The best high end nude lipsticks – Blogging March Day 7

I recently done a blog post showing my favourite lipsticks from the drug store since this new Kylie Jenner trend has kicked off and, I was really excited to do a high end version to show some other alternatives. Although there are a few real treats in the drug store, you can always rely on the high end brands having products that (in theory) should always be amazing in quality to reflect the higher price. So without further ado, let me show you some of the lipsticks that I have in my collection which are perfect to copy that Kylie Jenner lip.

MAC’s Velvet Teddy has always been an amazing lipstick that got very famous around 1 or 2 years ago after the nude trend really came into play. It’s a perfect brown toned nude which has a super creamy finish and is very pigmented. As with all MAC lipsticks, the texture is comfortable to wear and the shade is one which will last in your collection forever. I have always loved the way that MAC lipsticks blend effortlessly with lipliner and other lipsticks (I hate it when you can see different lip products piled on top of each other- I always think it looks very cake-y and unnatural). One of the most perfect colours to create that Kylie Jenner nude.  The next shade is from my perfect nude ever (a dark and berry toned nude) which I think suits my complexion the most. I love the formula of all Estee Lauder lipsticks because they are so richly pigmented and very creamy when wearing them. I love that when you put this lipstick on, it becomes an experience because the packaging is so beautiful and it all seems very decadent. The longevity of this is not so fantastic because the creaminess wears away not even leaving a stain, however, it’s very moisturising to wear throughout the day and doesn’t become uncomfortable the longer you wear it (perhaps because it wears off completely).
When it comes to high end lipsticks, Clinique has been an all time classic for most women when they were one of the first high end brands more readily available in stores. This Clinique lipstick is a beautiful one and as the name suggests, it’s a toasted blush colour. This is so long-wearing and comfortable to wear and again, the packaging is very nice and sleek. It feels more like a gloss than a lipstick and is slightly sticky for a lipstick but, I don’t mind that too much because to me, that means it will last longer throughout the day. It wears off really well and is quite hydrating on the lips too.NARS have really upped their game when it comes to lipsticks and their new audacious line took the beauty world by storm because they came in very “on-trend” shades and really paid homage to the whole Kylie Jenner look. The packaging is beautiful with a really satisfying magnetic closure and the colour selection is fantastic too. This shade in ‘Anita’ is one of the most popular and it’s a lovely pink toned nude for those of us that can’t do a really beige nude. It’s very creamy and to some extent, a little too creamy where it almost comes apart when you rub your lips together so putting on a lipliner beforehand to stop it from slipping and sliding, might help keep it on a little longer. Generally though, this is a beautiful lipstick to wear.
My number one all time favourite nude lipstick from my high end make up collection has to be the Christian Dior lipstick in Adventure. This shade has been present in many blog pasts over the years and rightly so, because it has always done me proud. This was a big part in my wedding day lip too because it is so comfortable to wear and is really moisturising. No matter what makeup look, skin tone or effect you’re trying to achieve, this lipstick cuts the mustard every time. It’s not the most long lasting, but again, has that lipgloss feel to it and will definitely last through half a busy day before you need to reapply. Beautiful packaging (although not the smallest and travel friendly). Unfortunately, although this is now discontinued, there are tonnes of shades like this in their permanent line.


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