The Best Moisturiser for Winter – Blogging March Day 21

 Winter skin has become such an issue for me over this last year where it was never before. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve always eczema and occasionally get the odd dry patch on my face but generally, I have quite normal skin. But because this year especially has been so harsh, I really wanted a thick face cream or an oil to hydrate my skin and I most certainly found that when I received my Glossy Box with such a good treat inside.

Behold, the Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil Cream! It’s one of the best winter finds that I have ever come across because it’s the perfect mix between an oil and a cream. It’s so hydrating and rich on the skin and it feels so moisturising. I’m usually someone who wants a subtle cream under makeup that doesn’t disrupt it but because it’s been so bitterly cold, I just wanted my skin to feel loved again. I have found that when I under and over moisturise my skin, it has a hide impact on spots and general acne. When I moisturise too much, my spots are generally larger and often (as gross as it sounds), contain pus and sebum. When my skin is too dry, they are often red, sore and although not big, they last the longest.

I use this cream under all my foundations and have found my skin to often look so natural and my foundation to look so well blended. It’s not a brand I’ve ever heard of but I’m so keen to try some of their other products of they’re just as good as this! Now, you must note that this is very expensive and not your average face cream however,  I have this very small sample jar and have been using it for aged and just the smallest amount covers my whole face. I feel as though if you want to splash out on skin, face cream is the best thing to choose.

Must -have for winter!

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