MONUspa Skincare Mist Review – Blogging March Day 23

I have been loving this so much ever since I got it, that I just had to write up a blog post on the amazing MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Spray. This has changed the game for me in terms of spritz sprays and I can’t speak highly enough about it because of how unique it is.

We all know when the Caudalie Elixir spray came into the pubic eye and every makeup fanatic went mad for it. That claimed to have vitamin properties with a heavenly and relaxing scent and although it was very nice, I think every blogger and YouTuber knew deep down that it was kind of a gimmick and that no one would fork out around £40 for a spray that didn’t really do much. Don’t get me wrong when I say that I love the concept of the product and I think that the way that the makeup industry is creating new products is really enticing and I’m the first person at the store to get them. But some sprays just did nothing.

I really love this MONUspa spray because its fuss free and it doesn’t have any false accusations. It claims to energise, revitalise and hydrate the skin and it does every one of those. It has a very spa like scent which I find more appealing than the Caudalie spray because it’s softer and not too much of a loud smell. It is definitely revitalising because the spray has a soft mechanism and it doesn’t spritz your face and disturb your make up. And anything liquid will hydrate but, this has a way of leaving a really nice glow to the face and making your make up look dewy and longer lasting.

I couldn’t say enough good things about this spray, so if you’re looking for something to take on a hot holiday, keep in your handbag or to use in your makeup routine, MONU is the way forward for you at a bargain of £19.95.

N.B. The image above is of a sample size spray which I received in my Glossy box. The actual size in the link below, is larger.

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