My hair care tips/ routine


When it comes to hair, I take extra special care of mine because I keep it trapped under a scarf most of the time and it hardly ever feels any fresh air. Because of this, I think it’s best that I do what I can to ensure it stays healthy and my main tip: let it breath! Whether you wear a hijab or not, I think applying product after product to ‘protect’ it is essentially just damaging it more.. Like make up usually has layers and layers and we always ensure we remove our make up, we don’t wash our hair every night before bed (most people), so we shouldn’t bury it under hair products!

I think we should keep our hair maintenance to a minimum and rock the natural look! All types if hair and hairstyles are in at the moment!

Whether you have a tight perm


Frizzy hair


Boy cut


Long hair


If you don’t believe me, name a celebrity who has hair similar to yours? If you thought of one.. You have no excuse! The best type of compliment is when someone says you look good and you realise you made minimum effort! Now, we all have ‘bad hair days’ and that’s when a topknot is your best friend! Grab an old sock, cut off the toe, roll it up and make yourself a donut! We’ll be partying like its 1999! Oh yeah!

I keep my hair care fairly simple but here are ALL the hair products I have.. Limited I know but to be honest I think I use 2 regularly and the rest on Eid (twice a year)!

My hair is straight and fairly silky and doesn’t get greasy a lot. I wash it 1-3 times a week, depending on the occasion. It frizzes slightly after washing it and I never use heat on my hair. Despite the fact I get awkward kinks, I just work with them for my benefit.

Herbal essences uplifting volume shampoo
For shampoo, I’m a big believer to buy the cheapest one I can find! If I’m out and spot a shampoo that costs a pound, I’ll buy it because you only end up washing it out anyway! More than anything, really use your fingertips to massage your scalp and get rid of that grease on your scalp. No matter how many times I wash my hair, I’ll always use Head and Shoulders Anti- Dandruff at least once a week to ensure I don’t get flaky (especially when it’s cold- 80% of the time in London). At the moment I’m using this Herbal Essences uplifting volume shampoo.. It smells yummy!


TIGI S Factor smoothing conditioner
I like to condition my hair at least 3-4 times a month. The only reason I don’t condition every time I wash is because I think my hair would get greasy quickly! I’ve been using the S Factor range for 5 years now and I’m in love! I’m really loyal to their conditioner and if you have curly or damaged hair, this is your saviour! I use it because its so nourishing, creamy and makes your hair feel like a million dollars! When I use this conditioner, my hair knows just how to style better, look healthy and lustrous! I love it!


Tresemme heat defence styling spray
When I’m using heat like a blow dryer, straighteners or curling wand, I like to apply heat spray but not a tonne! I find heat sprays always make your hair feel sticky and stiff after using the heat so I use as little as needed. Because I hardly ever use heat, it doesn’t damage my hair.. WOOPEEE


TIGI S Factor smoothing lusterizer
When I want a little pizazz in my hair and want it to look AMAZEBALLS, I always go to my S Factor lusterizer! This stuff makes your hair smooth, tames frizz and adds shine and gloss to your hair! You only need a 3-4 pea sized amounts and fun it through your hair and it’ll change your hair completely! It smells amazing and has glitter in it! I mean.. Glitter.. Really?! I’m in!


Milk shake leave in conditioner
When it’s winter and my hair is uber dry, or when I notice I’m getting dandruff, I run to my leave in conditioner. I got this Milk Shake one inside a GlossyBox but I love it and so did everyone I tried it on! It smells like vanilla-toffee-caramel heaven and is a mousse so, is really easy to work with! Apply a palmful of this into 80% dry hair and let it do its magic!


Elnett diamond hold hair spray
Who doesn’t need a hairspray? And for me Elnett is the best! I love the Diamond hold because I think it’s the strongest. The hairspray hold really well but doesn’t get crispy or dry and should you need it to, combs straight out! It’s a godsend for those of us that love a bit of back combing and style holding!


My make up removal!

Ah! The awaited make up extrapolation routine of mine! This is the most basic routine I think I could have ever found! Now I wear make up almost 6 times a week, so I need to ensure that I remove it well so no residue is left.. But a way that isn’t nasty on my bank balance :)

Here we go:

1.) I use Avene extremely gentle cleanser.. As a cleanser! Although this says extremely gentle.. I find it does sting your eyes if it goes into your eyes so be careful of that! I put a pound size amount into the back of my freshly clean hands and divide my face into 7 sections and work on these sections separately.

I then massage this almost like I’m trying to absorb it into my skin and ensure that I get to the edges of my face and that I don’t tug my skin too much.
When it comes to eyes I get a little of the cleanser on my fingertips and I rub my lashes using the ball of my index finger to gently massage the mascara and eye liner off using small circular motions. It will come right off.. Trust me.. It’s amazing!

