! They’re really soft and easy to apply! Although some shades are a little chalky, I think they apply beautifully and create a natural finish because they blend effortlessly! They’re almost completely matte apart from a few shades which have a subtle shimmer running through! There are 6 shades in this collection which was released in 2013 which is not that vast, but the colours are great and suit any skin tone! The packaging isn’t great and the plastic feels quite cheap however, I like the way the lid clips shut and the way it opens horizontally as most blushers open vertically!

MAC Blushers


MAC blushers were the first ever things I purchased from the brand! I remember thinking how much I knew I would love them and I was right! The packaging is really sturdy and although the plastic window pops out on some, it pops back in and I’ve never had any problems! I love the vast colour selection they have in their various finishes and there are countless shades (hence why I can’t give you a number) because they always release new shades with their limited edition collections! The blushers always look natural, have a good shimmer to them (if that’s the finish) but always remain a finely milled powder which feels like silk on your skin when you apply it! I love it when I wear MAC blushers because I just know that my face will look fresh that day and I won’t really need to worry too much about looking in the mirror to adjust my blusher! Coming in at £16 though, these are quite expensive and not the cheapest however, I do think that they’ll last me forever and because they have some really different shades, they have a unique-ness about their blushers!

MUA Eyeshadows

The only eyeshadows I have from MUA is this Naked Palette knock off which comes in at £4 for 12 eyeshadows! The colours are completely based off that palette with some of these colours actually being better then Urban Decay’s palette! I love the finish of the shimmery eyeshadows because they’re so soft! When I swatched these for this picture, it felt so nice to smudge them on my eyelid because they felt buttery and the pay off was excellent! They’re really easy to blend and although the colours are mainly glittery or quite chunky, they don’t have a tonne of fall out and are super pigmented! The matte shades are a let down though, with the payoff being little to none which does let it down a bit! This palette is called the ‘Undressed palette’! The packaging isn’t the best however, it has a clip close again and remains closed.. The plastic feels a little cheap!


MAC Eyeshadows

Of course, everyone knows MAC for their crazy good eyeshadows and the amazing tutorials people make on YouTube and blogs showing the incredible looks they created using MAC eyeshadows! I only own a few MAC eyeshadows, but that is because they cost so much! Eyeshadows come in pan form (without any packaging -£9) protecting the eyeshadow and also in single forms (£12)! I love the way that most MAC eyeshadows are reliable in terms of pigmentation and you can almost be sure that the colour will be true to what it looks like in the packaging! However, the duo I have in the middle host the colours ‘Radial Pink’ and ‘Shadowy Lady’ which are not that pigmented at all! Again, as with all MAC products, the powder is really finely milled and so blend beautifully, but the pigmentation just isn’t there! The other two pans in ‘All That Glitters’ and ‘Tempting’ are really pigmented and buttery though!

So there we have a review of a few different products that both MUA and MAC sell! I love both brands, but for completely different reasons! I remember when I was younger, all I wanted was MAC makeup but, as I got older, I realised that there are tonnes of brands which have similar products for a lot less money!

I’ll have to say that taking everything into consideration, my favourite brand is MUA! I just can’t get over how well they have managed to do despite the fact their products are amazing! Well done MUA!

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