Fe-Blog-Uary Day 23 – Pore Minimising Primer Smackdown!


If you’re obsessed with beauty like I am, you’ll know about Benefit’s Porefessional and Maybelline’s Baby Skin.. Which both claim to be pore minimising primers! They should be exactly the same.. Only The Porefessional costs £24.50 and Baby Skin costs £7.99! But does price really reflect quality?

Benefit Porefessional – £24.50 for 22ml
So this primer claims to ‘Quickly minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother than smooth skin’. It’s supposed to be used on Universal skin tones and helps make up stay put! It even has a Vitamin E derivative in to protect skin!


In my opinion, when this first came out, I was blown away by how it made my pores disappear! I started using it a time when my pores seemed huge and I wanted anything to make them invisible! I really like the suede like texture that it has when you put it on and how well it spreads on the face! You can use this on top of makeup for sure, as I have done numerous times and it doesn’t disturb the makeup at all! I like that the packaging comes in a squeeze tube and I like the colours and graphics however, I hate the jargon they use and I don’t think that their packaging is often very informative for people who don’t really understand makeup!

Although it claims to be universal on any skin tone, I found that the nude colour transferred in on skin tones that I used it on, leaving the person looking ashy and a little dull! Also, it doesn’t blend into the skin that well, in areas where it’s not blended in, it cakes up and creates ‘smudge-like’ marks which look like dry skin! For the money, I thought the blend-ability would be the least of their concerns as it’s a given for high end brands to have a good texture! I didn’t really notice my makeup lasting longer when I was wearing this.. Because I use baby wipes to wipe off makeup, I usually notice foundation or blush however, didn’t see any makeup residue so I don’t think it made my makeup last any longer!


Maybelline Baby Skin – £7.99 for 22ml
Maybelline recently came out with this pore minimising primer which is the first of its kind in the drug store, which is even slightly comparable to the Porefessional! It claims to Provide a matte finish and leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and protected. It also claims to instantly help vanish pores and makes the skin feeling shine-free and tight!

For the first time ever, the drug store has come out with something which is comparable to a big high end product and is refreshing to see! I love the way that this is clear and so you can’t detect it at all! It really does block up pores and looks really natural! I like the squeeze tube packaging and the packaging is actually quite fun however, the colours can be a little garish if you’re pulling it out in public because it looks like a cream you’d put on a toddler for a ‘rash’! I love how I can pick this up in any drug store as so many drug stores in the UK stock Maybelline: Supermarkets, Wilko, Superdrug, Boots etc. This makes my makeup stick to my skin like glue and usually, makeup slides off my face.. When I look at my makeup wipe at the end of the day, there is still makeup on it, so it is definitely making my makeup last longer!

I don’t really think that this helps to reduce shine and when comparing it to the Porefessional, it definitely isn’t as mattifying! I think the packaging could be improved a little with colours more inviting for adults.


I think it’s clear to see that I hold a special place in me heart for both of them however, I just expected the Porefessional to be perfect and feel a little cheated that Maybelline pulled out something so much cheaper and easier to use! You get the same amount of product for almost a third of the price and Baby Skin is just so easy to get ahold of and to use, it just works well! I don’t really mind that it isn’t as matte, as I can use a powder on top and that to me, isn’t a problem! Baby Skin also helps my makeup last longer which no product has ever achieved before and even the Porefessional sank on that test.. Unfortunately, I have to relegate the High End brand and allow Drug Store to claim victory!

WELL DONE MAYBELLIBE BABY SKIN.. Doing it for the High Street Brands!


Fe-Blog-Uary Day 22 – Eyeliner: Gel, Liquid or Felt Tip?


The age old question for me is: What do I use to line my eyes? I love me a bit of eyeliner as I always have done from a young age but all I ever used before was a pencil eyeliner in my waterline and since then, there are loads of new variations of eyeliners, be that the design, the product or the application of it! So, here’s what I think the 4 main type of eyeliners are and what purpose I feel as though, they hold!