2.) I then take my baby wipe which I like the scented version of, because it smells yummy likes babies! I stretch it slightly because this makes the wipe bigger and I can use more of it to cover my face! I then gently rub the wipe all over my face.. Changing the section of the wipe to a clean bit for every section of my face! I do the eyes last! And just like I used my finger to rub my mascara off.. I wrap the wipe around my index finger and again gently in circular motions wipe off the residue!

You’ll notice all your make wipes straight off! This is the BEST method of removing make up I find! I have never used toner on my skin and not do I use face wash after this procedure. The reason being.. Because I don’t need to! I don’t want to touch and massage my skin too much if I don’t think toner does anything to it! It’s unnecessary expense to me and I think my make up comes off and my skin feels much fresher just by doing this routine! I apply moisturiser after though :)

Avene extremely gently cleanser can be found in Boots for £8/9
And baby wipes are always on offer for £1 but usually cost £1.50 for a pack of 64!
The avene lasts me almost 4 months! And the baby wipes last me more than 2 months! So that’s basically £30 for the whole year! And you’ll still have some wipes left over!

My tip is.. If you see the wipes on offer for £1.. Pick up a few packs because they don’t go out of date and if you keep them sealed until you need to use them, you’ll get a lot more for your pennies!

Summer make up routine high end…

Continuation from my previous post! Here’s my high end:

  • Definitely need a bit of Chanel somewhere so why not start from the base! Foundation has to be Vitalumiere Aqua cause it’s BRILLIANT! Gives a dewy finish and is very light and wearable during summer!
  • Who needs concealer when Benefit have their Lemon aid! This is meant to be a eye shadow primer but I thinks works really well as a colour corrector too! Concealer can really take the brunt of the heat by melting and creasing so by using just this.. Means you won’t end up looking like a silly billy!
  • People in the US have a good chance of getting more samples and I definitely did when my other half went shopping for me, they have him a MASSIVE bag of free bee’s.. Much to my delight! Inside was a Clinique palette which has two stunning eye shadows from the Come Heather Trio they have released! Use the cream colour all over the lid and the purple as a eye liner, gently pushed into the lash line! MAGNIFICO!
  • Time to contour and there’s nothing else to say other than Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel.. Fin
  • Blush?? How about Nars Orgasm and I got this duo from the Wicked Attraction set which is selling on Asos with a lip gloss, eye shadow primer and eye shadow for a low price.. Might do a review of this gift set at one point
  • Mascara has to be Clinique high Impact and I have the sample size as I don’t get the chance to buy a full size when I keep getting free samples from everywhere! Lucky me :D
  • Lips can be Estée Lauder Crystal Baby which is glossy and gorgeous! A perfect colour for any skin colour.. I PROMISE
  • Finish off your glamorous look with Mac’s lustre drops which I have in the colour Pink Rebel which you can add before or after your foundation
  • Forgot to get it in the original picture but for powder, use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder be it loose of compact (personally I prefer the compact cause it’s easier to use). This powder is quite heavy but when used with a big fluffy brush.. Gives an amazing and long lasting coverage!
  • Have fun you Fab ladies!




    Summer make up routine!

    So as some of you may know.. The sunshine has at last arrived in the UK and is set to last a few days and us women, have to adapt our make up in order to not turn into snowmen!

    My routine has changed quite a bit as I have normal/combination skin (oily t-zone) and wear a hijab.. The effects of the heat need to take a drastic change on my makeup!

  • Face primer is L’oreal Lumi Magique which has a pearl finish and looks excellent when lightly brushed on the high points of your face under foundation
  • Foundations are Bourjour Healthy Mix Serum (shade 54) and Bourjois Bio Detox (shade 52) which match up to a nice shade and also mix well together giving me a glow but not overly dewy finish
  • Concealerr has to be Vichy Dermablend Concealer which I have fallen in love with! I’m in shade number 11 Porcelain!
  • Eye liner for the winged look is Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black using their excellent brush which I love! And Avon Supershock in black in my waterline which I think makes light coloured eyes look ultra sexy in the sun!/li>;;;
  • Mascara is Maybelline Illegal Length in black because I don’t want something too thick which will mask my cat eye so choose a lengthening mascara which feminises my eyes
  • On my cheeks I use the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in shade 1 which looks like a red translucent liquid in the tube but this FOREVER in the heat and I feel it’s the eat for sunny days
  • Eye shadows are a mix of some of the colours from the the Sleek Au Nataurel palette whereby I mix the 4 middle colours to create a neutral coloured bright eye, highlight the brow bone with the matte white shadow and perhaps use the champagne colour in the inner corners to reflect some sun
  • Lips.. I’m going practical and loving the Body Shop Born Lippy in the Pomegranate flavour which also has the most gorgeous coral tint to it!
  • Thank you to my brother who told me of a Bodyshop treat going on ATM! Enter free50 at the checkout and get 50% off on your shop!

