Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review – Blogging March Day 13

The last of my Maybelline new collection reviews ends on a banging post of these eyeshadows from one of the first palettes that I’ve seen Maybelline release. I’m not usually a fan of large palettes like this from anyone other than Sleek from the drugstore but because these had an air of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, I wanted to test them out and see what they had to offer. This ‘Blushed Nudes‘ palette comes with 12 shades which have 10 shimmery and 2 matte shades. There is also a double headed applicator thing which you may as well throw in the bin as soon as you buy this (I don’t understand why companies still put these in). The colours have a very warm tone to them and they are generally quite spring like and perky colours, which I think would make these perfect for the warmer months arriving. The packaging is housed in a plastic casing with a lid showing all of the shades… A far cry from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette however the price also has a difference of £30 or so.
Initially, when I dip my finger into these pans, it picks up a large amount of product and the shadows are creamy and buttery to feel. Some are a little more softer than other however, the overall feel of the palette is really buttery and creamy. I swatched these on my hands and began blending them into one another and they blend seamlessly, although there are some shades which are less pigmented than others. In particular, the first shades which are the lightest in colour, don’t have a lot of pay off and are frosty in colour which, I don’t really like in an eyeshadow. I prefer full on matte, sheen-y or full on glittery. However, I can see them being a good base or a very subtle highlight shade in the inner corner and under the brow bone, with some even looking like they’d work well as a cheek highlight.The image below shows the pan before I had touched the eyeshadows and after and you can see that there are no ‘artificial’ films of textures on the top and it also shows you how creamy these are to touch. I haven’t yet tried these on my eyes, but because I never go without using eyeshadow primer, I always get relatively good pay off of eyeshadows. For the shades in this palette which don’t have amazing pay off, I’m sure that a spritz of makeup spray to wet the shadow would intensify it. For the price of this palette, I’m very impressed with the quality of the shadows when I was swatching and mixing them on my hand. You can make some terrific colour combinations with these shades. There are a variety or earthy colours here and I like the combination that some of the most unlikely shades create such as mixing 10 and 11 slightly to create a duo chrome (which you can kind of see my beginning to create in the image above).This palette also comes in another version with more nude brown shades in too which is quite reminiscent of the Naked 1 and 2 palette by Urban Decay so I think there may be some eyeshadow dupes posts coming soon to show you them in more detail. In conclusion though, I really like this palette and for the price of it, I think it’s done very well. Sleek palettes are still cheaper coming in at £7.99 for the same amount of shadows however, the quality of them is slightly better. For Maybelline’s first proper launch of an eyeshadow palette, this isn’t a bad one to go and grab and I’m very impressed with the formula that has been created and the shades are just right up my alley. Definitely a must- swatch, if you ever spot these in your local drugstore.

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 19 – February Glossy Box


My February Glossy box arrived on time in true Glossy style and this month is one of my most favourite boxes of all time! Take a quick look at all the yummy treats I got this month!



The first thing that caught my eye was this Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer in Cherry Blosson! It’s basically like a body spray but you rub it all over your body and it has a really subtle shimmer in it! It smells gorgeous and can you believe, this didn’t inflame my eczema at all!?! I really like the idea of applying this on the back of my hands and feel in summer to create a really nice shimmery look to my skin! this


Next up we have these Eldoro Eyelashes in H155! I’ve received these before in a Glossy Box however, I had never used lashes before so, they really messed up and pretty much fell apart! These are great for creating a natural look because the seam is clear and the lashes look so real! They’re handmade.. And it shows because they really do look like me own real lashes! They’re comfortable to wear and create a lovely ‘My lashes- but better’ look!


When I read other Beauty Bloggers raving about these NEW Maybelline Stripped Nudes lipsticks, I rushed out to have a look but just couldn’t find the right shade for me! This one in Honey Beige was definitely the one that I thought would look the best! I love the Colour Sensational line by Maybelline because they’re so comfortable to wear! This is a really soft and pigmented brown-tones nude colour! Not something I usually go for because I love my pinky nudes, but I can’t wait to wear this out! Do you think it suits me?



