Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review – Blogging March Day 3

One of the biggest brands to hit the market this year has to be Charlotte Tilbury! I love watching her tutorials on YouTube and the use of her own products makes me want to buy all of them. Luckily, because they’re so expensive, I’ve saved my bank balance from the drama however, I’ve picked up just a few gems over the last year that I thought I’d share with you!  

   Let’s jump straight in with the product that has people gasping for air because it’s so perfect! The Filmstar Bronze and Glow duo is a gorgeously packaged bronze and highlighter combination which comes in two shades. The packaging is a beautiful rose gold metal casing with a lovely etched design in the lid and there’s a mirror inside, the size of the lid. I chose the lighter of the two shades for this palette and the colour match is just right. Although both products have a shimmer running through them, they are creamy and buttery and blend out effortlessly, making it look like a natural glow from within. I’ve been using the bronze shade to contour with, and no matter where I am in my fake tan cycle, it always looks perfect. The highlighter is just as good with a very cool shade gold that would suit everyone. I like to use this all over my face and have even applied it like an illuminater before applying my foundation and was astonished at the amazing results. This one is not the cheapest product from the bunch, but after a years use with a heavy hand, it just won’t hit pan!


 I’m a sucker for blushes and Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic blushes have an amazing concept behind them with a ‘swish and pop’ method of application. The packaging is made of plastic and is of deep brown in colour with accents of rose gold and the lid houses a full mirror. It feels lightweight and sleek and is perfect for popping in a handbag! The perimeter of the the product is a glow of colour and the pink has a very strong sheen of gold running through it (almost identical to Nars- Orgasm blush). This is supposed to be sweepef across the whole of the cheek for that dewy look. The centre of the palette is a pop of pink which is supposed to be applied just on the apple of the cheek to add a concentrated colour to the most plump part of the face. I love the creamy texture and longevity of this blush. Because the packaging is so beautiful and it looks good with almost all of my makeup looks, this usually stays in my handbag.

 ** Bitch Perfect

   ** Amazing Grace
 ** Velvet Under-Ground

  Charlotte’s most famous products by far have to be her ground/ breaking lipsticks which come in a few different formulas that truly are amazing! The texture of all of her lipsticks are great and they feel really moisturising and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The packaging mimics the rose gold theme for the rest of her makeup and is really eye catching when you pull it out your handbag. I have three of the lipsticks with my collection slowly growing and my favourite has to be ‘Bitch Perfect’ which is a peachy nude that has a relatively glossy finish. This completes any makeup look whether it’s a heavy smokey eye or a natural make up look. The shade ‘Amazing Grace’ is a matte shade and very creamy and soft to apply.. It’s a lovely English rose colour which would look beautiful on any skin tone. I wanted a bold colour and was kindly gifted the shade ‘Velvet Under-Ground’ which is the most pigmented lipstick I’ve ever come across. It gives full colour pay off with just one swipe and the colour is exactly as the bullet is, so it’s just perfect for on-the-go application.

  Last but by no means least is the Lip Cheat lipliner by Charlotte. I chose the shade ‘Pink Venus’ because the colour was a  little more my type of nude and I love a pink tone more than a peach. The lipliner is very precise and most of the shades are perfect for creating a cheated effect but once again (as with most new lipliners), the lipliner is just so very dry. You would definitely have to wear a lip balm before applying over the whole lip but if you’re just using around the outside, it’s great! I found it sunk into the cracks and lines of my lips, too however, when I’m having a super moisturised lip day, this doesn’t happen. The image above shows the lipliner in different lighting to give a more detailed insight.

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