Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama (drugstore) Mascara review – Blogging March Day 11

When it comes to mascara, I like to think I know what is good and bad because I pile it on and really test it to it’s limit. If my lashes are not on ‘fleek’, I’m not going to use that mascara again. So when a lot of drugstore companies revamped their mascara’s, I just knew that I wanted to start including them in my reviews so I could test them out and show you what I thought. Revlon have probably had the biggest game change with a complete removal of their previous mascara’s being replaced with 4 key one’s, that all have different properties. However, one that slipped the attention of a lot of people is the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara which is available worldwide at the moment. As a huge fan of The Falsies mascara previously, I really wanted to give this one a go.
The mascara claims to give lashes a curl and hold it there whilst the brush is supposed to pack on the product and give lashes a boost. I’m a fan of plastic bristles because I don’t have a lot of lashes but have length, so I always need to create a little bit of drama by adding a little more mascara than the average person. I like the spidery look lashes, although I realise that they’re not to everyone’s taste. When I initially opened the tester in the drugstore, I noticed how the liquid inside was thick and not too runny, meaning it would give my lashes a good solid coat without having to add a million layers. I also like that the wand has a good sized handle which isn’t too fat or thin to hold so that I don’t have to contort my hand to hold the brush.I really like the effect this gave my lashes. My lashes were coated really well and the outcome was almost as good as my all time favourite mascara – L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara. I do like the look of my lashes with veg little mascara too and it’s so voluminous that if you like that natural yet enhanced look, it’s perfect for creating that too! It adds a lot of volume to the roots and makes your lashes look very thick. It’s not waterproof in the slightest and it flakes when I wore as much as you can see in the image however, if you done a normal application, I can’t see it doing this. I’m a big fan of curling lashes after applying mascara and once it’s dry too and this held the curl really well all day. All in all, a really good drug store mascara!


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