The Best High End Nude Lipliners – Blogging March Day 15

I just had to get one last post in about nude lips before Blogging March ended and I thought I’d close on a good one with my favourite high end lipliners. I’ve been into lipsticks and such for quite a while now and I’ve been experimenting with so many different shades and tones that I want to show you them all. Alas, that is impossible cause we’d be here for years but I’ll definitely keep you updated with the odd one or two that stand out to me by leaps and bounds as well as those that just don’t cut the mustard. When I first started buying lipliners, nude colours were the hardest to find as they were always way too dark or way too light and they tended to be off shades with pearl finishes and really hard pencils etc. Basically, they weren’t my cup of tea and as time has gone on, they have come a long way with their different promises such as long-lasting, waterproof and richly pigmented. Take a look at some of my favourites below which I love for all different reasons (N.B. As with all lipliners, the ones below are all mega drying on my lips so I would advise moisturising lips before using them).
From these, the Makeup Forever lipliner is 2c is the one that stands out to me the most. These are now available in a lot of main city Debenhams stored in the UK, making them more accessible for us Brits. I love the formula of this which is creamy to apply and lasts all day. It claims to be waterproof and it really is because no amount of rubbing or scrubbing can get this stuff of easily. One of the creamiest in formula is the Laura Mercier which is amazing for using on its own for a flash of pink. This shade looks so lovely on and makes your lips look super pouty with a hint of colour and I can see this looking good on a lot of people.

The Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden shade are so similar in texture and when worn, they’re very similar in shade too. These two are just perfect for dark skinned beauties because they’re the perfect dark without being too dark. If you mid-toned, these are excellent for using very lightly outside the lip before blending in, to create even bigger looking lips. They are a bit funny in texture whereby they are easily breakable when sharpening and they’re quite thick and so feel a  bit funny when you initially wear the, but once worn in a little (after an hour or so), they’re lovely and long- lasting.

Charlotte Tilbury is definitely the one when it comes to natural yet classy makeup and her lipliners are a reflection of that. I recently done a post on her beauty products where I showed this on my lips in more detail. You can find that post here. This is relatively comfortable to wear however, it does sink into fine lines and cracks in the lips fairly more easily than the rest of the pencils. These come in some superb nude shades too so if this one isn’t right for you, definitely check out some of the other shades she does.


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