The Best Drugstore Eyebrow Plumper from L’Oreal – Blogging March 22

  Eyebrows are all the rage at the moment and the best things is, that for us “hairy” people who were known for having monster and busy brows, we are now considered to have beautiful and full brows. Makes it a lot easier to not have to maintain them as much too. But with all this extra hair, we still want to tame our brows and stop us from looking like caveman… Of course if you love that unruly look to your brows, the best models out there at the moment are the ones with lusciously thick eyebrows ( Just look at Cara Delavigne).

One of the hardest things that I found, was filling in my brows without them looking heavier. My brows are definitely quite dense and my individual hairs are quite thick and course, so I wanted something that didn’t necessarily fill them in more, rather, something that would keep them in place from moving all the time and a product that filled in my gaps slightly without them looking too overdrawn.

Not only did I find one, I found one from the drugstore! I was so amazed when I finally found that my local drug store had started stocking the L’Oreal Brow Plumper because it was being raved about so much on the internet. The best thing was, that with so many brands (drugstore and high end) releasing brow products, and with me trying most of the most more popular ones, that this had taken aspects from every one of those items and put them in one. I wanted my brow plumper to have the brush of Benefit’s Gimme Grow, I wanted the fibres of the Model Co’s More Brows with the liquid of Maybelline’s Brow drama.
 I’m into the natural looking brow and I don’t really do much to maintain mine any more either. They just grow out and I allow them too because I think they look best when they’re messy. When I used the brow pumper for the first time, it was fantastic at filling out my bald spots as much as I wanted to without being overbearing and looking too thick. I still occasionally fill them in more. But, I really like the look this creates and it takes 5 seconds. I like really brushing this into my brows and really get deep into my brow hairs. The only downside to this product is that the colour range is very limited and with only 3 shades available (for brunettes, blondes and clear brow gel), it’s quite hard to cater to a mass audience. If you have ash blonde hair which is a cross between blonde and brunette, this would be quite a hard shade to pull off where the blonde one would be too light. As soon as they release some new shades, I’ll be posting them on my social media, because this one is too just too hot to miss.

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