Say CHEESE- cake

So I’ve attempted to make cheesecake quite a few times and have failed in trying to do so a few times too. Until TODAY! Everything fell into place!! I found a fantastically easy recipe and having made it wrong a few times, i learned the error of my ways today.. UNDER- WHISKING!

So the general mix of a cheesecake is cream cheese and a man with a strong right arm.. Unfortunately he lives 112 miles away so I’ll have to make do with an electric whisk!

So here’s the ingredients:

  • 8 digestive biscuits
  • 50.0g butter , melted
  • 600g cream cheese
  • 2 tbsp plain flour
  • 175g caster sugar
  • vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs , plus 1 yolk
  • 142ml pot soured cream
  • 300g raspberries
  • icing sugar

Please do not limit yourself to raspberries and the only reason I used them was because my mum bought some from the market recently and they tastes DELICIOUS! Remember not to choose a citrus fruit such as mango, peach or orange cause we all know what happens to your bowel motion when you mix dairy and citrus :) However, if you want to use lemon you can do so which I’ve never understood cause thats a citrus, right?

Any who heres the recipe:

  1. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Crush 8 digestive biscuits in a food processor (or put in a plastic bag and bash with a rolling pin). Mix with 50g melted butter. Press into a 20cm springform tin and bake for 5 minutes, then cool.
  2. Beat 600g cream cheese with 2 tbsp flour, 175g caster sugara few drops of vanilla extract2 eggs, 1 yolk and a 142ml pot of soured cream until light and fluffy. Stir in 150g raspberries and pour into the tin. Bake for 40 minutes and then check, it should be set but slightly wobbly in the centre. Leave in the tin to cool.
  3. Using the remaining 150g raspberries, keep a few for the top and put the rest in a pan with 1 tbsp icing sugar. Heat until juicy and then squash with a fork. Push through a sieve. Serve the cheescake with the raspberry sauce and raspberries.

HOW QUICK WAS THAT? This recipe has over 600 recommendations!

Here’s my tips:

  • Instead of using a square tin to bake it in, use a round tin and if you don’t have one, go get one cause i find that baking cold-based products always present themselves better in it. If you do use a square tin, ensure it isn’t a bread loaf or lasagne tin as the cheesecake just won’t cook.
  • For the whisking, it takes around half an hour in total. This may be because i used the lowest setting on my whisk to ensure the cake was extra light and fluffy because once this baby sets, It’ll be extremely heavy if not beaten well. This is the part where you zen in the kitchen and let the hum of the whisk, scent of the mixture and smooth motion, calm your mind.
  • Instead of using an icing sugar mixture, why not melt some white/ milk chocolate and add a little milk to make the chocolate a little more runny and less rich, then put the raspberries in the chocolate and pour over the cake. As a form of decoration, you could even use a jug, gravy boat etc and poor the chocolate in there and garnish the top with some raspberries and a sprig of mint so those who wish to indulge, can.
  • Remember, cheesecake likes being made love to softly and gently, unlike cake which kind of likes it rough. The smoother you are, the easier the cake will set through to the middle, unlike many of my previous attempts :(

Have fun ladies and gentlemen! To all my fellow Muslims.. If Iftaar is around 9, start making this around 6 and leave in the fridge until after you open your fast and it should be PERFECT! What a perfect treat to open your fast with! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!

F to the asting!

It’s here! IT’S ARRIVED! And it’s more bigger than ever! Are you talking about a party, Bubbles, I hear you ask.. No, my dears! Its the most magical time in the world for us Muslims! Ramadhan! Woopeeeeeee! Granted.. This one will probably be the hardest one that we’ll ever have to endure but I’m so ready! I just can’t wait for all the excitement that comes before, after and during the fast! IT’S PROBABLY THE MOST EXCITED I’VE EVER BEEN!

For all of you who don’t celebrate Ramadhan, let me just tell you a little bit about it as not eating during the hours of daylight is just one of the factors. The main thing for Muslims is that our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did this. The fast means there is nothing to be consumed AT ALL during the daylight hours which is from dusk until dawn. This year there has been a lot of drama about these timings for some reason. Ramadhan lasts 30 days. No water, food and some people even restrict themselves from using toothpaste (although this fact is disputed). A lot of people who know well of our religion will know that Muslims are a lot more humble during this month. The retention of food is the smallest retraction in our lives as we concentrate more about bettering ourselves. We want to detox our mind, body and soul and purify it of the ill-thoughts, bad habits and lethal ways we have. Although it seems harsh, we try to clarify our minds so we only think religious and more often than not, clean and pure thoughts. We are more religious during this time and as a result, Our Lord has said the reward for our hardship and efforts are given 70 times more rewards. Children are expected to fast from an age their parents feel fir (usually around 9/10 years of age) however, they don’t have to keep a full fast if they feel they can’t do it.

This month changes as does the Arabic calendar, because of the lunar cycle. Every year the month will go back 10 days, thus, there will come a day where we will be fasting on the longest daY of the year. The harder the fast and the more you struggle to complete, the higher the reward.. SIMPLES! So Christians have something similar.. whereby they can fast for as long as they wish to cleanse themselves of their sins. Hindu women fast for their blokes as a form of welfare for their husbands well being. And I’m quite sure almost all other major religions also have a similar tradition.

Next time you see a Muslim, say “SALAAM!” Ask how their “roza” is going and they’ll give you a free hug! Come on.. Can’t be that hard for a hug :)

Fasting is a form detox. People diet. People do yoga. People do therapy. Muslims fast.

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