REVOLUTION Blush Palette Review – Blogging March Day 27

If you saw yesterdays post, it was about a relatively new make up brand called REVOLUTION which came to the UK high street not too long ago and has made a real impact to drugstore makeup as we know it. And when the Christmas time was here, they launched a few palettes which I had to pick up and didn’t want to miss. My favourite item of makeup has to be blush and so when I saw this palette and the vast array of shades that they have, I had to pick it up.. Just look at how beautiful it looks!
There are 8 shades in this palette and they are all different when swatched. They come in a few different finishes but mostly they are matte and there are a few which are a little sheerer as well. If you’re not into collecting makeup and just want staples, products like these are perfect because you don’t have to purchase different shades for different occasions as palettes like house all the shades you’ll need to create the perfect look. These powders are beautifully milled and they blend really well as well. They have a way of blending together really nice as well, so I have found myself mixing and matching shades within this palette to suit my look for that day a little better. You definitely have to use a light hand with these as they have a lot of pay off, but for the price that these come at, they are brilliant and to have that much pigmentation is a credit to the palette.
This also comes in a cream palette which you can find here. The palette here is no longer available but the most similar one from their line of blush palettes can be found here.

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