Christian Dior Versus Essence Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Smackdown – Blogging March Day 20

  Some of the biggest trends at the moment revolve around lips and there are always new and exciting new formulations coming out from all types of brands to make our lips look even juicier than they already are. But with some that are so affordable and some that aren’t, is there really a difference in the effective of them? I’ve been loving liquid lipsticks/lacquers recently because with the winter months, lip liners are drying out my lips and sometimes I just want something hydrating and glossy. Especially because my new job involved me being in the cold a little more, I want to keep them from chapping and peeling. Welcome… Christian Dior Fluid Stick and Essence Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick.
 The lipstick packaging of both of the products look relatively the same and you can tell that Essence have taken inspiration from the lipstick shaped design inside the tube. The applicators of both of them are slightly different though. The Dior applicator is slightly wider and has a dip in it which enables you to get a little bit more product on your lips but the shape is perfect for creating a very precise edge. The Essence liquid lipstick’s applicator is a standard doe foot applicator which is still very nice for applying the product but it isn’t anything miraculous. For the price difference of the two, it’s clear to see from the applicator which of the two items costs more.

However, where you can’t see the difference between what is low and high end, is with the consistency of the products. They are the SAME! I can’t believe how similar in texture both of these products actually are. Although the colour is different and so naturally the pigmentation of them both should be different, I think it’s evident to see even from the pictures that the opacity of both of the shades is quite alike.

Longevity of both of the products is the same too and i have found that they both last on my lips for the same amount of time. I really like the consistency of them and they leave a wonderful stain behind. I have noticed that the Dior ones leaves that scum around the lips though (you know the scum that every lip gloss wearer dreads) whereas I noticed that the Essence one wore off beautifully and left a subtle hint of colour behind.

There is definitely  clear cut winner here and I know just what it is… Well done Essence beauty for creating a liquid lipstick that is £2.50 against one that is the exact same and costs £26.50!

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