Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Review – Blogging March Day 28

  Urban Decay is a brand that is always releasing new and exciting products to their collection and by no means least are their Glide On Eye Pencils which are all the rage because of their staying power. They’re not called 24/7 eyeliners for no reason and they are so pigmented, that I just had to show you some of them to prepare you for the sweaty and hot months that lie ahead of us (where anything long-wearing will be appreciated.. For me especially).
There’s nothing more i love than a deep and bold look to the eye that makes them stand out more. One of the most prominent features on my face are my eyes, so i like to play on these and one of the easiest ways is to use eyeliners on and around my waterline to create that dramatic look. I really like playing on colours and if you do too, but don’t like bold colours on the eyes, then try eye liners like these on your waterline or lightly smudged before/after your liquid eyeliner, to add colour but with less impact. I think a huge trend to come soon will be deep set eyes with Chanel’s campaign with Kristen Stewart being all about the eyes and with Lisa Eldridge recently raving about kohl eyeliner, I am definitely feeling the darker eyes trend approaching. Some of the best and most long lasting eyeliners to fulfil this has to be Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Eyeliners and the ones I have here in particular come in a set, so starting off the trend with a good foundation. There are 5 colours that come in this set called ‘Delirious’ which is aptly named after the deep and dark colours which are perfect for adding a hint of colour, to what would usually be bare or just black.  You can see from the swatches that they are creamy and very pigmented and the colour selection from the collection that Urban Decay have is enormous. They swatch beautifully and what’s more, they apply effortlessly too. They’re creamy and blend so well on the eyelid and on the waterline and they’re not hard to apply, like some eyeliners can be. I have even used these on my eyelid before where I have just smudged them on my lid and blended out with a relatively dense synthetic brush, although you have to be quick as these set very quickly. The only criticism I have is that they all have glitter in them apart from the black and although I love the look it gives, sometimes, I think a bold and matte colour makes a huge statement too. That’s not to say that I’m not in awe of these so if you see them around, then make sure you grab yourself some, because they’re too good to miss.

REVOLUTION Blush Palette Review – Blogging March Day 27

If you saw yesterdays post, it was about a relatively new make up brand called REVOLUTION which came to the UK high street not too long ago and has made a real impact to drugstore makeup as we know it. And when the Christmas time was here, they launched a few palettes which I had to pick up and didn’t want to miss. My favourite item of makeup has to be blush and so when I saw this palette and the vast array of shades that they have, I had to pick it up.. Just look at how beautiful it looks!
There are 8 shades in this palette and they are all different when swatched. They come in a few different finishes but mostly they are matte and there are a few which are a little sheerer as well. If you’re not into collecting makeup and just want staples, products like these are perfect because you don’t have to purchase different shades for different occasions as palettes like house all the shades you’ll need to create the perfect look. These powders are beautifully milled and they blend really well as well. They have a way of blending together really nice as well, so I have found myself mixing and matching shades within this palette to suit my look for that day a little better. You definitely have to use a light hand with these as they have a lot of pay off, but for the price that these come at, they are brilliant and to have that much pigmentation is a credit to the palette.
This also comes in a cream palette which you can find here. The palette here is no longer available but the most similar one from their line of blush palettes can be found here.

REVOLUTION Radiance Palette review – Blogging March Day 26

I am a huge fan of glow-y and dewy looking skin and I’m constantly looking for products which give me that ‘glow from within’ look. I have always used primers and highlighters to help me with that but when illuminating powders began being released, I was so happy to see that there was finally something to give an instant glow without having to use it during the prep of my makeup (I have a habit of forgetting to use primers and highlighters etc). Not only does it make me happy that innovative products are being released, but more so, that they are being released by new and exciting drugstore brands which are amazing quality for the price they cost. I love the brand REVOLUTION because of their big and bold display in Superdrug (a drug store in the UK) and their palettes are great quality. I wanted to try something that I didn’t have from any other brand and when I saw the Radiance Highlighting palette coming in at £8, I was sold!
  This palette is a trio of illuminating powders and they are incredible quality! When I saw these initially, I was worried that they would be too shiny and they wouldn’t look natural on my skin. I was worried that the colours were very different and I kept wondering where on my face I would use them. But, after playing around with them, I finally cracked it. These powders are so lovely to use and they blend effortlessly. I wouldn’t say they’re the most finest powders out there, but they have never disturbed my makeup and whenever I use these, I always feel so radiant and dewy. They have a way of controlling the normal shine that occurs naturally and substituting it for a very youthful and natural glow. The bronze shade on the far right is the one I use the least as it is a little too dark for me (even when I’m at my darkest but, I love using it as a bronzer. The other two shades are incredible for blending together to create the perfect shade for me. Of course the swatches I have shown in the images are intense because I wanted them to show up on camera, but don’t be fooled as these are some of the best finishing powders I’ve come across for illuminating… They definitely give Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders a good run for their money.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I’ll be showing you some more REVOLUTION makeup!

