Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani collaboration review – Blogging March Day 1

Hello and welcome back, guys! A little secret I was keeping from you.. I’ll be blogging EVERYDAY in March so make sure you keep your eyes peeled at 6pm (GMT) when I’ll be uploading special posts!  
Let’s start this off on a high note with a beauty launch that kicked the beauty world into gear! A collaboration with one of the best pop stars and best makeup brands! Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay were made for each other! Urban Decay have always been quirky and vibrant with their goodies and Gwen Stefani is exactly the same with her image.. This was a match made in Heaven!

The collection comes with an eyeshadow palette that has 15 shades, a blush palette with 6 shades, lipliners, lipsticks and a brow kit. I was most interested in the eyeshadows, blush palette and lipliners however was also given a sample of the lipstick which was fun to try out!

Let’s start with the gorgeous eyeshadow palette which looks like something Gwen would definitely wear herself everyday and on stage! The colours vary from a matte to very glittery finish (5 matte and 10 shimmer and glitter). There’s a good mix of matte shades which are perfect for blending. The pigmentation of most of these are great and they’re lovely to blend into one another as well! The packaging is beautiful.. Housing the shadows in a magnetic closure box that has a solid plastic case with loads of attention to detail, including a message on the ginormous mirror (which I won’t spoil). This palette is my go to for travelling at the moment because the shade selection is perfect for my look. The brighter colours such as the gold, pink and blue are lovely to add a pop of colour to a bare eye on the lower lash line, which is how I’ve been using them! I am very satisfied that I purchased this!

  The second thing I purchased from the collection because the eyeshadow palette was so good is the blush palette! I’m a blush girl and I’m not afraid to pack it on because I feel more fresh and awake when I use it liberally so I was drawn to this palette! There are 6 shades with a matte pink (very similar to MAC pink swoon which my ultimate favourite blush of all time.. Ever!). There’s also a matte contour shade which is sensational on almost all skin tones! The other colours all have a gold shimmer running through them which is only noticeable very close up, otherwise it looks very dewy on the skin and like you’re glowing. I think this palette is suitable for ANY skin tone and there are some AWSOME highlighting shades in this too! The packaging mimics the eyeshadow palette too which makes it perfect for travelling with!

The next product I purchased from the collection is this amazing lipliner in 714. I’m itching to know the reason for the name! It’s a gorgeous deep red which has a way of looking quite raspberry and very orange too! This would look fantastic on most skin tones and my cousin of a different conplexion of mine bought this too because she  looked gorgeous in this shade. The formula like most matte and waterproof liners is very drying though, and it does wear off reasonably easy after eating and drinking which is rather annoying but, it tops up really well and doesn’t clump up. By the end of the day, my lips are as dry as prunes however, I pop a little lip balm on before applying and it keeps my lips from peeling off like they would without lip balm under. There are some great shades in the collection and the lipsticks compliment in name and shade to the lipliners so they’re a perfect match!

Although I never purchased the lipsticks, there was a reasonably good sample in the blush palette packaging which I tested out. I swatched the lipsticks in store as well and although they were nice, they weren’t groundbreaking and I would rather spend the money on more lipliner colours than the lipsticks. The lipsticks were really glossy and comfortable to wear, the colour pay off is excellent however, not very long lasting and it wore off very much like the lipliner and much like the lipliner, was nice to reapply and didn’t become clumpy or blotchy with another coat.

All in all, I think this collection was brilliant and I loved the products. The collaboration was very exciting and the products lived up to their expectation for me. The price range is good too with the palettes around he £30 – £40 mark, which is pretty standard for Urban Decay and reasonable for the amount of product and shades in each. I’m a huge fan of these so a big thumbs up from me!


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