What’s in my bag? – Blogging March Day 16

With the half way mark of March here, I thought I’d keep it nice and easy here today with a picture friendly post on all the goodies I keep in my bag… Enjoy!




Bag from a boutique



MAC Cosmo

LA Girl ‘Natural’

MUA ‘Brooding Plum’

Baby lips ‘Berry Crush’

DKNY Card Holder

Boots key ring


Fe-Blog-Uary Day 10 – January Glossy Box

I’m super super sorry for missing out on a few posts the past few days but I got swamped with so many things to do and whenever I could snap away pictures, there was no light.. I get to thank winter for that!


I thought I’d come back swiftly with my Glossy Box from last month as it was so handy and convenient and the products have got me into so many different things, it’s exciting!



The first product that jumped out to me was by Anatomicals and it’s called ‘Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer’.. Clever ehy? The idea of these are to put them on your eye area and leave them for half an hour leaving a refreshed and more awake looking eye! I haven’t tried these yet because I am saving them for a special occasion however, I can just tell that these will work so well and I can’t wait to see the results!


The next product was setting that I had received before in a Glossy Box but can’t for the life of me remember where I put it! It annoys me when Glossy Box send the same product twice however, in this instance I didn’t mind so much! Yu-Be’s Skin Moisturising Cream was actually really nice to use! When I opened it, it was a mega thick consistency and felt more like a paste then a cream however, I was having such a dry skin day that it worked out! It’s quite heavy but is really moisturising and you can use it wherever you want to on your body so bonus points!


Balance Me always have really nice fragranced products and they always claim to have new and exciting results so when this Toning Body Wash, I was really intrigued! I haven’t tried it just yet because I have another wash on the go but this smells like either cola or cinnamon.. I can’t choose! But I’m so exciting to try it! Will it really tone my body?


When I saw this Vaseline travel sized body lotion, I was so happy! I love the smell of Vaseline body products and this is the perfect size cream to keep in the car or throw in my handbag! It just smells fresh and clean and the cream is lightweight and really easy to apply!


The last product was by far my favourite! I’m a sucker for beauty tools and these floral tweezers by the Vintage Cosmetics Company are so cute! The design is lovely and I love small and discreet tweezers with a slanted edge! They’re really sharp and grab hairs really well too!


You can get Glossy Box for £9.99 a month (£2.95 p&p) from the website here! I have paid for it for over 2 years now and still really enjoy the surprise every month!

Fe-Blog-Uary Day 5 – OOTD

So I’m currently not home and have taken limited clothing and makeup with me but decided to show you what I rustled up using my wardrobe and makeup bag today!






Abaya- Southall £15
Red blouse- Oasis £10
Jacket- eBay £5
Scarf- Accessorize £18
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins £23
Watch- DKNY
Rings- Bespoke, Dorothy Perkins

Face and Body foundation (MAC)
Fake Up (Benefit)
Telescopic Carbon Black (L’Oreal)
Lip Smacker Pomegranate (Body Shop)
Blusher in Marshmallow (MUA)


A big big big Happy New Year to everyone! If you’re Muslim, then our new year started a while back but I never got to say it!

I’ve been really excited to start this year with a BANG on my blog but have been incredibly busy since the start of the new year! With so many things planned for this year, let’s all pray that things pan out for everyone and that this year brings happiness and joy for all!

My blog being a big reason for my smile is why I’d like to propose a few things for this year! It’s only the first week in and I’ve taken a tonne of pictures and am in the process of writing up tonnes of blog posts!

I’ve decided to continue with my tradition of blogging everyday in certain months and below is a list of them all:
Feb-blog-ary (February)
Blogging April (April)
Ramadhan (July-ish / August-ish)
Septemblog (September)
Blogmas (December)

I hope that that you all keep up to date with me on a daily basis during these months where I’m hoping to blog every day!

However, during the other months, I’ll be sticking to a schedule of blogging 3/4 times a week and sometimes more! I don’t want to be specific as to what days I’ll be doing however, I’ll be Tweeting and FaceBooking when I post new things!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who supports my blog because even if only one person reads InHerBubble, my blog will have fulfilled its purpose! I started this blog with a concept where I wanted to blog about everything I loved, and I’m so pleased to see so many people share those passions with me!

