I baked a cake last week and I think there’s nothing more therapeutic! Enhanced by the fact that my mum loves it too and joins me to create a wonderful mess of what was a nice clean kitchen!

Some of you may ask some of my baking tips:

  • Use olive/ vegetable oil to grease your Tins in order to give your cake a more crispy outer shell
  • when making a chocolate cake, use as much chocolate as you do dry mix to ensure your cake tastes like chocolate
  • use a bread baking for your cake bakingbecause your cake bakes evenly! Not too good for birthday cakes etc. but makes your everyday delights, delectable!
  • when your cake seems slightly moist in the middle (insert a knife in the middle of the cake, pull it out and I’d it is clear with a few crumbs, the cake is moist. If the cake has lots of mixture, it’s not ready), take it out of the oven.
  • get a friend! There’s nothing better than baking with someone! Not only do two minds create an oven but you’ll have a lot more fun and loads more ideas for baking and decorating!
  • I like to think as myself as more of a baker than a cook! Much to the dismay of my likes-to-think-he’s-a-food-critic other half :)

    Remember to enjoy yourself! I made two cakes today an burnt one! WOOHOO! Mistakes happen and I burnt about 30 cakes before I made one remotely edible..

    But when you do make a good ‘un, there’s no going back!


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