NEW Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palettes review

Spring is upon us and Sleek Makeup have come up with some new eyeshadow palettes! For those of you who don’t know, I collect these eyeshadow palettes and have every single one in the collection because I love them so much! The two new palettes to join the collection are called ‘All night long – 429’ and ‘A new day – 430’. So let’s move on and take a closer look at these..

The packaging is as classic as other Sleek palettes, made of a plastic matte black casing with Sleek Makeup written on the top. It houses a large mirror and there are 12 eye shadows in the range with multiple finishes and shades. All Sleek palettes are perfect for travelling because they have clip closures with slim packaging  are as the name suggests, sleek! These are available from Superdrug and online and retail at £7.99 each.

Looking at the first palette called ‘All night long’, the shadows are deep and rich in colour with shades appropriate for an evening look. There are 2 matte shades and the rest are all very glittery finishes. When I first took the pictures, I thought the shadows would be very pigmented because they looked intense in the pan however, I was so disappointed with the swatches. Some of the shades barely had any pay off such as ‘Bellini’ which is a rose gold shade that just would not pick up on my brush or skin. The darker colours and especially ‘Manhattan’ are amazing and I used this on my eyes straight away. There is quite a bit of fall out on the shimmery shades so be careful when applying. With the matte shades which were very average and not enough of in the palette, I was disappointed with the chalky texture which flaked off.

 So let’s see if the second palette ‘A New Day’, is any better. At a first glance, I was quite surprised at how both of the palettes were so similar and the shades were very much from the same toned colour family. In the pan, these colours look quite dry and almost like they’re old and when I swatched them, I recognised the same problem. The colours are quite worn and really hard to pick up on brushes and with my finger. Even the shimmery shades are mega stiff and I had to really dig into the pan to get the swathes to show on camera. The colours are mediocre and I’ve seen them before in other Sleek palettes however, I’m glad this palette has more matte shades with 5 in the palette in total but they’re so chalky and clumpy on even in the pan (images includes below).  

All in all.. I’m quite disappointed with this duo and I think they’re the worst palettes released by Sleek Makeup. I love the brand and all of their other palettes are exquisite but I think they rushed the release of these two! The pigmentation and colour selection was disappointing but at £7.99, some people would claim that it’s to be expected. I beg to differ because of their previous releases. I’m a huge fan of Sleek and their innovative ideas such as their highlighting palettes, Pout Paints and trio blush palettes but I wouldn’t recommend rushing out to buy these. I think Sleek would make excellent cream contour shades because they’re cream blushes are to die for and they would be the first of its kind in the Drugstore so if anyone from Sleek is reading.. PLEASE MAKE CREAM CONTOURS! 



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  1. What a shame for the bad quality. Wondering if we are b class citizens in Greece, because , these two, were the only ones released in my country.

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