You guys may have noticed from my manicure tutorial that I like nail art! Something I love more than that is designing my nails after! At the moment, I’m loving soft colours and I’m into Aztec print so anything which has sharp bold lines is a YES!


Here’s some nail designs that I love doing!


If you’re not too good at doing the hand you write with, do that one first! That way you won’t struggle with doing the opposite hand with wet nails! It’s much easier! Alternatively.. Do it really messy and get your mum to clear it with a cue tip..


I’ve used y mum to show you guys that age is but a number and nail art designs are there for anyone who wants to try them! Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your nails! But always look after your hands if you’re not keen on a bald design!


Thanks for helping me mum!


I used a nail art pen for the French tip on the red tip however, prefer using eye liner! I just find eye liner so much more easier to use! It’s handy and available anywhere an I think most people have liquid eye liner anyway! Just remember to use a base coat when using eye liner otherwise it washes away!


The trick to applying perfect nail polish is use as less strokes as possible! Load up your brush evenly and one stride in the middle with two on either side following, follow up with a second coat to even out the nail colour.

False nails are an option too! I recently tried ImPress nails and I was.. Impressed ;) The only thing is that they feel strange and they didn’t last me a week! They taught me though that I use y nails for a lot of things, hence why my nails are tittle and break easily.


Also, I have a vast collection of nail polishes HOWEVER, you don’t need thousands of nail polishes! These are some staple colours which I feel everyone should have!


£20 make up challenge!!!

OK!!!! So a little heads up!!!!

1.) Some of these products I had bought a long time ago! The prices were correct then, but I’ve double checked them and they’ve gone up (uh hum.. SLEEK!!!! :O £7.99 for a palette)!

2.) Some of the products are only available online but I’m assuming everyone who can read a blog has access to the Internet :D

3.) Some of the products can only be bought in store! They’re not available on the website!

4.) Most of the products can only be bought in the UK! Sorry all my foreign friends! Perhaps a new post coming up with international products ;)



Now when I wear make up, I want something minimal, easy to wear/ apply and really cheap! When I’m using something everyday, I don’t want to have to spend £30 every month to get a new mascara! All the high end products I get generally last out longer (e.g. Don’t dry up, have more product etc) so they’ll keep.

If you live in the UK, I didn’t want to use MUA! A king of ELF to all my international bloggers out there! Everything is £1 at MUA! I feel using their products in a challenge limited to money, is cheating!

1 more thing.. WHEN THE F&;:73&/& DID SLEEK MAKE THEIR PALETTES £7.99! They were £6!!!! They’ve gone up by £1.99 in a year.. NOT GOOD! That made me go over budget! That’s another thing my worldwide readers, everything in the UK is more expensive thanks to our taxes! For e.g. NYX is made in Sheffield in the UK but because it’s an American brand, it costs almost twice as much :O

So here’s the look!


And the products used and their prices:

  • Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick
    I couldn’t find the price or the product anywhere online but I bought it a year ago for £1.99! I used this almost as a foundation because I didn’t have many blemishes so didn’t feel the need for foundation.. Which is something I often do!! ALSO! If I have a fresh spot/ zit, I never cover it with make up because I think blemishes under make up look awful and protruding and also because it’s bad for the acne!
  • 20120820-213106.jpg
    Collection 2000 cover up stick in Light Translucent 1

  • Sleek Ultra Mattes Dark palette
    This used to cost £6 but I recently saw the price at £7.99 online! Hopefully, this will go down once they notice no British person would pay £2 more for a product that hasn’t changed.. RIP OFF! The pigmentation of these are great! The colours are versatile from day to night and they have a lovely, blend able texture! Plus there’s tonnes of palettes and you get 12 colours in a palette!
  • 20120820-213126.jpg
    Sleek Eye shadow palette in Ultra Mattes dark

  • Avon supershock gel pencil liner
    This cost me £3 because I saw it on offer in the Avon catalogue once at half price, which they do almost every year! When you do see them on offer, grab them because they’re wonderfully creamy and ultra pigmented! The best black I’ve ever seen!
  • 20120820-213045.jpg
    Avon SuperShock gel eyeliner pencil in black

  • Wilkinson volume mascara
    It’s £1 and quite good actually! It does get really crispy though! Ensure that if you like applying a few coats of mascara then you don’t let this mascara dry on your lashes before applying another coat! When it dries, it can be coated no more! No momma!
  • 20120820-213053.jpg
    Wilkinson Volume lash in black

    The eye make up

  • Barbara Daly moisturising lipstick
    The colour I got was watermelon and this costs £5! Rimmel also do a very cheap lipstick which costs £2.99 but they’re so horrible, I won’t go there ;) This is available in Tesco stores and it’s lovely! Really creamy and quite well pigmented
  • 20120820-213100.jpg
    Barbara Daly moisturising lipstick in Watermelon

  • Collection 2000 eye shadow
    This is a single eye shadow which costs £1.99! It’s not an eye shadow for me.. It’s a blush! Why not mayn! It’s an amazing colour on the cheeks! It looks rosy and has amazing colour pay off which I’ve highlighted in the image!
  • 20120820-213120.jpg
    Collection 2000 single eye shadow in Viva Vegas 006




    I’ll do a post soon of high end dupes and cheats! So look out for that all my little bargain hunters!!


