Still Liquid Lipsticks review – Blogging March Day 12

One of the biggest new products which have launched and taken the world by storm are liquid lipsticks. And if you love the look of matte lips, then look no further than the vast array now available from various different prices. They are the perfect cross between a highly pigmented stain with a lipgloss texture but often, they feel like lipstick on the lips. And I have had some in my collection for a very long time , never reaching for them… Until lately. With all this hype around them, I wanted to test my Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Colour’s out to find out whether I found them a good recommendation to all of you guys.
I bought my stash from ASOS who I always buy my Stila products from because of the competitive price and easy availability. The colour range from a bright pink to a very deep nude. The product comes in a glass tube with really weighty packaging making it feel very exclusive and there is a doe foot applicator which is really easy to apply the product with. It occasionally grabs too much product but I feel this is more to do with the actual product in the tube, than the applicator.  The colours are ALL very pigmented and literally transfer in the shade they show in the tube. It’s very creamy to apply and all of these colours need 1 generous coat for an opaque colour. It feels very smooth when initially putting on the lips however, there is little play time and the product sets very quickly… So initial precision is key!I have been wearing these for years and have tried to test them in various situations to ee how they last. They are very hard to take off, even at the end of the day and I find mysef reaching for oil because conventional  make up remover doesn’t even make a dent. I find it very easy to overdraw my lips with these and because they’re so matte, you can’t even tell they’ve been overdrawn. All of the colours wear the exact same and there aren’t certain shades which out perform others. During the day, my lips get really dry with these on and I am tempted to top up with lip balm however, when I do, it bunches up on my lip and rubs off the colour leaving me with an uneven finish. Something which I have now resolved by applying lip balm beforehand in order to keep my lips going under the liquid lipstick. Generally, the lipstick lasts all day and no matter what you eat (from greasy food to wet), it stays on pretty well although, it will start wearing off from the corner and centre of the lips.

There’s no need to use lipliner with this because it doesn’t bleed and just one dip of the doe foot wand is needed to cover the whole lips. No matter what your skin tone is, the product will be super pigmented on your lips. There are some really wacky colours out there and no one gets crazier than JefreeStar who has become famous for his excellent formula and wide range of shades. Anastasia Beverly Hills has also got  a range which are popular as well as Sephora and Kat Von D but, these aren’t available in stores in the UK, so brands such as these will do (Sephora now ship to the UK for a flat rate if £6 when you spend £75 or more. But if you want to test them first, try these cheaper versions to see whether others are worth the investment. All in all, double thumbs up from me because these re lovely!

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