I’ve received Ciate Nail Polishes before in either Beauty Boxes or magazines however, never really got a shade I liked, so I never really wore them! When I got this colour, I was blown away because this is my type of colour.. HANDS DOWN! The shade is called Cocktail Dress and it’s a really pink tones red colour! Usually red nail varnishes stain my nails but this just glided off my nails! Not only that, but it lasted a good 3 days before it began to chip but when it did start chipping, it was quite bad! I really like it but, for £9 a bottle, I think it’s quite steep considering I could get a drug store alternative for less then half that!


And last but not least, we have this Shampoo and Conditioner duo from H2K which is a brand that I’ve never hear of, but they look really classy! I’m on the market for a new shampoo, so can’t wait to try this and review it for you guys!


I also got a Lindt Chocolate and coupon code for Lindt which I can’t wait to use! I love when they out in little bonus things like that! This definitely was one of my favourite boxes! I can’t wait for next month now! Will they too it?


What was your favourite beauty item from this Glossy Box?

Fe-Blog-Uary 17 – Winter Skin Essentials


This winter isn’t the coldest one that we’ve ever had in the UK however, it’s always good to stay hydrated and on top of the game when it comes to the dry and cold weather! Take a look at my essentials for the cold..

Balance Me Face Oil – £15 for 10ml
This is something which I used last winter as well and totally fell in love with! It’s an oil for your face which is amazing for keeping skin looking and feeling soft rather than dry and brittle! It doesn’t smell the best at all however, is super easy to apply because it has a roller ball applicator! It’s strange but even with my oily skin, it doesn’t make it greasier or completely slippery.. It just works!

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream – £19.50 for 70g
Using a thick moisturiser is an essential part of my winter skin routine! I need something hydrating which won’t make my skin feel tight when I go outside and this cream is that! It’s super thick, almost like a paste so don’t over-do it because a small bit goes a long way! It smells like menthol which, I really like and can be used anywhere on your body.. BONUS POINTS!

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips – £11.50 for 15ml
Don’t be too alarmed by the name and yes.. It’s main purpose was for that area however, for the lips, it’s incredible! It’s a super thick consistency and is amazingly long lasting! For me, the first things that gets dry are my lips and hands and I use this balm for both of those areas and I never experience any problems!

MAC Face and Body Foundation – £27 for 15ml
This is one of those products that works all year round however, it holds a special place in my heart in winter when my skin looks dry and I want to look glowing! It’s a really light coverage foundation however, is build able! It looks really dewy on the skin and doesn’t emphasise dry areas. I wouldn’t say it hydrates my skin but, gives the illusion of hydrated skin and in winter, what more could you want out of your foundation?!

KIKO Perfect Eyes Duo Highlighter Pencil – £6.90
Highlighter is my best friend in winter when my skin looks dry and like I’ve never drank water in my life! It helps to add a glow back in your skin so I’m not walking around with a prune face! It’s been fairly sunny recently and this highlighter looks great when it catches the light! Love me a bit of highlighter!

What are your winter essentials?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 14 – HD Brow Kit Review


Okee dokee! I’ve finally managed to get my paws on the HD Brow kit and was so excited to review it and let you guys know my thoughts on it!

I’m not usually an ‘eyebrow’ kind of girl.. Perhaps because this new fad of big and bold brows is fairly new. The most I do is slick some clear mascara through them so they don’t look crazy otherwise, I don’t touch them really! The shape is natural and I barely touch them up.. In fact, I prefer the way they look when they’re at their messiest!

Saying that though, we all have those days when you’ve tweezed a hair you shouldn’t have and have created what look like the Grand Canyon in your eyebrow.. Not the best look for me! HD brows is actually a treatment whereby qualified beauticians shape and help maintain your brows for those of us who struggle with it and this kit is an extension of that for our ‘at home’ needs!

The kit is basically a quad of four eyebrow powders which are the smoothest powders I’ve ever used! I was literally shocked when I swatched them for the first because they felt like butter! They’re so easy to blend because of the soft texture and they’re strongly pigmented like no other! There are four shades which come in the kit and this one is one of the darkest.. Foxy (that’s the name.. Not a statement). All of the shades are perfect for creating the perfect brow and I love the idea of using the different shades for a more 3D looking brow.

I felt like the powders applied beautifully and were so easy to use! I used the angle brush that came in the kit and the other end to slightly buff out the product.. I then used the cream colour on my brow bone to highlight.

