How I lost my stomach using my stomach..

I’ve struggled with losing my stomach for a while. There’s too many times I look in the mirror and everything is fine, apart from my bulging stomach! Because I’m lazy, exercise won’t work for me.. I prefer to just keep active..

.. Or, just change my diet. I’ve been eating really healthy recently because I’m not at work. Taking advantage of the time I have, has been tasting good so far.. If you’ll pardon the pun! So here’s a simple salad which I love making!


What you’ll need:
Half a lemon
1-2 inches of cucumber
5-6 basil leaves
3 pieces of salami (any meat of your choice)
1/6 of a bell pepper (I prefer red or yellow)
1-4 of tomato (minus the gooey inside bit.. YUK)
5 olives
Handful of salad leaves
1cm round of an onion

You want to finely chop all of these ingredients minus the lemon which you want to squeeze in at the end. Add a bit at a time and as much as a you like. I like to also add a small drizzle of extra Virgin olive oil (1tbsp).


You could eat this:
By itself
On flatbread
In a pitta
On pizza
As a side
In a wrap
In a sandwich

Wrap in cellophane and let it marinade in the fridge for extra flavour!

Or try making a basic pesto by making the basil and olive oil a purée using a purée machine and crushing. And use it as a paste or sauce on any of the above methods!

If you want, try adding last night dinners meat in there too! That will help make the salad a little heavier if you’re not a fan of a light lunch.

Since I’ve been having this once a day, I’ve noticed a big change in how hungry or HANGRY I get.. Because it keeps me full for ages without giving me a massive bloated stomach (which I get quite badly after eating). It’s a great weight loss treatment and the olive oil has hydrated and given my skin such a shine.. Even though its a minute amount!

The Ritz!


Today was an extremely exciting day for me! As a treat, my brother surprised me with an invite to the Ritz for afternoon tea! In his own words; “you like tea, so I thought why not?”. Couldn’t really argue with that so I went for it!


This kind of stuff is right up my street and I have never really been anywhere like this with my brother before so was really happy to share the experience with him!

So we began the morning at an hour I haven’t woken up in a month since I’ve been off work! I was awoken with a lovely text message urging me to wake up immediately and rolled out of bed! It took me ages to decide what to wear because I thought it would be a cold, wet and dreary day but as soon as we got out it was AMAZING weather!

My brother decided to not wear a whole suit because that would be a little too smart for the little casual yob! Instead he opted for a mismatched suit and trouser combo which I think looked highly adequate for the event :)


Jacket is from Zara
Suit jacket is VERY old and he doesn’t remember from where
The shirt is from Prada
The shoes are from Burton
The tie is from Zara
The scarf is from River Island
The underwear is from.. Got you!

I opted to go for simplicity so the only things worth mentioning are my ASOS leather lapel jacket and River Island boots (£7.50)!!!

After a hectic morning we parked the car (it took us 15 minutes to find a spot) and we then hopped on the train! After arriving, the weather was fantastic and the sun was shining brighter than ever!

Allow me to tell you the story in pictures..















The end of a lovely day! Thank you for having us the lovely Ritz hotel!

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