** L’Oreal Super Liner Lacquer Black £6.49
Of course, this is the one that most of our mothers remember from the sixties when winged eyeliner was all the rage! I love liquid eyeliner for the jet black colour and the bold statement it creates! Lately, I’ve been using this for my winged eyeliner.. However, for me, it’s a fad that I drop in and out of! I love the application because liquid is smooth and the brushes are easy to use if you have a steady hand! Most liquid eyeliners come in a tube with a detachable brush which you dip in for more liquid! Brushes vary from felt tip-like nibs, bristled brushes and even plastic applicators! But of course.. You can dip your own brush in and use whatever you like! I like the longevity of liquid eyeliners but a lot of them flake when they’ve been on a for a while! I’ve yet to come across one which is completely waterproof because they wipe off so easily! I think liquid eyeliners are the best for your eyelid, however, they’re also great for lining the lower lash like if you like that look too! I love a bit of liquid eyeliner for statement eyes! Liquid eyeliners come in tonnes of colours and some of my favourite ones are from KIKO which I have reviewed here!

Felt Tip

** Be A Bombshell Eyeliner in Onyx – £9
This is the newest invention of eyeliner I have seen in the last few years! I’ve seen liquid eyeliners with a felt tip like nib however, never anything like a pen! A genius invention in my eyes.. If you’ll pardon the pun! This is literally like a pen which you can draw on eyeliner with! The precision is amazing and the product inside is never runny or easily smudge-able thus, making it easy to use for beginners! You might still have to get used to it a little, but I just love the hold you get on the pen and how easy it is to move with it! The nibs can usually create all different sized wings and can be used on the top lid and again on the bottom if you like that. The bad side is that they’re not very long lasting and flake quite quickly, wearing off from the edges after a little while! Also, I find that they dry out quicker then normal eyeliners however, I still really like the effect they give! They’re not the blackest of black colours usually, but they give a nice soft, often matte effect! Again, you can get these in tonnes of colours so the experiment, is all yours!


** Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black – £7.99
I love me a little bit of gel eyeliner and it’s something which I’ve loved for almost 3 years now! When Maybelline released Gel Eyeliner, I remember the beauty industry blowing up because it was the first time it had ever been heard of for a drug store to release anything of the sort! Gel eyeliner is great for lining the waterlines and lash lines too (top or bottom) and they’re often made with a waterproof or long-lasting formulation! I love gel eyeliner for a bold look when applied liberally, or even when it’s smudged, because with gel, you have at least a minute to manipulate the product however you want to until it sets dry! It wears off beautifully, if it even wears off and again, comes in loads of colours! The only downside is that, you often have to purchase your own brush to apply the product with which is just another purchase. Some come with brushes already however, gel is quite hard to apply to start with cause it often dries up in the jar quickly are now really popular with most companies having bought out some sort of gel formula eyeliner now so whatever your budget, the world is your gel eyeliner pot!


** Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in ‘Perfect Black’ – £15
Pencil eyeliner is the go-to and oldest make up item I think I can ever remember in the history of my life! It’s the one make up product which has stuck around for years and years! People reach for it for all their needs! They come in tonnes of colours and shapes and sizes! I know a lot of brands which have eyeliners that double up as lip liners too! Pencil eyeliners, like felt tips, are great for precision because you have complete control of the pencil! You have to sharpen them for a stiff line and they could dry out and drag on your eyes, though! They’re great for smudging, creating a block line, thin liner, thick eyeliner, creative work and for the waterline too! They’re often really long lasting too! I love pencil eyeliner for the waterline the most, it’s such a good way to add colour and depth to the eyes without the need for eyeshadow! It’s a true favourite eye makeup item for me.. Hands down!

After swatching these eyeliners, I wanted to wipe them off to see which ones had the best lasting power! Felt tip wore off first, then liquid, then pencil and lastly gel.. Which stained my hand for quite a while even after wiping off!

So there we have it folks! What I feel as though eyeliner is best for! What one do you like the best? Any recommendations for any new inventions or eyeliners?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 21 – Concealer Collection


Concealer was the first ever makeup item I wore! I’ve always had dark circles.. Even as a baby and trying to cover them up, was always hard until my mum introduced me to concealer when I was 11. I know it sounds extreme at a young age, but they were really noticeable and I would never take my glasses off because people would always ask if I was ill! And ever since then, I’ve tried tonnes of new concealers in the bid to find a perfect one that covers well, hydrates my dry under eyes and eventually, eradicate them completely!