All in all, I love this little bundle of joy! I don’t think I’d use it everyday because eyebrows just aren’t my thing however, I can’t wait to use it when I’m next in the mood and until then, I’ve been using these as eyeshadows everyday! They make great crease colours!

You get get the kit here for £19.96
I got mine in a Limited Edition Christmas Latest in Beauty Box :)

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 11 – My Favourite Lip Products Right Now


With that awkward transition period between seasons well and truly here, I always struggle to know what colours to wear! Nail varnish is perhaps the hardest thing to decide but lately, lip colours are becoming squally as hard to choose!


Because we’re moving between Winter and Spring (dark and soft colours), I have found myself using rose-toned colours! A good colour which mixes the cold brown with the warmer pink colour! Take a look at my favourite lip products that I’m using right now!


Soap & Glory ‘Smooch Operator’ £3.33


Rimmel Stay Glossy in ‘340 Captivate Me’ £6.23


KIKO Creamy Lipgloss in ‘102’ £5.50


Colour Works London Lip Gloss (Limited Edition in set- available on eBay)


Fe-Blog-Uary Day 10 – January Glossy Box

I’m super super sorry for missing out on a few posts the past few days but I got swamped with so many things to do and whenever I could snap away pictures, there was no light.. I get to thank winter for that!


I thought I’d come back swiftly with my Glossy Box from last month as it was so handy and convenient and the products have got me into so many different things, it’s exciting!



The first product that jumped out to me was by Anatomicals and it’s called ‘Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer’.. Clever ehy? The idea of these are to put them on your eye area and leave them for half an hour leaving a refreshed and more awake looking eye! I haven’t tried these yet because I am saving them for a special occasion however, I can just tell that these will work so well and I can’t wait to see the results!


The next product was setting that I had received before in a Glossy Box but can’t for the life of me remember where I put it! It annoys me when Glossy Box send the same product twice however, in this instance I didn’t mind so much! Yu-Be’s Skin Moisturising Cream was actually really nice to use! When I opened it, it was a mega thick consistency and felt more like a paste then a cream however, I was having such a dry skin day that it worked out! It’s quite heavy but is really moisturising and you can use it wherever you want to on your body so bonus points!


Balance Me always have really nice fragranced products and they always claim to have new and exciting results so when this Toning Body Wash, I was really intrigued! I haven’t tried it just yet because I have another wash on the go but this smells like either cola or cinnamon.. I can’t choose! But I’m so exciting to try it! Will it really tone my body?


When I saw this Vaseline travel sized body lotion, I was so happy! I love the smell of Vaseline body products and this is the perfect size cream to keep in the car or throw in my handbag! It just smells fresh and clean and the cream is lightweight and really easy to apply!


The last product was by far my favourite! I’m a sucker for beauty tools and these floral tweezers by the Vintage Cosmetics Company are so cute! The design is lovely and I love small and discreet tweezers with a slanted edge! They’re really sharp and grab hairs really well too!


You can get Glossy Box for £9.99 a month (£2.95 p&p) from the website here! I have paid for it for over 2 years now and still really enjoy the surprise every month!

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 8 – Beauty Bay Valentines Box


I received an email from recently showing a new beauty box that they were releasing for a limited time for Valentines day! I have always wanted to try Beauty Bay’s new makeup line because it seems so ‘Me’ and because it was affordable, I knew one day I’d get something from the range! They have a whole makeup line so I never knew what to choose until I saw this pre-chosen ‘Glossy-Box-Style’ £20 box of goodies and I snapped it up!

Inside you get:
An Eyeshadow Palette
A Lipstick
A Detangling Hair Brush
A Blending Sponge
2 Eye Brushes

And for £20, it’s quite the bargain! After trying a few of the products and playing about with it, I have made a verdict on what I think of it.. Read on for a review!


The Eyeshadow Palette ‘Flawless Rose’ – £15
It’s a really nice looking palette with 12 HUGE natural coloured eyeshadow pans! It come in a sleeve which then reveals it’s plastic casing which I don’t mind! It’s sleek and matte so, easy to clean! The eyeshadows let me down quite a bit because of their lack of pigmentation and blend-ability! They weren’t too easy to use and they didn’t really show up on me at all!

