High End Haul featuring Illamasqua, Kevyn Aucoin and By Terry

When it comes to high end items, i’m not one to purchase anything and everything under the sun. Everything takes careful consideration and when i recently visited Harvey Nichols (a luxury department store here in the UK),I decided to cave and purchase some items that I have been looking for for quite some time now! I have seen these items being raved about from everywhere from Youtube to Blogging sites and people talking about them and I just had to give them a go.My First stop was at Space NK, which I was so pleased to see in Harvey Nichols because they are quite rare to find. They tend to stock items rarer brands from around the world which we don’t see very often, so I picked up a few gems from there. Kevyn Aucoin was my first stop and I grabbed this Sensual Skin Enhancer when I saw it because I’m in dyer need of an incredible concealer since my Dior one has run out. I have also come to find that I need a concealer with higher coverage as well as my dark circles have seemed ti have got worse lately. This is so pigmented and I was genuinely shocked at the punch it packs, even though I have heard people say how effective it is a concealer. When you see this in real life, it amazes you and the shade range is excellent. It does oxidise slightly when on the skin so I would recommend getting a skin match to it before purchasing because at £37, this stuff ain’t cheap!Ok.. So I’m cheating here and i didn’t really get this from Harvey Nichols, rather Selfridges but it would be the same difference were it not for the colour of the logo! I have been eyeing up this highlighter from Illamasqua for ages and when it saw it front and centre on display I caved! It’s called Beyond Powder and comes in 2 shades although mine is aptly called “OMG’. This is a baked blush and they claim it can be used wet and dry. When I first used this on my skin, I underestimated how pigmented it was and ended up glowing like a disco ball for the rest of the day, BUT I didn’t care because it looked so natural. This is one of those highlighters that if you don’t have, I don’t know how you get by during the day. It’s way up there in price for Illamasqua but that be because there is so much of it. I like the sahdw which is a perfect balance between a gold and silver shimmer however, it has this tendency to blend into blush and has a pink hue too. It does cut any makeup though such as a my blush, which i find I always have to go back into after using this, but it’s so beautiful I don’t care!

Sam from Pixiwoo on YouTube rants and raves about this excessively and I am not surprised after I swatched it for one for he first time last week. By Terry is a brand that I’ve never tried before but these shadows sticks called Ombre Blackstar are AMAZEBALLS and mine is in the shade Bronze Moon #4! I had such a wide colour range to choose from and formula actually blew my mind. I was in awe at the glitter in it and the the way that it blends is amazing too! It has a way of blending out into a matte colour and means you don’t have to use a thousand colours on your eyes like crease colours and highlighters etc. because this does everything for you. It lasts for ages even when you don’t use a primer and it doesn’t smudge or budge in the slightest. I think you’ll find the only problem with this (other than the extortionate price), is what colour you’d want to choose.

Have you tried any of these products before?

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