Bobbi Brown Corrector in ‘Bisque’ – £18
Starting with a well known product in the beauty world is this corrector by Bobbi Brown! Although this isn’t actually a concealer, the idea is that by applying this peach-toned corrector on your under eyes, it would counteract the purple tones of under eyes! It’s a really thick and paste like consistency and I found that it creased under my eyes! Also.. It finishes so quickly.. I hit pan really soon! It does cover dark under eyes really well however, it doesn’t sit well when there is powder on top and almost looks like dry skin! I need something a little more hydrating!

Benefit Boi-ing in ‘3’ – £17.50
This was a summer purchase, hence the dark colour! I really like the idea of the the concealer being a really good coverage! It’s a strange colour though and I often found it looking ashy under my eyes! It has really good coverage and has really good blend-ability too! But again, it lacks hydration and when powdered, it looks quite strange!

Benefit Fake Up in ‘Light’ – £18.50
I’ve been using this concealer for almost a year now and haven’t stopped loving it one bit! When I first bought it, I was a little apprehensive on the coverage but using this has made me realise that my under eyes are fairly dry and that I need hydration there! The concealer has a balm coating the actual concealer in the bullet. It’s an innovative design and it’s really long lasting with just the right coverage!

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer in ‘004’ – £4.49
This is the first ever concealer I bought! I love this concealer even now and it holds a special place in my heart! It has really good coverage and is excellent value! If I ever need to cover a blemish or spot, I reach for this and the shade of this is just perfect for me! It’s affordable.. Although the price has gone up by £2.50 over the years however, I still reach for it when I need more coverage! I can’t help it.. It’s just perfect!


MUA Conceal and Brighten Kit in ” – £3.50
I bought this trio of concealers because I wanted to try a budget brands’ capabilities! Needless to say, I was a little disappointed! The coverage is minimal and although the colour selection with the palettes is broad and all the colours they have generally, are good.. I was kind of bummed when I swatched them and they weren’t very creamy! The concealers aren’t really that pigmented either and blend out to nothing, which defies it’s purpose! Not really that good for its money but I actually quite like using this as a foundation instead.. It’s lightweight and gives a tiny bit of coverage without being over the top!

GOSH BB Skin Perfecting Kit – £9.99


Lastly, we have the most recent addition to my concealer stash! I bought this GOSH concealer as it was the first time that I had ever seen a BB concealer! I was really amazing at the claims that it made on the packaging! Inside it comes with 2 concealers and a highlighter! I think this is the worst concealer I’ve ever bought for coverage! It’s basically like coloured water which blends out to nothing! It’s impossible to build up because it’s so slippery and it creases like no other! Even the highlighter is too artificial looking and to be honest, I don’t see the point of it in this kit! It was a waste of £10 for me.. I feel as though there are tonnes of other concealers which are better!

And that wraps up my concealer collection and review! I do love a good concealer but really need it to cover my dark under eye circles and my favourite one has to be Benefit’s Fake Up because it is just so worth the money to me! What is your most favourite concealer ever?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 20 – Small Haul


I recently popped in to a Superdrug to grab a few bits and bobs (Ehm… I’m sure women know what essentials I mean). I just couldn’t resist taking up a few offers that were smacked everywhere.. And here’s everything I got!

L’oreal had a sale on (3 for 2) and I just couldn’t resist taking up that offer! The first thing I picked up was this new Lip Infallible 24 Hour Colour! It took me a while to choose the shade I wanted but I’m glad that I chose the one I did! It’s a gorgeous red, orange and brown toned colour that I absolutely love! I’ve tested it out a few times and it really is long lasting! It has a balm that tastes really good and although it doesn’t last a long time, is really nourishing!


I’ve been wanting a liquid eyeliner for so long and I’m glad that I went to Superdrug that day because I made a really good discovery! Back in the day, one of my most favourite eyeliners calling Carbon Gloss by L’oreal got discontinued and I was so sad however, they’ve re-released it with a slightly different formula and a brand new name called Super Liner! I’m so glad it’s back and I’ve been loving using this! It’s got me back into using eyeliner!



