The Balm Cosmetics Blush and Highlighter Review – Blogging March Day 18

The Balm is a brand which is available almost all around the world however, not many people rant and rave about their products. Ever since it has been available in Superdrug here in the UK (that’s a local drug store), I have been tempted to purchase more of their items. As a brand, they are very sleek and their packaging is often full of quirk and tongue in cheek humour. Their product names are catchy and they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. The quality of their makeup is very good too and reflects the slightly higher than average price point of most drug store brand. Lets have a look at two of their face products: Frat Boy Blush and Mary Lou Manizer.
The Frat Boy blush is a gorgeous pink shade which looks peachy in the pan but when swatched, is very pink. It’s a very sheer blush unless you dig into it with some force but I think blushes should always be sheer and built up to the flushed look that is required. The packaging itself is made from cardboard but, is strong and durable and having had this for some years now, it still looks brand new and almost untouched. The blush us a gorgeous pink which I think would suit any skin tone and I’m a big fan of it being completely matte too. It blends out effortlessly and lasts most of the day.The Mary Lou-Manizer is one of the most popular products from The Balm. This highlighter took the world by storm a few years ago and was ranted and raved about so much by YouTubers and Bloggers, that I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard of it. The packaging this time is plastic and again there is a large mirror in the lid. The highlighter itself is very strongly pigmented and is a gold based highlighter but of a cool tone. It’s one that would suit the darkest to lightest skin tone. It isn’t overly shimmery, blends effortlessly and looks very natural on the skin. You can see From the image bellow that it has a very stark but natural looking glow when put on the skin. It works well with artificial and real haired brushes.
When I originally got both products, I was using them separately until one day when I combined them and the end result was amazing. It’s a definite MUST to catch these in the flesh if you ever spot the brand around your local area. Just look at how beautiful the products look together in different lights!  

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