Lancome Miracle Fluid Cushion Foundation (compact) Review

  I recently noticed in a few pictures that my skin was beginning to look a little orange- ish and it looked like I had gotten a bad spray job and i am not a big fan of that look on me! After investigating what it could be that was causing my skin to look like this, I realised that I was using foundations that were oxidising a little more than normal (probably because they’re fairly old or just cheap) and so I began my hunt for something new and exciting to use! after taking  trip to Lancome with Miss A one day, I discovered this foundation and believe me when I say that it has changed my view on Lancome completely! Behold.. The Miracle Cushion Fluid Foundation.
  The whole vibe of this is unique and the actual product itself is really intriguing for new users such as myself. The idea behind this foundations’ packaging is the way the product is stored. The fluid is held in a sponge and disperses best with the compact that it comes with (although I enjoy dipping my brush in it). It feels strange at first because you initially think that no product will come out, but there is a lot of substance to the sponge ad it secreted a lot more than you would expect. The sponge with the liquid in has a cover, the lid contains a mirror and it comes with its own sponge too. the outer packaging though is made from plastic with a mirror on the lid for extra ease and I’m a huge fan of this because I can imagine taking this out and about with me when I’m away from home.

I have been using this with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and have found the coverage to be perfect for my skin at the moment which is being well looked after because I’m trying to drink water more than usual. It’s described as being a light coverage (which it definitely is) and although not very buildable, does give a very natural and smooth looking canvas to the skin. Lancome claim on it’s description that this is hydrating and gives your skin a glow which i dispute because I haven’t really seen much of a glow. In fact, one of the reasons i really like foundation is because it has given my skin a natural and complete skin-like finish which doesn’t look dewy or matte in any way. It is very hydrating though and doesn’t cling to any dry patches on my skin and i feel as though using this with a Beauty Blender would really give this product a little more oomph and kick to the texture and coverage. You can see from the swatch on my hand that where the foundation is, it looks like skin and the only difference you can really tell is the shade difference (because my hand is fake tanned and the foundation shade is lighter). This foundation comes in 8 shades which isn’t great and if you’re super pale, the shade shown in the images is the lightest so be aware of this. This is great in terms of cost-effectiveness though. the initial foundation came in at £30 however, the refill can be purchased for £19 and you can change this yourself at home. It simply clicks out and back in again which is perfect for being able to mix and match shades depending on your skin colouring at the time. It is definitely a new favourite product of mine and I truly enjoy applying this in the morning.

For that no make up make up look, it’s perfect and I’m all about that on those days when I just about roll out of bed!


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