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints Review – Blogging March Day 25

I LOVE LIPS! And if you haven’t gathered from my blog posts so far which have been about nude lips predominantly, then they’ll have gathered that (LOL). But, I wanted to show you some lip products which are a little different from the norm and a completely different colour palette. Why not? With spring around the corner, it’s finally time to bring back some of the more brighter colours. Today has been the best weather in March in the UK as well… So the time is perfect to show you these bright and colourful LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. (See swatches of all colours here)
I have a few of these in my collection after stumbling across them in a Depop sale and was drawn to buying them because they were so affordable. After looking into them further, I saw that in the UK, these are sold for £4 which is rare for a good lip product. I love a matte lip, but sometimes, I need a gloss in my life and I enjoy wearing a bright lip with a glossy finish because of that juicy look it gives. These Glazed Lip Paints come in a tonne of colours and they always release new collections with some more amazing colours. The ones I have, I use all the time and with the finish being so glossy, they’re very easy to apply. They have a creamy and rich texture too and so they glide on with an even finish and you don’t need to worry about patchiness. They claim to be long-lasting and although the original gloss does wear off, taking a lot of colour with it, it definitely leaves a solid stain behind and doesn’t bare your naked lips under.My favourite colour from my collection is ‘Blushing’ and there is always someone who admires this when I wear it too. It’s one of those shades that looks good on everyone and it’s not a seasonal shade either because it’s still fairly bright. Not only are these good to wear lone, but I love mixing and matching them and they blend together to make some incredibly shades. The only downside is the packaging because it comes in a squeeze tube and this is quite hard to control with such a rich colour so I have to use a lip brush, which I don’t mind for the price, but it would be good if that came with the packaging. These are available to buy quite easily in the USA and if you’re not there, try BeautyBay.com who ship worldwide (pretty much).

Clinique Versus Hydraluron Moisture Gel Smackdown – Blogging March Day 24

One of the things that no one can say they do enough os, is drink water (well maybe it’s just me). But during the winter when the central heating is on all day and the air is so cold and bitter, having hydrated skin is one of the hardest tasks to achieve. Hydrated skin is important because it means that makeup glides on and it makes your skin look plumper and generally better when it looks as though it’s thoroughly moisturised. With so many face creams claiming to do this and underperforming, it’s quite hard to find products which are able to hydrate skin, without sacrificing other benefits skin care should do. I hate when oils are greasy and tacky to the touch, especially when you try and apply foundation on top… Everything just moves around. So, when I heard about hydrating gels, it sounded like the perfect way to hydrate skin quickly and with little/no noticeable look to the skin at all. There are more and more available in stores now but I wanted to test the two that I have been using head to head: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and Clinique Moisture Surge.  Initially when you look at the packaging of both of the products, you notice a huge difference in the way the jars are. With Hydraluron, there is a plastic tub with really bold and stand-outish writing with a pump that puts all other pumps to shame (imagine if all foundations had a pump like this). The pump runs on a push mechanism housed on a disc. Every push will have enough product for one use and its hygienic because you’re not sticking your fingers into a tub, unlike the moisture surge. The Clinique is a little more old fashioned with a tub made of robust plastic that you have to dip your fingers into. They’re both around the same price, coming in at £34 for 50ml whereas the Hydraluron is £25 for 35ml.
The image above is of Clinique’s Moisture Surge. I basically washed my hands and let them air dry so that they would dry out. You can see from the before image that my hands are incredibly dry and cracked and generally, that’s what the skin on my face can sometimes look like when I haven’t been using oils, or hydrating masks (but this is rare for me), and the after image shows how moisturised, plump and alive my skin looks. Generally, the skin on your hands is rougher because of more use and so your face’s skin will never take on hydrating gels to this extent but, Hydraluron makes your skin feel amazing. I use this everyday before I use my face cream and I love how it has stopped my pores from being so clogged up and how comfortable my skin feels. I don’t ever think my skin feels tight or uncomfortable in the cold. It’s an extra investment in your skin care, but if you get dry spots and patches and find your skin is generally quite irritated by dryness, then this will help leaps and bounds. It does smell a bit strange but it’s nothing too offensive and it doesn’t linger.
 The image above is of Clinique Moisture surge. You can see dry and cracked skin where I haven’t moisturised and after where my skin looks very glow-y and has a plump effect to it. Clinique are always fantastic on delivering with their skincare and it’s very rare for them to make skincare which doesn’t comply with what the jar says. Clinique’s Moisture Surge is a lot nicer to smell than Hydraluron and the effect it has is quite a bit more drastic. It makes my skin feel really fresh and the glow it gives means that I often skip the primer because it’s giving me enough of a dewy look. I have noticed how it also helps my makeup stay on for longer as well. The only things that concern me are how it doesn’t give me the same hydrated feel as Hydraluron.. It feels different and sinks in quicker. Although it leaves a glow behind, I just want it to hydrate my skin which, I don;t feel it does because when I remove my makeup at the end of the day, my skin feels dry under. It’s very comfortable to wear, though and it’s not noticeable at all.

