The best drugstore Kylie Jenner inspired nude lipliners – Blogging March Day 8

  In keeping with the Kylie Jenner lips, I’m ending this series with perhaps the most important post of them all. When questioned about her larger lips, the first thing Kylie ever said that contributed to them, was lipliner. Although she proclaimed they were from MAC, I have definitely found some drug store dupes over time and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Before I start the post, my main point that I would stress about all of these lipliners are that they are all very drying and they all highlight dry areas and lines on lips. But lipliners are amazing for creating that pouty look to lips and they often look very natural when done correctly. I love all of these lipliners I’m about to show and I can’t choose a favourite but if you’ve tried any, do let me know which one!
Maybelline’s Color Drama lip pencils caused quite a stir when they first came around to the drugstore and it was because they are the perfect formula which combines lipsticks and lipliners. The colour range is amazing and there are some lovely nudes (although make sure you test them if you can as some have pearl and shimmer finishes which are not to everyones taste). The formula of this shade ‘Nude Perfection’ is buttery and creamy and evidently from the images above, you can draw a little out of your natural lip shape without it looking odd. This lipliner is such excellent value for money and also some of the most earliest lipliners that I can remember trying. I love that this lipliner from Rimmel’s Exaggerate line is a twist up which means it doesn’t need sharpening and makes it a lot easier to carry around with me during the days I use this. The colour is super pigmented and the finish is very matte. It’s buttery and creamy to wear  and it really glides on. It almost flattens the look of your lips because it’s so thick and because of that, you can draw outside of your lips as much as you like without it looking silly. They have quite a few nice shades in this range though so, so make sure you find one that suits you best.
Maxfactor is one of the most oldest beauty brands and they’re often given the cold shoulder with being on tend and modern because of that. However, they have some gorgeous lipliners and this shade in Brown n Nude is an amazing shade to outline lips. It’s actually quite creamy to wear however, the colour is a lot harder to pull off for some skin tones because it has a very grey based undertone. This also tends to gather up if you try to build on it however, if you wipe off and then reapply, it does look very nice. If you’re very fair ( NC15 from MAC fair), then really use this nude because it’s amazing.Low and behold my favourite lipliner from Rimmel which comes in the form of this Lasting Finish lipliner in ‘Tiramisu’. I think this is fantastic for using on a very long day and I think the very orange based tone of this lipliner looks amazing on olive skin. It’s very complimenting and the texture is perfect for not sinking too deep into lines in the lips. It’s one of Rimmel’s most famous shades and I think a colour that I see Kylie Jenner wearing a lot. This one is definitely up there, with some of my most favourite shades.
And last but not least is this GOSH lipliner which is available readily to people of the UK. This is the most Kylie Jenner nude lip that I can think of from the drugstore, and I spent a long time trying to find the right one. I love that this lipliner is so underrated because it means you’ll be the unique one with the perfect pout. This is really easy to use because it’s a little more hard in texture and so gives a more precise and skilful application. This shade would suit anyone and would look gorgeous with any make up look as well! This one is too good not to miss.

So, which one is your favourite?


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