Drug Store Primer.. Soap and Glory Hocus Focus review – Blogging March Day 5

  When it comes to the drugstore, primers aren’t the first thing that pop into your head. I have very recently started using a primer under my foundation in order for it stay on for longer, but don’t want to spend an arm and leg on primers from high end brands. I wanted to find one that was new and innovative and one that would change the game for the drug store primer title and I think I’ve cracked it.. Behold, Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory.
  Now, I know that Soap and Glory aren’t available all around the world, but if you ever happen to come across it on your travels or online, check out their makeup, because it’s ground-breaking. It’s not the cheapest in the drugstore however, it’s very comparable to the likes of Benefit Cosmetics. Price- wise, if you live in the US, it’s very similar to Physician’s Formula and the quality is just as good.

When I was searching for a primer, I wanted something that made my skin look luminous (as a lot of my foundations have a matte finish) and I wanted something that would blur my ginormous pores on and around my nose. I have also started to develop fine lines (at the age of 24.. that was a horrible thing to discover a few months ago, believe me, but they’re mostly laugh lines (so to me, I’m just  very happy person)). I wanted a primer that done everything and when I saw this in Boots the other day, I almost jumped out of my skin! It said it would do everything I wanted and I just had to give it a go.

At a first glance, the packaging is cute and when i saw the bottle, it was small but was full of product, literally, spilling out when i opened it. It has a nozzle tip for the application and the colour of the bottle reflects the colour of the product inside. The actual liquid is quite runny and very easy to blend out. When I tried it on my hand, the first thing I noticed was the gold reflection and when I looked in another light, it was very rosy toned. I don’t mind both of those things and when i blended it out, it almost disappeared, leaving behind a very subtle sheen that looked so natural, I thought it was just my skin shining.The first day I used this, I wore it under a velvet finish foundation (review coming soon) and it done very well, where I never noticed the glow right away however, noticed my skin looking radiant throughout the day. I then tried the primer under a more natural and nearly naked foundation where I found it really stood out. It was very bold and quite dramatic so was definitely something I wished I had used a bit more conservatively. I then tried it on it’s own with no foundation and only on the high points of my face and by golly gosh, I was truly blown away with it. It is the perfect highlighting colour and blends so well, it looks completely natural.

I like the way the primer was when concentrated for a glow, but for blurring, never really noticed and when worn under a foundation, found that it made me look very glow-y however, borderline oily and that’s not really what I want in a foundation. I love the way it looks gold in some lights and pink in others because it shows a versatile product for many skin tones, which if you haven’t gathered already, is a huge factor I consider when looking at makeup.

I would recommend this to everything, at least even testing it in store, and seeing whether you think you could make it work like I have managed to. My highlighter game just went up 10 points thanks to this!

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