Urban Decay Naked Palette Smackdown

Hi guys! It’s been a while and lots has changed but I’ll update you with a post on that, later on in the week.. It’s time to get stuck back into our favourite topic of conversation!

I’m coming back with a major show down of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes to tell you all which one is my favourite and why. These palettes are so popular and a cult beauty product, but is it all really worth the hype? Let’s see!

There are 4 Naked palettes to choose from and they all house 12 shades which vary from matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. They all also come with either a brush or with Urban Decay’s famous 24/7 liners. They range in price depending on where you purchase them but generally they are around the £30 mark. You can purchase these from Debenhams, John Lewis and almost all online beauty websites such as beautybay.com and feelunique.com

Starting with the first one that started this whole craze is the Naked 1 palette! The packaging is a brown suede with a nice embossing of gold and as always with all Urban Decay eye shadows, the names are clearly labelled under each shadow. It also has a nice sized mirror in the lid and is a sleek and slim design with a reasonably good magnetic closure. This palette has a mix of warm and cool tones with 2 matte shades which are both hues of brown and the rest are shimmer. The pay off is very nice on the darker shimmery colours which feel very smooth and creamy and blends really well. Some of the lighter colours have little pay off and are quite difficult blend, including the matte brown shades. There’s a lovely highlight shade called ‘Virgin’ which is so buttery and soft in texture and can be used anywhere in the face for a beautiful glow.

The second one in the range is the Naked 2 palette which comes in a dusky grey tin with a very secure clip closure. It houses a very large mirror but is still housed in a slimline and sleek design making it perfect for travelling. You can definitely see an improvement of the formula used for these shadows compared the last one and they’re all very velvet like and creamy. The pigmentation on the only two matte shades is excellent with all the shimmery colours being just as soft. They blend effortlessly and the colours are a decent mixture of cool and warm tones meaning that this will suit most skin shades. There is another beautiful highlighter in this palette named ‘Bootycall’ which has much more of a gold tone and I love the fact this has a black colour in here too, as it’s a solid staple colour to have in a palette which the last one did not.

 The third of the palettes is the Naked 3 palette and my favourite of the collection! I love the rose gold silk- effect tin and again, large mirror housed in the lid. It again comes with a clip closure making it very secure for travelling. The colours are sensationally pigmented and it’s like this palette was made with every skin tone in mind. I have yet to come across someone who this palette does not suit and I am such a fan of this, I always purchase it for my friends and family who are looking for new eye shadows. Most of the hues are pink based however, this palette has a way of not being too warm toned thus, being versatile. Perhaps I’m attached to this because I don’t own and have never seen anything like it. I’m not a huge fan of pink but I’m in awe of these shades when I use them. Again the texture is beautiful and even more so than the last palette. There are 3 matte shades which, are beautifully blend-able and also a gorgeous black with a pink/ red and gold glitter running through it giving the usual black a bit of a twist to it. This palette is definitely a huge favourite of any of the palettes I own in my collection.

   The latest of the palettes is the Naked Smoky palette which as the name suggests, houses a lot of deep and dusty smog like shades in it. The packaging is a beautiful plastic box with silver embossing on it. Inside, the shadows are placed on a translucent base with a large mirror in the lid and gives the whole palette a very well thought out design. The palette has 4 very staple matte shades much like those from the Naked Basics palettes by Urban Decay and they are a very good mix of matte highlighters to crease colours. The rest of the shadows are of a shimmery and glitter finish with the overall texture being the best one of all of the palettes. The shadows don’t only blend well on the skin, but also within one another and this makes applying eye shadows even easier. The palette is very cool toned though and I find this one a little harder to wear in the summer and I don’t often reach for just this. I find myself always mixing colours from other palettes because I can’t piece together looks from just this however, the texture is incredible.

The texture of Urban Decay eye shadows just keeps on improving and I can’t wait to see what the next one holds! I would love to see them make a palette with half of the shades matte and the rest varying in finish. If the texture of the matte shades is anything like the Naked Smoky palette, it will be a breakthrough for the Naked range. Evident in the image above, the colours are solidly pigmented and not chalky in the slightest. I like the last 2 palettes the most from the the Naked collection because of the intensely pigmented shades and packaging however, the first 2 have a wider market who would reach for the natural and easy-to-wear shades.

Please note that all of the images are unedited to enhance or alter the shades in anyway and all pictures were taken in natural daylight.

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