Maybelline Dream Velvet (drugstore foundation) review – Blogging March Day 10

 I have been looking a evolutionary new foundation ever since my Armani Luminous Silk foundation finished. It was the foundation I ended up choosing for my wedding day because I was obsessed with the finish so much. I adore the packaging which is so classy and decadent and the actual foundation looked flawless and had an amazing weightless texture to it. There is something very special about it but it comes in at a whopping £42 and not something which I would choose on a regular basis (although it lasted me 6 months and never changed in texture). But, I was on the hunt for something similar and because I always described the Armani as being velvet like in texture, I thought it was perfect for me to try the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation.

The texture of the foundation claims to be a soft matte with a velvet like finish that keeps the skin hydrated. I’ve been testing this for the past few days and luckily, I’ve had a vast array of activities occurring the past few days with all different events everyday and so this product has been through its paces!

I first tested this with a primer which was illuminating (Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory) and I then tried it by itself. I’ve also tested with a setting spray and a setting powder on different occasions. The foundation itself is very thick but blend able in texture and it’s quite easy to use a beauty blender or brush to disperse the product.

When I used the foundation with a primer under it, during the day, my skin became very oily and the foundation highlighted all of my dry patches and clung to oily areas. It also sunk into all my fine lines and I had to keep a blending brush on me, to keep blending it around my nose, my frown lines and around my mouth. It lasted all day on the rest of my face and my blusher remained although, I was shinier than a night sky by the end of the day.

When I built up the product, rather than apply it all and then blended it out with a sponge, I found that the finish was a lot softer however, it took me a while to build up the layers. Because I had put so many layers of foundation on, I was sceptical about getting oily throughout the day and so i used a setting spray. During the day, the makeup remained very similar to the initial application stage but, I found my skin oiling up around my nose. When I used a very fine powder, even using a light hand to set it turned out to make the foundation looking very dusty and my skin looked cake-y with the layers.

The final method I applied the foundation with was with a fluffy brush which I dampened with some Urban Decay De Slick and the finish was incredible. The colour is slightly dark for my skin tone and as with all Maybelline foundations, on me it looks very ashy and I’m not very surprised that this was the same. I’m not holding that against it as the shade lower than this was sold out however, it would have been perfect. The foundation remained looking the same the whole day and I was really pleased with it. Because I had applied the setting spray, it generally lasted longer than without the use of it.

In conclusion, I like the finish of this foundation and think it would suit a lot of people, however, I’m not very keen on the method with which I have to apply it. When I go back to London, I like to pack light and having to take a larger brush than I normally would and a setting spray seems a bit unreasonable to get the best from the foundation. I think it would work very well for a dry skin (as it does tend to oil up) however, if you’ve got dry patches, give this a miss. For the price, you can’t go wrong.





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