I had to pick up a lipstick and I’ve never tried L’oreal’s Colour Riche range and so I chose a lovely shade which I thought would compliment my skin tone! When I went home, I noticed that this range was called the Natural Brunette’s collection and thought how ironic it was! It’s a gorgeous rosey pink colour and is really moisturising! I love the shape of the bullet too.. A tear drop kind of shape and the packaging is super too!


The last two things I got were the other two MUA blushers that I wanted! There were two gorgeous shades that really appealed to me and I grabbed them whilst I saw them there! At only £1 each, I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to get 5 amazing blush colours for £5 in total! The lolly shade is a gorgeous orange shade and candy floss is a lovely purple toned colour, which I really like on my complexion!


In total, all these items came to £22 which I think is really good for these! They’ll last me forever and I just love them!

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 19 – February Glossy Box


My February Glossy box arrived on time in true Glossy style and this month is one of my most favourite boxes of all time! Take a quick look at all the yummy treats I got this month!



The first thing that caught my eye was this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer in Cherry Blosson! It’s basically like a body spray but you rub it all over your body and it has a really subtle shimmer in it! It smells gorgeous and can you believe, this didn’t inflame my eczema at all!?! I really like the idea of applying this on the back of my hands and feel in summer to create a really nice shimmery look to my skin! this


Next up we have these Eldoro Eyelashes in H155! I’ve received these before in a Glossy Box however, I had never used lashes before so, they really messed up and pretty much fell apart! These are great for creating a natural look because the seam is clear and the lashes look so real! They’re handmade.. And it shows because they really do look like me own real lashes! They’re comfortable to wear and create a lovely ‘My lashes- but better’ look!


When I read other Beauty Bloggers raving about these NEW Maybelline Stripped Nudes lipsticks, I rushed out to have a look but just couldn’t find the right shade for me! This one in Honey Beige was definitely the one that I thought would look the best! I love the Colour Sensational line by Maybelline because they’re so comfortable to wear! This is a really soft and pigmented brown-tones nude colour! Not something I usually go for because I love my pinky nudes, but I can’t wait to wear this out! Do you think it suits me?



I’ve received Ciate Nail Polishes before in either Beauty Boxes or magazines however, never really got a shade I liked, so I never really wore them! When I got this colour, I was blown away because this is my type of colour.. HANDS DOWN! The shade is called Cocktail Dress and it’s a really pink tones red colour! Usually red nail varnishes stain my nails but this just glided off my nails! Not only that, but it lasted a good 3 days before it began to chip but when it did start chipping, it was quite bad! I really like it but, for £9 a bottle, I think it’s quite steep considering I could get a drug store alternative for less then half that!


And last but not least, we have this Shampoo and Conditioner duo from H2K which is a brand that I’ve never hear of, but they look really classy! I’m on the market for a new shampoo, so can’t wait to try this and review it for you guys!


I also got a Lindt Chocolate and coupon code for Lindt which I can’t wait to use! I love when they out in little bonus things like that! This definitely was one of my favourite boxes! I can’t wait for next month now! Will they too it?


What was your favourite beauty item from this Glossy Box?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 18 – My Skincare Routine

There was a time when I was afraid of trying new things because they’d break me out but as I’ve got older, my skin has become more balanced and I understand it more. Now, I’m not afraid to try new products or makeup on my face and I can pretty much test anything. My skin care routine changes every time I get a new Glossy Box because of all the skin care products they put in their box and I love how a new box always arrives, just as my last months samples finish up.. Believe it or not, I spend a lot less on skincare (and other things) because I get all those products in my Glossy Box for £13 a month! However, I’ve also found some new products myself which, I’ve gone crazy over.. Take a look..

Starting right from the beginning, I start by washing my face using Dermalogica Clear Start Face Wash (which I recently ran out of). It’s a really good lightweight face wash which is supposed to stop breakouts from happening! I did still get a few spots here and there but this is a really good basic face wash which lathers well and leaves you with squeaky clean skin!