So which one wins? I have to say that the one that stands out to me in every aspect is the Hydraluron which caught my eye from day one because of their innovative packaging. Although their brand feels very clinical, their bright fonts make them seem more modern and playful whereas I feel as though Clinique are quite old fashioned. They are priced the same as well and this means that they are direct competitors and I feel as though Clinique focused a little more on the look and feel of the product, rather than the overall feel and effectiveness of the product.

Props to Hydraluron… You done good kid.

MONUspa Skincare Mist Review – Blogging March Day 23

I have been loving this so much ever since I got it, that I just had to write up a blog post on the amazing MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Spray. This has changed the game for me in terms of spritz sprays and I can’t speak highly enough about it because of how unique it is.

We all know when the Caudalie Elixir spray came into the pubic eye and every makeup fanatic went mad for it. That claimed to have vitamin properties with a heavenly and relaxing scent and although it was very nice, I think every blogger and YouTuber knew deep down that it was kind of a gimmick and that no one would fork out around £40 for a spray that didn’t really do much. Don’t get me wrong when I say that I love the concept of the product and I think that the way that the makeup industry is creating new products is really enticing and I’m the first person at the store to get them. But some sprays just did nothing.

I really love this MONUspa spray because its fuss free and it doesn’t have any false accusations. It claims to energise, revitalise and hydrate the skin and it does every one of those. It has a very spa like scent which I find more appealing than the Caudalie spray because it’s softer and not too much of a loud smell. It is definitely revitalising because the spray has a soft mechanism and it doesn’t spritz your face and disturb your make up. And anything liquid will hydrate but, this has a way of leaving a really nice glow to the face and making your make up look dewy and longer lasting.

I couldn’t say enough good things about this spray, so if you’re looking for something to take on a hot holiday, keep in your handbag or to use in your makeup routine, MONU is the way forward for you at a bargain of £19.95.

N.B. The image above is of a sample size spray which I received in my Glossy box. The actual size in the link below, is larger.

The Best Drugstore Eyebrow Plumper from L’Oreal – Blogging March 22

  Eyebrows are all the rage at the moment and the best things is, that for us “hairy” people who were known for having monster and busy brows, we are now considered to have beautiful and full brows. Makes it a lot easier to not have to maintain them as much too. But with all this extra hair, we still want to tame our brows and stop us from looking like caveman… Of course if you love that unruly look to your brows, the best models out there at the moment are the ones with lusciously thick eyebrows ( Just look at Cara Delavigne).

One of the hardest things that I found, was filling in my brows without them looking heavier. My brows are definitely quite dense and my individual hairs are quite thick and course, so I wanted something that didn’t necessarily fill them in more, rather, something that would keep them in place from moving all the time and a product that filled in my gaps slightly without them looking too overdrawn.