    Summer make up routine high end…

    Continuation from my previous post! Here’s my high end:

  • Definitely need a bit of Chanel somewhere so why not start from the base! Foundation has to be Vitalumiere Aqua cause it’s BRILLIANT! Gives a dewy finish and is very light and wearable during summer!
  • Who needs concealer when Benefit have their Lemon aid! This is meant to be a eye shadow primer but I thinks works really well as a colour corrector too! Concealer can really take the brunt of the heat by melting and creasing so by using just this.. Means you won’t end up looking like a silly billy!
  • People in the US have a good chance of getting more samples and I definitely did when my other half went shopping for me, they have him a MASSIVE bag of free bee’s.. Much to my delight! Inside was a Clinique palette which has two stunning eye shadows from the Come Heather Trio they have released! Use the cream colour all over the lid and the purple as a eye liner, gently pushed into the lash line! MAGNIFICO!
  • Time to contour and there’s nothing else to say other than Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel.. Fin
  • Blush?? How about Nars Orgasm and I got this duo from the Wicked Attraction set which is selling on Asos with a lip gloss, eye shadow primer and eye shadow for a low price.. Might do a review of this gift set at one point
  • Mascara has to be Clinique high Impact and I have the sample size as I don’t get the chance to buy a full size when I keep getting free samples from everywhere! Lucky me :D
  • Lips can be Estée Lauder Crystal Baby which is glossy and gorgeous! A perfect colour for any skin colour.. I PROMISE
  • Finish off your glamorous look with Mac’s lustre drops which I have in the colour Pink Rebel which you can add before or after your foundation
  • Forgot to get it in the original picture but for powder, use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder be it loose of compact (personally I prefer the compact cause it’s easier to use). This powder is quite heavy but when used with a big fluffy brush.. Gives an amazing and long lasting coverage!
  • Have fun you Fab ladies!




    Summer make up routine!

    So as some of you may know.. The sunshine has at last arrived in the UK and is set to last a few days and us women, have to adapt our make up in order to not turn into snowmen!

    My routine has changed quite a bit as I have normal/combination skin (oily t-zone) and wear a hijab.. The effects of the heat need to take a drastic change on my makeup!

  • Face primer is L’oreal Lumi Magique which has a pearl finish and looks excellent when lightly brushed on the high points of your face under foundation
  • Foundations are Bourjour Healthy Mix Serum (shade 54) and Bourjois Bio Detox (shade 52) which match up to a nice shade and also mix well together giving me a glow but not overly dewy finish
  • Concealerr has to be Vichy Dermablend Concealer which I have fallen in love with! I’m in shade number 11 Porcelain!
  • Eye liner for the winged look is Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black using their excellent brush which I love! And Avon Supershock in black in my waterline which I think makes light coloured eyes look ultra sexy in the sun!/li>;;;
  • Mascara is Maybelline Illegal Length in black because I don’t want something too thick which will mask my cat eye so choose a lengthening mascara which feminises my eyes
  • On my cheeks I use the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in shade 1 which looks like a red translucent liquid in the tube but this FOREVER in the heat and I feel it’s the eat for sunny days
  • Eye shadows are a mix of some of the colours from the the Sleek Au Nataurel palette whereby I mix the 4 middle colours to create a neutral coloured bright eye, highlight the brow bone with the matte white shadow and perhaps use the champagne colour in the inner corners to reflect some sun
  • Lips.. I’m going practical and loving the Body Shop Born Lippy in the Pomegranate flavour which also has the most gorgeous coral tint to it!
  • Thank you to my brother who told me of a Bodyshop treat going on ATM! Enter free50 at the checkout and get 50% off on your shop!

    Quite easy to find and affordable products here! Take advantage of 3 for 2s cause there are a lot of same brands here and also.. Keep your eyes peeled for summer sales!

    This make up also lasts for AGES and is so effortless! I wear my make up for around 16 hours!!! And it usually stays on quite well and the only thing I touch up on is lip balm! Definitely an easy one! For all you high enders.. I’ll give you alternatives!
    P.S. If you want a powder.. Go for Rimmel Stay Matt! It’s really lightweight and comes in a versatile Translucent shade!




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