The end of the day is here and it’s been lovely today! I really like blogging like this because when I look over it, it reminds me of the lovely things I did!

Little things people take for granted a lot! Today when I woke up and the sun was shining, I went straight into my garden and just sat in the sun for half an hour before enjoying an amazing breakfast!


Watching the movie! I had Tania (my little qu’ran student), over watching it with me! We had a lot of fun watching the movie and playing games too! Look at some of the stuff we made with yarn!


As well as that, I got to do some pampering too! I love pulling out my facial masks, creams and lotions and potions to treat myself at the end of the week! (No, I don’t use ALL of this stuff, LOL).


Night night, All


Time for a movie!

And for snacks and milkshake!!


Can anyone guess what we’re watching!



After coming home in the evening time, me and mum were STARVING! And we had no clue what to make for dinner! The worst thing about the heat is that you don’t want to stand next to a hot stove and be in the boiling kitchen!

So I got my knives, chopping board and some vegetable! The idea was that we would make wraps! But rather than using the fajita wraps, we would use either roti that was very thinly made or pockets!


I cut as many vegetables as I could find! Tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, red pepper, onions, grated carrots and I also chopped up some coriander! You ain’t Asian if you don’t use coriander!

We then got the wraps on! Mum made some mince meat! She made it as spicy as she can!


• Brown onions slightly in oil
• Add garlic and ginger (to taste)
• Add your mince
• Time for spice! 1 teaspoon turmeric, chilli powder
• Add the lid on the pan for about 20 mins or until you think the meat is cooled and TADAA!


Get your wraps ready and add the salad, mince and any sauces you like! Personally, I like a squeeze of lemon because momma made the mince so spicy! I also found some chicken leftover from the day before which is what you see in the bowl! This makes it more like the traditional fajita!


The weather in London has been AMAZING! And there’s nothing better than enjoying the sun when it comes out!

Today (Sunday) , I woke up with the sun shining on my face and I was so refreshed!

So after a shower! I just had to paint my nails to match the weather!

One of my favourite polishes…


Barry M Berry I/C (ice cream)


Ok guys!!! 23:36 here in the UK and time for a tires Faiza to go sleep! I’ve been up since 7am!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my folios me round blog!!

I also went shopping after going to Kent in a local shopping centre! Had to get a few bits for a very special day tomorrow.. Stay tuned to find out why I went and why I got presents for a certain someone!

Enjoy some more pictures from my trip today until then :)

Night night folks!!




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