LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review – Blogging March Day 25

I LOVE LIPS! And if you haven’t gathered from my blog posts so far which have been about nude lips predominantly, then they’ll have gathered that (LOL). But, I wanted to show you some lip products which are a little different from the norm and a completely different colour palette. Why not? With spring around the corner, it’s finally time to bring back some of the more brighter colours. Today has been the best weather in March in the UK as well… So the time is perfect to show you these bright and colourful LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. (See swatches of all colours here)
I have a few of these in my collection after stumbling across them in a Depop sale and was drawn to buying them because they were so affordable. After looking into them further, I saw that in the UK, these are sold for £4 which is rare for a good lip product. I love a matte lip, but sometimes, I need a gloss in my life and I enjoy wearing a bright lip with a glossy finish because of that juicy look it gives. These Glazed Lip Paints come in a tonne of colours and they always release new collections with some more amazing colours. The ones I have, I use all the time and with the finish being so glossy, they’re very easy to apply. They have a creamy and rich texture too and so they glide on with an even finish and you don’t need to worry about patchiness. They claim to be long-lasting and although the original gloss does wear off, taking a lot of colour with it, it definitely leaves a solid stain behind and doesn’t bare your naked lips under.My favourite colour from my collection is ‘Blushing’ and there is always someone who admires this when I wear it too. It’s one of those shades that looks good on everyone and it’s not a seasonal shade either because it’s still fairly bright. Not only are these good to wear lone, but I love mixing and matching them and they blend together to make some incredibly shades. The only downside is the packaging because it comes in a squeeze tube and this is quite hard to control with such a rich colour so I have to use a lip brush, which I don’t mind for the price, but it would be good if that came with the packaging. These are available to buy quite easily in the USA and if you’re not there, try who ship worldwide (pretty much).

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