Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes Review – Blogging March Day 6

When Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo started making make up brushes (Real Techniques), the whole make up world was astounded by the quality and affordable price of the creations that they beheld! The brushes came in a wide range and it seemed as though they had tackled every issue any make up wearer had ever come across with tools. I have almost all of their brushes from their standard collection and when I heard that they had created premium brushes, I just had to try them.

The brushes are now numbered on the barrel rather than given names for their use, and the design is completely different. As always, the brushes are animal cruelty free (not so budget cruelty free)  and are available online and in Boots stores if you’re in the UK and on FeelUnique available globally. There are a number of reasons why these brushes cost more than the standard collection such as the bristles, which are now white to show how much product you have, are softer for an even easier blend and are also tapered in design for a more precise application. The brush handle is described as being ‘artistic’ because it is slightly heavier, causing the user to hold it differently thus, applying make up with more skill without even realising.

I bought a collection during the Christmas months which had three brushes; 100 (arched powder), 300 (tapered blush) and 200 (0val shadow). Combined, they should be perfect for creating an everyday face. In fact, I tested this when I traveled recently and was amazed by how I created a full face of makeup, with just these. Lets look at each brush individually.

This powder brush is whopping in size and could probably work on the whole face with one swipe. Some people like more precision with powder where the smaller brushes in the Bold Metals collection would come in handy, however I find that this brush is brilliant for applying foundation and for powdering. I like to use powder on my T-Zone and this covered the whole area so well and with the perfect amount of product, regardless of whether I tapped off any excess product or not. When using this with foundation, I found it blended perfectly and gave me no problems with regards to streaking or uneven coverage.  Although I use this brush everyday, I wouldn’t say this is my most favourite brush from the trio that I have.The second brush is described as being a tapered brush which is definitely is. It’s dense but not so dense that you can’t use this with foundation. The shape is a lot more pointed centrally and this means it applied product more precisely. I love using this with blushes (cream and powder) and for contouring too. When it comes to those products, I appreciate the bristles being white because I can see how much is on the brush and I never have to be careful not to use a heavy hand. This is lovely for blending too and it has a way to distribute product really effortlessly so that a few swipes are all it takes to blend out blusher or bronzer etc. This could even be used for powdering and highlighter for which I think it works really well. Definitely, my favourite brush from the selection!
The last brush is this eyeshadow brush, or is it? The oval shadow brush is definitely a little larger than most eye shadows but I remember a video that one of the Pixiwoo sisters filmed, where they said they wanted to make a brush that would apply product with one swipe. This is perfect for applying a wash of colour on the lid. You could even blend the crease if you flipped it onto it’s flat side but generally speaking, it would take a bit of getting used to, to use this brush on eyes. If you have hooded or very little eyelid space, you might find this one harder to use. However, I notice the benefit of the extra weight on this brush more than the other 2 because with eyeshadow, you have a lot less space and have to be a lot more precise. The weight really helps you to hold the brush slightly tighter but the longer handle enables you to hold it further back and the weight in the barrel is the perfect pressure to blend out shade. I love applying concealer and highlighter with this too, although I can’t blend it out, it distributes perfectly.

In conclusion, I LOVE THESE BRUSHES. I think they’re pretty to display, they work amazingly and although they cost a bit more, they will last for ages because they wash brilliantly and they haven’t changed in the slightest since I bought them. I would definitely recommend  you guys to try at least one of them and perhaps, you’ll find your collection growing.. Like mine!


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