The Best Undiscovered Highlighters at the Drugstore – Blogging March Day 19

In keeping with the theme of my recent blog posts, i want to show you some hidden gems from the Drugstore that have changed my highlighter game by leaps and bounds! I’m into highlighter like no other at the moment and I’m definitely feeling the glow and dewy look with all of my makeup looks. I’ve even started getting into putting highlighter on my eyelids and using it as eyeshadow because I love that bright eyed look on the eyes. One of the favourite looks is using a highlighter cream (which I’ll show you in a second..) all over my face under foundation and then using a highlighter in the traditional method on my face. I then use the highlight shade as eyeshadow and finish it with a bold or brown-tones nude lip and that is my current go-to! I have found the life-changing products that help me do this so low and behold… Statement Skin by So Susan and All Over Glow by Jelly Pong Pong.
  When I mentioned applying highlighter after foundation, I meant a highlighter which gave me a glow but not to the point I was giving the sun a run for its money. I love highlighters which don;t disturb my makeup and cut through my blush and fiddle with the creams and foundations I have on under. When GlossyBox sent me this So Susan highlighter, I was sceptical about trying it because it was a highlighter in stick form and I didn’t have high hoped. In fact, I was using this for quite some time hoping that I would get used to liking it, but I just couldn’t grasp how it would work for me. I tried applying this via every method I could think of; brush, beauty blender and mixed with sprays until, one day I just applied it from the stick and blended with my finer and the result was amazing. The texture of this is very creamy and blend-able and when you originally look at the bullet of the retractable highlighter, it seems as though there are chunks of glitter in it, however, there aren’t and these diffuse into a beautiful seamless highlighter which glides on and blends effortlessly with your fingers. The packaging is made of plastic and is fairly small s is very travel and handbag friendly. It works brilliantly as eyeshadow too (with a good base) and it gives a very natural finish to the skin.

I have had a few products from Jelly Pong Pong before and they have always been innovative and interesting. The packaging is always very well thought out and the designs are adorable. Their products consistency is always of the same standard and I have tried everything from their cream blushers (literally they are creams in a tube), to their lip sticks and eye pencils and they are always comfortable and rewarding to wear. This highlighter is no different and I have been using this for almost a year now. I always mix this is in with my face cream or apply it just after like a second cream. It originally looks very silver when you first apply it and it gives a artificial looking glow which in’t the most natural on the skin so I wouldn’t advise using this on its own. However, during the day as this wears in, your face has a glow about you which looks very much natural and from within. Every time I wear this, people think I am looking very healthy and compliment my inner glow and thats a flattering compliment from your makeup as that’s quite hard to mimic artificially. It glides on and the shade is very pink based but also very silver so I wouldn’t recommend this on very dark skin tones which is unfortunate because the product itself is amazing and I wish everyone could access it.
One of the hardest things with olive skin, is finding whether cool or warm tones look better and I have always tended to lean towards the warm tone because I thought that fake tanning made my skin a bit more red based. I was wrong. This is very much a mixed colour palette and if you struggle finding colours which suit your skin colour balance, then play around with some wild shades and I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you. These are the perfect highlighters for olive skin and make what could be an awkward skin tone to work with (in terms of highlighter), a very easy process.

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