    Quite easy to find and affordable products here! Take advantage of 3 for 2s cause there are a lot of same brands here and also.. Keep your eyes peeled for summer sales!

    This make up also lasts for AGES and is so effortless! I wear my make up for around 16 hours!!! And it usually stays on quite well and the only thing I touch up on is lip balm! Definitely an easy one! For all you high enders.. I’ll give you alternatives!
    P.S. If you want a powder.. Go for Rimmel Stay Matt! It’s really lightweight and comes in a versatile Translucent shade!




    My skin care for men/ women

    I’ve developed a method with which to do my face routine at the mo which I’m LOVING!

    However, it’s only recently that I was able to do this as my skin before was really difficult to work with. As I turned 20 in December, I found my skin adapt to a new lease of life that meant it was much more manageable and I was so happy! After suffering from acne for many years before and with very dry skin, I had tried everything in the market to control the large boils I would get on my skin.

    I then turned 20 and just before, I gave my skin room to breathe and rather than piling on the make up, I was more keen on not wearing make up when unnecessary and this proved to work. I know it’s hard when your skin looks awful and the lack of foundation highlights this so I only stopped wearing it when I wasn’t at work or in public! I also began washing off my makeup as soon as I was home, rather then waiting until bedtime which I think, was the main contribution. After having dry and flaky skin, it evened out and although I still have pigmentation from previous outbreaks, they are fading slowly.

    My new regime:

  • Ensuring I exfoliate more as having naturally dry skin means a lot of build up of dead skin on the face (sounds gross I know), but that was also why my make up always looked strange on my face and never even! I use the Garnier Exfo Brusher (around £7.99 from Superdrug/ Boots) for my face wash which I use every morning and on the days I wash my hair.. Why? Because when you wash your hair and the shampoo goes on your face, that needs to be removed with your wash as I noticed spots forming on my forehead when I never done this. (There are two types of the face wash with another one for minimising pores that I find is extremely drying for my so would probably be good for an oily skin)
  • Ensure you’re using a face mask! Because I have naturally dry skin, I use a clay mask and I’m pulling anything away from my skin like the peel masks would. Exfoliating my skin is enough for that! I use Good Things 5 minute face mask (less than £5.99 in Superdrug/ Boots) which is specially designed for teenage skin. Although it claims to support oily skin (which I get in my T-Zone), I find it beautifully evens out my skin and leaves it glowing! As an added trick, I use the Body Shop face brush (£3) to get the mask off as I find it takes out any dead skin cells too
  • I also ensure that as soon as I get out of the shower, I touch nothing and apply my face cream straight away! I’m using Monu Revitalising moisturiser which I originally got in a GlossyBox, but I loved it so much that I repurchased it (pricier at £16- just type in google shopping for the cheapest). Although it is more than I would usually pay for something like a moisturiser, it’s amazing! It sinks into the skin and your makeup adheres better to the skin too
  • This has actually changed my Skin type and rather than having excessively dry and sensitive skin, I now have normal skin with a slight oily t-zone. I HARDLY ever get spots and I feel generally that I don’t need foundation.

    Some hints:

  • Don’t come out of the shower and start touching things with your clean hands. Ensure your hands are clean when you put your moisturiser on. When you get out of the shower, your pores are open and warm and collect anything in the air or coming in contact with them, leaving you with lots of bacteria on your skin! So don’t worry! Check your phone after you’ve applied your face cream cause even that harbours lots of dirt
  • Drink liquids! Not just water as even drinking juice has water in it! If you enjoy water then of course do so but keep your skin hydrated! I now keep a bottle of something in my bag at all times which I find myself drinking up constantly! It makes you feel refreshed and livens up your skin by boosting your water levels. Avoid sugar and dairy products as doing that also left my skin much clearer
  • Take your make up off before you go to bed.. Need I say more???
  • POP YOUR SPOTS! If you have a zit, then you have to get rid of it cause it will just increase and look more and more awful! If your skin scars easily and you don’t like the mark that a popped zit leaves.. Get over it! Im sure you’d much rather have a blemish and say you scratched yourself then have a spot and tell everyone you’re on your period :)
  • I hope this helps! I know that not many men will read this but I have Mr. A doing the same thing and his skin looks beautiful now! He’s a real athlete and he sweats a lot but this routine has helped his skin clear up a lot, I feel!

    Remember.. Rather than masking your imperfections with lashings of make up, resolve the root of the problem (your skin), and watch how your confidence within yourself will increase!

    Good things face mask

    Garnier Exfo Brush

    Monu Revitalising Moisturiser

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