Recently, I had a little accident and was feeling a little bit sorry for myself! (nothing serious.. I think) I decided the best cure was.. SHOPPING!

I bought a few bits on the Internet and 1 thing today when I went out and thought I’d share them! They’re very autumnal and Fall inspired!

ASOS purchases:
Vero Moda Very Blazer With Faux Leather Lapels
RRP £110.00 On sale for£60.00




ASOS Heavy Twill Check Shirt



£28.00 On sale for £13.00

ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet

£8.00 On sale for £4.50

Dorothy Perkins purchases:
Heart Pyramid Rings


Question mark pearl ring


Flower cream beaded ring


This bag I got is no longer available but something similar





My favourite jewellery:

I got this for £5 at the market! And it’s silver!!!!


Make up

Those two words! They combine to make what girls love! Whether girls wear it or not, most girls love the thought of it! There’s nothing better than going to the make up isle in supermarkets and shops and spending hours gazing at all the latest products and offers! I’m especially loving Rimmel ATM! I know it’s not available everywhere and most products differ in different countries! But if there’s one company that doesn’t make you choose between quality or price, then Rimmel is it! I’ve got Dior, YSL, Bobby Brown, MAC etc. but to know that the £6 lip gloss you’ve bought is exactly the same colour as the lip glass you got from MAC, makes my lips tingle! Theres a sense of pride when you walk out the house looking like a million dollars, wearing nothing but a small amount of money on your face. The best part of my day is applying make up! It’s so therapeutic! Mascara time is the best! It’s so relaxing to sit down for a few moments on the warm bed that you left behind, to carefully womanise yourself! And if you’re sexy a enough to not wear make up.. You are the luckiest person alive! You should be proud you’re not insecure enough to cover up those beautiful eyes in thick eye shadow and mascara.. Those sexy lips in lashings of lipstick.. That flawless skin in cakey foundation! You’re gorgeous, whether you wear make up or not! I just love the idea of making myself feel like I’ve made an effort! But that’s just me!

And I love me some make up!


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