The Lipstick ‘Sultry Ruby’ – £5
The lipstick comes in a similar type of plastic tube with the name written on the bottom! It feels quite cheap and my lipstick bullet was damaged quite a bit even though it seemed unopened. The lipstick is moisturising and smooth however is patchy and feels quite sticky! The colour pay off is quite good although, I thought the shade would be slighter lighter judging from the online images on BeautyBay’s website.

A Detangling Hair Brush – £5
The Creme de la Creme of the box! This brush is basically like a Tangle Teaser with a handle! I love my tangle teaser for sure but it does frustrate me when I can’t grab on to it properly because of its lack of handle! This is really nice and big, removes tangles easily and is a super colour (Bright Pink)! My favourite thing from the box!

A Blending Sponge – £5
I’ve always wanted to try one of these and this was one if the items that sold me on buying the box online! Much like the original Beauty Blender, this is really soft and after soaking in water and wringing out any excess, it fattens up and is ready to take on your face (Much like I am every morning!). It is really smooth to use and does blend effortlessly! It’s got a nice pointy tip for hard to reach areas and isn’t hard on the skin or anything so SUPER!

2 Eye Brushes ‘Lash/Brow Comb’ – £4 & ‘Angled Eyeliner Brush’ – £4
The last two things disappointed me a little! After giving an eyeshadow palette, I thought if get a nice blending brush of some sort however, the eyeliner and brow brush/ lash comb came and I didn’t really care for them! They’re ok having soft bristles although they’re synthetic and don’t really work too well with the eyeshadows from the palette which isn’t too great. Overall, these are ok but nothing special!

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 6 – Nude Lip Glosses



I love nude glosses! They are definitely my new obsession but with every skin tone, finding the right shade of nude is so hard! I love the way that a nude lip can tie a whole look together.. It’s so versatile! You will have seen my complexion and skin tone in pictures on my Instagram and Facebook and I have found that these lip glosses suit me so well! Opt for these kinda of shades if you’re asian but are fair and quite yellow based!


Barry M – Strawberries & Cream
Beautiful Movement Cosmetics – Nude
NYX – Stockholm
MAC – Geo Pink

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 3 – Products I’m Excited to Try


When this year started, I knew that I’d want to try lots of new products and step out of my comfort zone a little with the make up I wear and cosmetics I use, so I decided to take advantage of the things I’d usually push aside and start incorporating the things I get in Glossy Boxes and free samples! I’m mega excited to try these products so stay tuned for a follow up post about my reviews on these!

Rapid Dry Quick Dry for Nails

Starting off with this spray, I actually used this recently when I needed my nails dry in a hurry and I loved it so much, I included it in my January 2014 favourites linked here for you read a full review on.

Rimmel Stay Blushed in ‘001 Pop of Pink’

This jumped out to me recently when I saw it at the Rimmel stand! I love cheek stains because they look so natural and after I swatched the tester, I knew I’d like it! It’s a gorgeous bubblegum pink shade and is a paste-like consistency! I’ll let you know what I think of it after I’ve rested it out fully!

Maybelline Colossal Volum Express

I’ve actually used this once before when they released this mascara with a ‘Cat Eye’ campaign and I’m not sure of they still sell it! I loved it so much that when I saw it in my Glossy Box, I squealed! I really like the look of the brush and the product’s consistency seems just right for my eyelashes.. A factor that people usually forget to check! I can’t wait for my current mascara to finish so I can try this!

HD Brows Eye Brow Palette

I’m not usually into brows and they’re definitely something that I tend to ignore when I’m doing my make up.. I tend to put on clear mascara and call it a day however, they do have sparse areas that need se love so I’m excited to dog I to this HEAVILY raved about quad! You can use these as eyeshadows too.. Woo!

Seche Nail Polish in ‘Smokey’

I’ve not really used many colours from Seche because they’re so expensive however, after receiving this in a Glossy Box, I can’t wait to start using dark colours on my nails again! I own another pink colour by Seche and the formula was amazing (which you’d expect based on how much they cost). This is a gorgeous charcoal grey with a slight silver shimmer running through.. Perfect for evenings!