I’ve been using Origins Ginzing™ moisturiser for almost a year now and my skin loves it! It smells like oranges and is so hydrating without leaving my skin feeling tacky! It is lightweight on the skin and leaves my skin feeling like skin rather then oily or dry!


Ok, so it’s the end of the day and I need to take my make up off! I use a Huggies Baby Wipes to remove my makeup but I soak the wipe with Garnier’s Soothing 2in1 Makeup Remover! The wipe is super thick and fairly big so soaks up liquid really well! The remover is slightly oil based and, removes makeup effortlessly! They work really well together! If I’m not applying a mask, I don’t use moisturiser or wash my face after removing my makeup because my skin dries up and I get awful breakouts.. Weird, but true!

I’ve been using Good Things’ Five Minute Facial Mask for years now and my skin loves it! I use this clay mask around 2 times a week and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated! It really does dry in 5 minutes although, I keep it on for 10! It’s formulated for teenage skin but I’ve used this on all types of ages and, it’s been loved! It’s really good for giving skin a pick-me-up! I always apply cream after using this mask because it can leave my skin feeling dry!

So there you go.. My skincare routine! Really basic and literally, this is all I do! All these products amount to £46.24 and last me almost a year! The wipes, I repurchase every few months but they cost £1! It’s quite a cheap skincare routine but it works so well!

What are your skin essentials?

Fe-Blog-Uary 17 – Winter Skin Essentials


This winter isn’t the coldest one that we’ve ever had in the UK however, it’s always good to stay hydrated and on top of the game when it comes to the dry and cold weather! Take a look at my essentials for the cold..

Balance Me Face Oil – £15 for 10ml
This is something which I used last winter as well and totally fell in love with! It’s an oil for your face which is amazing for keeping skin looking and feeling soft rather than dry and brittle! It doesn’t smell the best at all however, is super easy to apply because it has a roller ball applicator! It’s strange but even with my oily skin, it doesn’t make it greasier or completely slippery.. It just works!

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream – £19.50 for 70g
Using a thick moisturiser is an essential part of my winter skin routine! I need something hydrating which won’t make my skin feel tight when I go outside and this cream is that! It’s super thick, almost like a paste so don’t over-do it because a small bit goes a long way! It smells like menthol which, I really like and can be used anywhere on your body.. BONUS POINTS!

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips – £11.50 for 15ml
Don’t be too alarmed by the name and yes.. It’s main purpose was for that area however, for the lips, it’s incredible! It’s a super thick consistency and is amazingly long lasting! For me, the first things that gets dry are my lips and hands and I use this balm for both of those areas and I never experience any problems!

MAC Face and Body Foundation – £27 for 15ml
This is one of those products that works all year round however, it holds a special place in my heart in winter when my skin looks dry and I want to look glowing! It’s a really light coverage foundation however, is build able! It looks really dewy on the skin and doesn’t emphasise dry areas. I wouldn’t say it hydrates my skin but, gives the illusion of hydrated skin and in winter, what more could you want out of your foundation?!

KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil – £6.90
Highlighter is my best friend in winter when my skin looks dry and like I’ve never drank water in my life! It helps to add a glow back in your skin so I’m not walking around with a prune face! It’s been fairly sunny recently and this highlighter looks great when it catches the light! Love me a bit of highlighter!

What are your winter essentials?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 15 – Highlighter Smackdown

When it comes to highlighters, I am not seen without it these days! It’s a life saver during the winter when your skin looks dull and dry and you need a pick-me-up on your face so that you don’t look like you’re drying up rapido!


However, is it worth getting a high end highlighter when there are so many other alternatives in the drug store? Let’s take a look at two of of my favourite highlighters which I use alternatively everyday to see which one comes out on top!


Sleek Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ £6.49 (0.48oz)
When I first bought this product from Sleek, I got it for the brown powder for contouring however, I’ve since ditched the other side and have completely fallen in love with the highlighter that comes with it! An amazing goldy-nude powder highlighter which is so buttery and smooth to apply, that it makes your skin look like you’re glowing from within!