Not only did I find one, I found one from the drugstore! I was so amazed when I finally found that my local drug store had started stocking the L’Oreal Brow Plumper because it was being raved about so much on the internet. The best thing was, that with so many brands (drugstore and high end) releasing brow products, and with me trying most of the most more popular ones, that this had taken aspects from every one of those items and put them in one. I wanted my brow plumper to have the brush of Benefit’s Gimme Grow, I wanted the fibres of the Model Co’s More Brows with the liquid of Maybelline’s Brow drama.
 I’m into the natural looking brow and I don’t really do much to maintain mine any more either. They just grow out and I allow them too because I think they look best when they’re messy. When I used the brow pumper for the first time, it was fantastic at filling out my bald spots as much as I wanted to without being overbearing and looking too thick. I still occasionally fill them in more. But, I really like the look this creates and it takes 5 seconds. I like really brushing this into my brows and really get deep into my brow hairs. The only downside to this product is that the colour range is very limited and with only 3 shades available (for brunettes, blondes and clear brow gel), it’s quite hard to cater to a mass audience. If you have ash blonde hair which is a cross between blonde and brunette, this would be quite a hard shade to pull off where the blonde one would be too light. As soon as they release some new shades, I’ll be posting them on my social media, because this one is too just too hot to miss.

The Best Moisturiser for Winter – Blogging March Day 21

 Winter skin has become such an issue for me over this last year where it was never before. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve always eczema and occasionally get the odd dry patch on my face but generally, I have quite normal skin. But because this year especially has been so harsh, I really wanted a thick face cream or an oil to hydrate my skin and I most certainly found that when I received my Glossy Box with such a good treat inside.

Behold, the Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil Cream! It’s one of the best winter finds that I have ever come across because it’s the perfect mix between an oil and a cream. It’s so hydrating and rich on the skin and it feels so moisturising. I’m usually someone who wants a subtle cream under makeup that doesn’t disrupt it but because it’s been so bitterly cold, I just wanted my skin to feel loved again. I have found that when I under and over moisturise my skin, it has a hide impact on spots and general acne. When I moisturise too much, my spots are generally larger and often (as gross as it sounds), contain pus and sebum. When my skin is too dry, they are often red, sore and although not big, they last the longest.

I use this cream under all my foundations and have found my skin to often look so natural and my foundation to look so well blended. It’s not a brand I’ve ever heard of but I’m so keen to try some of their other products of they’re just as good as this! Now, you must note that this is very expensive and not your average face cream however,  I have this very small sample jar and have been using it for aged and just the smallest amount covers my whole face. I feel as though if you want to splash out on skin, face cream is the best thing to choose.

Must -have for winter!

Christian Dior Versus Essence Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Smackdown – Blogging March Day 20

  Some of the biggest trends at the moment revolve around lips and there are always new and exciting new formulations coming out from all types of brands to make our lips look even juicier than they already are. But with some that are so affordable and some that aren’t, is there really a difference in the effective of them? I’ve been loving liquid lipsticks/lacquers recently because with the winter months, lip liners are drying out my lips and sometimes I just want something hydrating and glossy. Especially because my new job involved me being in the cold a little more, I want to keep them from chapping and peeling. Welcome… Christian Dior Fluid Stick and Essence Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick.
 The lipstick packaging of both of the products look relatively the same and you can tell that Essence have taken inspiration from the lipstick shaped design inside the tube. The applicators of both of them are slightly different though. The Dior applicator is slightly wider and has a dip in it which enables you to get a little bit more product on your lips but the shape is perfect for creating a very precise edge. The Essence liquid lipstick’s applicator is a standard doe foot applicator which is still very nice for applying the product but it isn’t anything miraculous. For the price difference of the two, it’s clear to see from the applicator which of the two items costs more.

However, where you can’t see the difference between what is low and high end, is with the consistency of the products. They are the SAME! I can’t believe how similar in texture both of these products actually are. Although the colour is different and so naturally the pigmentation of them both should be different, I think it’s evident to see even from the pictures that the opacity of both of the shades is quite alike.

Longevity of both of the products is the same too and i have found that they both last on my lips for the same amount of time. I really like the consistency of them and they leave a wonderful stain behind. I have noticed that the Dior ones leaves that scum around the lips though (you know the scum that every lip gloss wearer dreads) whereas I noticed that the Essence one wore off beautifully and left a subtle hint of colour behind.

There is definitely  clear cut winner here and I know just what it is… Well done Essence beauty for creating a liquid lipstick that is £2.50 against one that is the exact same and costs £26.50!

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