Urban Decay Primer Potions (Original, Sin, Eden, Anti-Ageing)

When I got this with my Naked 3 palette, I was so excited to try them because I’ve only ever used the ‘Original Primer Potion’ and have always wanted to try sin! I can’t wait to dip my finger in this little pots and get cracking with some funky eye looks!

What are you excited to try this year? Have you made any resolutions?

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 1- January Favourites 2014

I thought there would be no better way to introduce this blogging month by saying good bye to last month! I’ll be blogging every single day during February so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting things!


January was an adventurous month for me and I didn’t have a lot of time to try new products or even look on the market for new releases however, these items definitely stood out to me more than any others!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails
I received this in a Glossy Box last month and really wanted my nails dry before I set off for somewhere! I literally had 5 mins and wanted to try a new nail varnish colour SOOOOO bad that I was prepared to not touch anything whilst getting dressed and getting my hijab on.. Which we all know needs fingers and thumbs! I was so glad when I found this and had 60 seconds for this to dry and my oh my.. Does it set them rock solid! This stuff don’t the job so well! It was so easy to spray onto nails and then it set with a nice glossy finish.. In no time at all! I will say that on the nails where I applied a few thick coats, it did still smudge but overall, it’s amazeballs!

Inglot 80HP Brush
Since I’ve been using so many eyeshadows lately, I found this brush to be the best for smudging under my eyes which was definitely a look that I was rocking last month! I really like the rocker look at the moment and this is a super soft and stiff brush which blends eyeshadows effortlessly in hard to reach areas! It washes really easily and is the perfect size for any eye looks that need that ‘smudging’ effect!

MAC Opulash Mascara
I hauled this mascara when I went to the Cosmetics Company store in Bicester Village a few months ago! I had never tried a MAC mascara and I didn’t have high hopes for using this because of the GINORMOUS brush however, after using this a few times I have found the perfect way to use it! I opened it and let it dry slightly over a few months (which I often have to do with mascaras) and then I apply this about 4 times over, repeating every application when the mascara is about 70% dry! It’s a bit of a faff but, the results are really good! I get voluminous and longer looking lashes which are the main things I want from a mascara!

Philip Kingsley One more Day
I received this in a Glamour Beauty Box that I ordered some time last year because I’ve been really into dry shampoos and thought this would be amazing.. I wasn’t wrong! It’s a gorgeous fine mist of dry shampoo which leaves your hair feeling fresh and invigorated! It feels really cold on the scalp and doesn’t feel sticky after a few hours, like most dry shampoos do! I throughly enjoyed using this! I would say it isn’t the best for dark hair because it leaves a grey powdery look but if you spray from afar and really rough up your hair, you can’t tell at all! Was definitely a sample size worth getting!

MAC Face and Body Foundation
When I bought this foundation, I knew that I’d love it because I love the idea of a light coverage, dewy looking and fuss free foundation, if ever I wear it! I just never seemed to get into this thought until last month, when I finally found a way to wear it best (with a primer underneath and set with Studio Fix by MAC). I love the finish it gives and it makes your skin look so healthy! This colour is way too dark for me though however, I don’t really mind the shade when I go out with it on as it looks fine in the daylight! I love how natural it looks and feels and I love the little bottle too.. So cute!


Khroma/ Kardashian Beauty Complete Face Palette
This palette has changed my life! It’s a really good selection of eyeshadows and face products which have made my beauty regime so easy on those days where I just can’t choose! This is supposed to be an ‘all-in-one’ kind of kit and it is so handy’ there are 4 matte and 4 shimmery (metallic) eyeshadows, a blusher, highlighter and bronzer in this kit.. All encased in a small little box with a good sized mirror! I love the natural shades and I think the colour payoff of the eyeshadows are really good! The highlighter makes your skin look so healthy and the blush and bronzer are just perfect for my skin tone! This palette was on my face all month in January!

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder
I got this powder almost two years ago and despite using it so much, it’s doing really well! It’s a beautifully creamy powder which isn’t chalky rather, soft and almost like a powder foundation! I love this lighter shade under my eyes which I’ve needed, because last month was so busy! It set my concealer really well and helped brighten the eye area by heaps and bounds! What more could I ask for!?

What beauty products have you been enjoying? What were your favourites from last year?

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