Benefit Watt’s Up – £24.50 (0.33oz)
I have a sample of this that I received in a book of theirs and ever since I have bought it, I can’t stop using it! I constantly reach for this because it’s so easy to apply from the stick and because it’s cream and mega easy to blend! It’s a beautiful yellowy-gold which catches the light just right and makes you look almost like you’re made out of plastic.. Fantastic!


Let’s judge these amazing highlighters on three grounds:
The Sleek Contour Kit comes cheaper and with another product within its packaging too! Obviously being drug store, it would be cheaper so those with a smaller budget should avoid going for the dearer Benefit Watt’s Up because it would create quite a big dent in ye olde purse!


The Sleek highlighter is smooth to apply and clings to brushes like it’s magnetised! It’s really easy to blend and feels almost buttery even though it’s a powder! It’s easy to access from within the packaging and the packaging is generally really really nice and sturdy coming with a decent sized mirror for ease of application!

The Benefit highlighter is a gorgeous creamy texture and again blends effortlessly! It has an easy twist up tube like mechanism which means it stays secure and safe and you don’t need to faff with brushes! It’s really nice to travel with too because of its nice little size (as mine is a sample size).

The Sleek highlighter leaves a really nice glow to the skin which looks as though you’re glowing from within! It’s not artificial in any way! It is a little more pink toned which makes it noticeable but it doesn’t look off or awkward on my skin tone at all! Generally, there’s a strong glitter running through it but it looks like a sheen to the cheek when it’s actually on the face!


The Benefit highlighter is really nice to just swipe on and looks like a super high shine effect on the face! People would mistake your face for looking wet, were it not for the fact the rest of your face is dry! It looks really natural on the skin and because the glitter running through it is yellow and orange toned, this would suit anyone! It’s a really nice loud yet easy to wear highlighter

The Verdict
All things considered, I’d have to say that the Sleek Highlighter is just too good to be true! I think I’m more surprised than anything because this product isn’t mainly about the highlighter, it’s about the contour colour however, it’s changed my makeup routine! For the value, it doesn’t get better and because it looks so darn good on my skin tone, no matter where I am in my tanning cycle, it fits in with my everyday skin tone! The Benefit lacks in value for me because there seems to have been more money soent on the packaging then the product, which frustrates me from a high end brand! The product is really good and by no means rubbish, however, I think I like the ease of it all because I don’t need brushes or anything! Although it’s quite plastic like, I feel as though most people would stray from it because it is so high-shine and is so expensive, it’s a true investment!

Have you tried any of these highlighters? What highlighter is your favourite?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 14 – HD Brow Kit Review


Okee dokee! I’ve finally managed to get my paws on the HD Brow kit and was so excited to review it and let you guys know my thoughts on it!

I’m not usually an ‘eyebrow’ kind of girl.. Perhaps because this new fad of big and bold brows is fairly new. The most I do is slick some clear mascara through them so they don’t look crazy otherwise, I don’t touch them really! The shape is natural and I barely touch them up.. In fact, I prefer the way they look when they’re at their messiest!

Saying that though, we all have those days when you’ve tweezed a hair you shouldn’t have and have created what look like the Grand Canyon in your eyebrow.. Not the best look for me! HD brows is actually a treatment whereby qualified beauticians shape and help maintain your brows for those of us who struggle with it and this kit is an extension of that for our ‘at home’ needs!

The kit is basically a quad of four eyebrow powders which are the smoothest powders I’ve ever used! I was literally shocked when I swatched them for the first because they felt like butter! They’re so easy to blend because of the soft texture and they’re strongly pigmented like no other! There are four shades which come in the kit and this one is one of the darkest.. Foxy (that’s the name.. Not a statement). All of the shades are perfect for creating the perfect brow and I love the idea of using the different shades for a more 3D looking brow.

I felt like the powders applied beautifully and were so easy to use! I used the angle brush that came in the kit and the other end to slightly buff out the product.. I then used the cream colour on my brow bone to highlight.

All in all, I love this little bundle of joy! I don’t think I’d use it everyday because eyebrows just aren’t my thing however, I can’t wait to use it when I’m next in the mood and until then, I’ve been using these as eyeshadows everyday! They make great crease colours!

You get get the kit here for £19.96
I got mine in a Limited Edition Christmas Latest in Beauty Box :)

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