Urban Decay Setting Spray vs. MAC Fix Plus – Blogging March Day 9

I like to think of myself as being a prepared person and although it’s absolutely freezing here in the UK, I’m still getting ready for summer. One of the worst things that can happen to a beauty obsessed person is doing a makeup look that created new and exciting boundaries, until it melts off your face because it’s SO HOT.. And there’s no better way than to invest in a setting spray to keep your makeup at bay. I have never tried any drugstore sprays (mainly because I have never seen them, however, I have always had a MAC Fix plus bottle in my collection ever since I can remember but for my wedding (my wedding was spread over 2 days), I knew I needed something more hardcore, so, I changed my investment to the Urban Decay de-slick which is more focused on oil-control and something I really wanted on my wedding day. I used one on each day but which one cut the mustard?
  Let’s look at their similarities first. The packaging has a different vibe for both of the products with MAC using their traditional black lid packaging and a spray that looks closed, making it safer for travelling with. The Urban Decay spray has a matte finish which gets dirty a lot quicker but the bottle has a separate lid closing it which comes in 2 sizes as standard. The spray on the Urban Decay is a lot smoother and doesn’t interrupt the packaging however, the MAC spray is almost a little too harsh and literally leaves a wet canvas, disturbing makeup almost. The Urban Decay spray is created by Skindinavia and they have some really famous setting sprays used mainly by makeup artists. The Mac Fix plus spray doesn’t claim to have any skincare benefits on the packaging but rumour has it that it does have some vitamins and minerals.Something about The Urban Decay spray really does make makeup stick to your skin without it looking odd or feeling uncomfortable. Whenever I use this on my makeup, I find this to have a really nice finish which isn’t matte, rather, it does help prevent oil from occurring on my face in a very natural and satin-like way. But because it does set fairly quickly, you can’t use this to blend out product and trying to do so, makes makeup look so patchy and uneven.
 The MAC Fix Plus spray has a more dewy finish to the skin. This one is a lot easier to easier to blend out product with which one a wedding day, is what you want in order to create that ‘glow from within’ look. Fix Plus isn’t the best for keeping makeup on the skin though and it can almost slip off the skin, which obviously isn’t the best for a day when you want to look your best for a long period of time. However, if you’re only getting married for a few hours (lol), this would work perfectly!

So my verdict? I think that both sprays have their positives and they both have their negatives. But for the first time ever, especially for something as important as a wedding day, I think this one is a tie. The dewy finish of MAC is perfect for that glowing bride look however the Urban Decay spray is perfect to keeping makeup at bay. I would recommend choosing one for the look you are going for and if you want a medium, perhaps both of them together would be a good option.


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