MAC Mineralised Finish Haul/ Review


 Welcome back to another adaptation of Faiza’s ever growing make up collection! I couldn’t resist recently when I popped into a MAC store to check out their new collection and noticed the mineralised finish products sitting there! They looked so beautiful and after searching an array of blushes and eyeshadows, I picked up a few products that I fell for instantly! Behold, my first ever mineralised eyeshadows from MAC. What’s the difference between the mineralised collection and normal collection? The mineralised finishes in this collection are baked rather pressed. The ingredients to make mineralised makeup are supposed to be kinder to skin as well. I was quite glad to see that some of the products had 2 shades in them which essentially means less packaging for when I’mm travelling.. PERFECT!
  The shades that I got were based on what I think look good on my eyes in particular. Because I have green/brown eyes, I like my colours to have a purple or red undertone to them and I love anything nude. That’s why ever amethyst is perfect for me in so many ways. I’m a huge fan of the pigmentation of these as well. I’m not keen on the fall out and they can sometimes be quite chalky, but generally, they pick up really well on a synthetic brush and I splash the brush  with a spritz of Fix Plus from MAC, it’s even better! I wouldn’t recommend getting any liquid in the eyeshadow though as it altered the colour of the shadow for when I wanted to use it next time. Young Punk is a perfect black with the right amount of purple glitter in it. I like the way that the black isn’t too potent but doesn’t look chalky or uneven when it’s on the eyelid. I always use a basic primer under eyeshadow and hope for the best and this time, It definitely paid off. You can see from the swatches that the colours are really potent and the eyeshadow really lasts a long time too. With Young Punk in particular, even though the glitter looks as though it isn’t built in to the shadow (if you get what I mean), it stays on all day and I didn’t get any fall out or purple glitter on my face! The only downside is the ridiculous price. These come in at a whopping £18 and even though I think that they are very good and the value for money is evident in the formula, the actual shadows are very hard  to reason with in price because you could get a tonne of palettes from the drugstore for the same cost! Weigh up your odds on the price versus. pigmentation.. Would you purchase this?

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