Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Highlighter Review – Blogging March Day 17

Highlighters have quickly become a huge part of my daily routine because of that amazing fresh and awakening glow they give to my face. I think this contour and highlight makeup craze is one of the best that has ever come about in the beauty industry (with a close second being big and nude lips… If you can’t tell by my previous blog posts). Highlighters add such a brilliant look to the face and they’re amazing at making a dull makeup look with dark colours, look a little more perky which, I think looks better with glow-y skin rather than matte. I have had a lot of highlighters in the past with some of them being the really popular ones but, when I found Urban Decay Naked Illuminated highlighter just before my wedding, it was life changing. I wore this and it made my skin look so radiant and I think I looked as fresh as a bride should. This is so good on so many different skin tones, I just HAD to share it.
The packaging of this is huge and one of the only downfalls because of its bulkiness however, it’s a key to remember that it does have a section where a really good sized and quality brush is housed and there is also a mirror in the lid. The packaging itself is made from cardboard and has a silky nude coloured theme. It’s not the most glamorous packaging and doesn’t reflect the price but, I am really impressed by the shade and dual toned highlight within it. This comes in two shades and mine is Aura which is slightly more pink-based.You can see from the swatch which I wanted to show on my finger to show the intensity of, that the actual highlighter is very pigmented and definitely gives a glow but, still lets your skin shine through. It’s not overly glittery and doesn’t have artificial glitter in it which flakes down. Although, whenever I use this, I like to mix it with a spray or wet it and then apply it because it looks even more dewy and has much more of a glow then. I like how it picks up and blends effortlessly and it looks very good on top of blusher if you really want an impactful highlighter.
The image above shows how the highlighter looks in different lights. It is very pink in some, giving a natural blush look to the face and in some lights, looks wet and almost like a sheen running across skin. It look good in pictures too and doesn’t have a tonne of flashback apart from when used with a spray as this gives it even more power and then BANG! You have a lightbulb on your face in pictures. I have used with with synthetic brushes and real hair (cruelty free only) and have found that the real hair brushes work out better… may be because it picks up a fair amount of product and blends more evenly.I definitely wanted to show how chalky the product can be, though. In the image above, it shows what the pan looked like after the swatch I had done. However, depending on what brush you use, this doesn’t happen and from my experience, it never has fall down on my face when I apply it. I really like this highlighter and having used it last on my wedding, I was delighted to start using it again when I found it a month ago. I love the way it makes my skin look and the way it transforms makeup is just amazing  because of how real it looks. I find highlighters are always an off colour for me because I really like to pack on the blusher, but then highlighters which are too gold, cut across my blush and make it look patchy. Because, this has pink reflex in it, it looks very natural and blends in with my blush. If I could recommend any highlighter to anyone with a medium- dark skin tone, it would definitely be this.

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