The Ultimate Nude Lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics – Blogging March Day 31

  It’s the finale and i’m so sad to say it’s the end of Blogging March! It’s been so challenging and exciting blogging over the last month.. Finding time to take pictures and write blog posts has been hectic but the buzz from everyones feedback has been so good that I’m exciting to do something like this again very soon! Fear not though as I will be uploading regularly and will disclose my scheduled blog posts on all my social media platforms so make sure you check them out in the ‘contact me’ section above :)

I’ve decided to end Blogging March on a high and on a subject that I just can’t get enough of! I want to disclose my most prized beauty secret that I hold and it’s such a good one, you’ll be glad I told you! If you read my post yesterday, you will have seen me talk about my favourite lipliner (that’s actually an eyeliner) which I use to overdraw my lips and get that really pouty look. But the real secret weapon for when i want my lips to be the centre of attention is this lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics in the shade ‘1995’. It’s aptly named after the make up trends around that time and when I saw the name and the colour, it instantly took me back to good times when Destiny’s Child, All Saints and every celebrity under the sun wore a shade like this.

It’s a beautiful warm toned brown which is extremely matte (although in the pictures is looks fairly glossy.. This may be because my lips were very moisturised). The shade is really pigment and just one swipe covers your lips perfectly. It’s really smooth to apply and the formula is a true credit to the way that you can apply it so easily that overdrawing and filling in lipliner, is flawless.. It just glides on perfectly. Paired with the NickaK pencil I showed in yesterday’s blog, it makes the perfect pouty lip. This works on anyone and everyone and I know because i’ve tried this on so many people. It makes the most perfect juicy looking lip and because it’s such a nude colour, it looks good with almost any skin tone from the lightest to the darkest of skin tones.. I can’t rave about these lips enough so I’ll just let you know enjoy how pouty my lips look in the image below. If you try or have this lipstick, let me know and share your thoughts on it.

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