Giant MAC haul

I recently went to Bicester Village and if you live in the UK and love makeup like i do, then you know that the Cosmetics Company store in Bicester is amazing! Bicester Village is essentially a little shopping park that looks wonderful and houses a huge array of big brands for lower prices and there is also a makeup shop there which sells a lot of sold out collections from various different brands.. including MAC! I was definitely in the mood for trying some new makeup and so when I saw such beautiful bright colours lying around, I had to grab some of my favourited. I’m sure you can see the spring time colours that I have chosen which shows i’m feeling rather festive this season and I really wanted to branch out of makeup zone. This is something new that I’ve been trying recently whereby, I only purchase makeup that I already don’t have a colour or texture of and VOILA!

One of the first things that really attracted my attention was these eyeshadows. I have a real love-hate relationship with MAC eyeshadows because I feel as though they are quite overpriced for what they are but after swatching these, I really enjoyed their finishes. After trying them on, they look incredible and create that kind of 90’s vibe with the bright frosty eyeshadows, but I really like the look of it on my complexion and these are just perfect for blending on the bottom lash line for a more subtle look.Blushes are one of my most favourite things from MAC and i love them even more in pan form because they work out so much cheaper. They are some of the things which i really enjoy buying from MAC and I wanted to try some different shades. These are all as beautiful as the others on the cheeks and they look gorgeous on skin and are perfect for Summer! They are all fairly matte apart from slight frosty finish on “azalea’ which has a slight sheen on it.Cream colour bases are some of the most rarest things in my collection from MAC and the only one I own is Pearl which is a cult classic. I wanted to try some different shades and thought I could work with more pinkier tones because I could use them on my lips and cheeks. I’m a huge fan of these so far but have noticed that they don’t last that ong. They are very pigmented though and I have found that setting them with some of my face powder on top, lessens the pigmentation as well as keeping them a little more robust. The brown shade is so perfect for contouring that I can’t even fathom what I was doing in my life without it. It has a silver/grey flex in it, giving the brown a much cooler undertone and this make the contour look even cheaper.This is probably my most favourite ting from my haul and I love it so much that I haven’t stopped wearing since the day that I got it. I love purple tones on my kin and even though this is quite bright and pigmented, it has a way of looking really natural and has a beautiful finish. It’s listed as a frost finish and although I love a good matte blush, this has just the right amount of sheen to make it look amazeballs! This with the contour is a really good cheek day for me!Lipstick is my thing and i love trying different colours. Orange is one that I don’t tend to go for but would love to be able t pull off more confidently. I’m a huge fan of the lustre finishes from MAC because they wear beautifully and are often really long-lasting. This is the perfect cross between a red and orange because it is quite sheer, it is really forgiving for those of us who are afraid to try new shades to start with!

This haul cost just over £100 which may seem like a lot but I also think I got a lot of good stuff (MAC) for my money. What do you like the look of most in this haul?

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  1. I need to go to Bicester Village again! How much discount do they have off in cosmetic company ? X brilliant haul xxx

    1. It is so nice on a sunny day! I got the eyeshadow pans for £7 and they’re usually £10.. But I think the discount varies! Thanks for liking the haul.. I’ve had so much fun using this stuff all week!

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