The Best Big Bold Lip Cheat – Blogging March Day 30

 When it comes to overdrawn lips, I think it’s safe to say that my readers have gathered that I’m a fan. Whenever I think of plumper lips, I always think of lip injections however, I’ve learnt some tips and tricks long the way which I think are better than that! I’m a big fan of darker lips as they are easier to mimic to a larger size and the more matte, the bigger I feel they look. So when I got this Nicka K eyeliner in my Glossy Box and tried it for the first time on my lips, I was so impressed with the results that I had to share them.

I never thought using an eyeliner would be so good but this one throws every other lip liner out the park. I don’t colour in all my lips with it as it doesn’t suit my complexion, but I ever so slightly overdraw my lips with this and then rub it in (usually with my finger) and then use whatever lip colour I’m using that day. Not only is this eyeliner creamy, but its also a wind up, so you always get a precise line and it’s so easy to use. It’s mega affordable too so, if you can get your hands on it, I would definitely recommend it.

Check out my last Blogging March post tomorrow where I’ll show you what effect this technique can create!

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