February Beauty Favourites – Blogging March Day 2

Welcome back guys! Let me introduce you to my favourite products of February 2016! I’ve recently reorganised all of my makeup and found some gems that had been hidden from sight and I’ve rekindled my love for them!

 Let’s start with this new purchase from December last year that I originally regretted buying! I bought the Laura Mercier – Secret Brightening Powder in the hope that it would help set my under eye concealer as well as add a bit of brightness to my usual tired looking eyes! When I first used it, I had just come back from holiday and was quite tanned and wearing a darker foundation to match and this made my skin look so ashy. However, as I’ve lost the real tan and continued to fake tan, this powder has turned out to be amazing! It’s translucent (although I always think translucent powders have a white cast) and it’s super finely milled. In fact, it’s so finely milled that it looks like dust and you have to use a dense brush to pick this up or it just floats away from the brush! I don’t know about brightening, but it keeps my makeup at bay and really helps to reduce shine throughout the day with caking up!
 The next product is an old-y but a good-y! This Sleek Contour Kit (in Medium) has been featured in many blog posts before and it’s just sensational. From the day I purchased it a year or so ago until today, I’ve loved using it to contour my cheeks and nose. The shade is very cool toned and the highlighter is mediocre too. Although I’m not that keen on how gold the highlighter is (because I can’t use it in my brow bone.. I prefer a cool tone), I do find myself reaching for it as an eyeshadow to add a pop of glitter sometimes. The texture is smooth and blends effortlessly and I love that the packaging is sturdy and has a huge mirror!
 I recently posted an image on Instagram of my favourite nude shade and I actually received this in a Glossy Box! It’s by the brand Color Club and in the shade Barely There which suits my complexion effortlessly! It’s the perfect mix between a pink and nude, doesn’t make my hands looks old or tired and is nice and refreshing for these Spring months!
 When I was rearranging my make up, I wanted to find some foundations I hadn’t used in a while and stumbled upon Rimmel Wake Me Up! I had been using Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua the day before and was admiring how good that looked on my skin and consequently the next day I used this and found such a resemblance in the feel of it! The finish is beautifully velvety and the shade is spot on (although mine is a little old and oxidises a little after half an hour of application). I love the way it makes my skin glow and makes me look healthy and awake whilst still looking as though I’m very naturally made up. The price point in comparison to the Chanel foundation is remarkable but the finish is just as good!
 I’ve been researching concealer religiously recently because I want to try new products and I’ve found the love of my life. Make way for the Dior Skin Concealer which has changed my concealer game by miles! The pigmentation is really good and it covers my dark circles with ease whilst still hydrating my under eyes. This shade is spot on because it make my skin look like a one shades canvas and I can highlight and contour as I wish on top without it bunching up. This works great with the Laura Mercier Powder! The shade selection isn’t huge which is a downside but if you find yourself matching a shade, grab it! The price tag reflects the quality however, you need the tiniest bit and it will last you a very long time as the packaging has quite a bit of product in it!
 Last but not least is this lipliner which had made my winter go by so smoothly! This MakeUp Forever Lipliner in shade 14C is perfect for adding colour to the face without looking overbearing. I’ve recommended this to everyone I know and it looks excellent on everyone. It lasts all day and stays put exactly how you applied it. Although it does dry my lips out, I’ve found putting a little lip balm on beforehand helps to combat that and make it a little more comfortable to wear! The colour goes well with any makeup look I wear as too, which is an added bonus.

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