F xo

Bicester Village Haul: DKNY and MAC

Whilst I was in Bicester Village and was bumping into all the shops I wasn’t interested in, I FINALLY went into a store called ‘The Cosmetics Company’, which little to my knowledge was an outlet store (which I should have known because Bicester Village is outlet central). I was so happy to see some amazing brands in there but obviously I was drawn to their MAC counter, where they had their limited edition collections at a discount! I wanted everything, but chose this..


** MAC Holiday Edition 2012 gift sets Guilty Passions / 4 Tenderly Warm Crushed Metallic Pigments (Limited Edition)


** MAC Holiday Collection 2012 eye kit (was £37) £26


** MAC eyeshadow pans in ‘All That Glitters’ and ‘Tempting’ (was £10) £7


DKNY didn’t disappoint me either! Check out this watch I bought..


I couldn’t find this watch online anywhere

These boots were made for walking..

I purchased some new shoes from Russel & Bromley and love them so much, I thought I’d show you how to style them! They’re super comfortable and are great for wet weather.. Perfect for the UK!

Take a look at them..





Autumn nails!


I love applying nail varnish in the winter time because it’s a simple way to accessorise and add colour to the deep and dark colours of the colder months!

When it comes to nail varnishes, there is no competition to Barry M nail paints which are my favourite nail varnishes of all time! They smash it with their colour ranges for every season and autumn, is not one they’ve missed! They’ve just released a collection of matte nail shades which all look amazing! So check out their website for sure!

All of their nail varnishes are opaque and often it only takes 1/2 coats to get them perfect and ready to roll out with. They’re as cheap as chips coming in at £3.99 and often even less when on offer. The brush is small so perfect for precise application and it dries in around 1 or 2 minutes!

Have a look at all of these colours that I have in my collection which I think are perfect for the autumn months!








In case you’re wondering, I have been using this varnish remover to take off my my varnishes lately and I love it!


Bella Jane Jewellery.. A unique gift


When it comes to presents, I love getting them for people! There’s nothing better in the world in my eyes, than getting someone a small token of appreciation! So when it was time to give my cousin a gift, I knew I had my work cut out!

She’s one of those girls who has everything!

And.. What do you get for someone who has everything? More of what they already have!

And for me.. If you’re a woman, you’ll get jewellery!

I discovered Bella Jane jewellery after watching Pixiwoo. They had on, one of Annabel’s rings and I loved it from the get go! I had a look on her website and found the stuff the perfect sort of gift for a girl! It’s funky, unique and handmade!

Here are the items I bought:
*Serenity Necklace

*Open Heart Charm Stack Ring


*Small heart bracelet

All of these items are sterling silver. Not only are the products lovely, but so is the owner, Annabel. I spoke to her through email and twitter and she was very quick to respond and help me in any way she could! She made the whole experience of buying the jewellery hassle-free and not stressful at all!

* The jewellery comes in gorgeous pink gift bags and a sturdy black box

Disclaimer: all the products mentioned I bought with my own monkeys :)

And of course.. I wrote a card and wrapped the box up, too!


Accessory Haul!

Yesterday I done a blog post where I showed you my new Rebecca Minkoff purple mini M.A.C, but not everyone can afford such an expensive bag! So here’s an alternative I found!

I got this bag because of the GORGEOUS colour! When I saw the Rebecca Minkoff bag and its size, I knew I wanted a slightly larger size so I could use it for travel and this bag is perfect!

I got this from WWW.JUSTFAB.COM and! You have to register and fill in a profile which is so tedious but you get your first product for £17.50! And because this bag was so cheap I didn’t mind! It’s massive and I love it!







These bracelets are from a boutique in London! I love the way they look when paired with a watch, bunched together or even worn alone!





I’ve been looking for metal rimmed glasses for a while but I hate looking online for glasses because you can’t see what they look like! I saw these from Next and they were £12.50!! BARGAIN! They look the bomb.com!




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