Concealer Smackdown! Benefit Vs. Rimmel


Aaaaaand welcome back folks! To say it’s been busy this month is an understatement BUT I’m back now with lots of fun stuff for you to read!

My all-time (year long) concealer is now on its last legs and I’ve been frantically trying to find a new replacement! However, because it’s a high end product, I didn’t really want to repurchase it! So I’ve been looking around at the drug store to see if I can find something a little different!

When Rimmel came out with their ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation, everyone went mad for it and the concealer to match, so I decided to pick it up.. Especially for the reasons of it being so cheap! What better way to test it, then compare it my current favourite concealer!


Benefit Fake Up Concealer – £18.50
I bought this concealer on a whim last summer where the packaging said that the concealer was creaseless! That’s definitely something which I suffer from because I have quite a few fine lines under my eyes and product often gathers there! I had never really bought into a hydrating concealer before because I didn’t know that my under eyes were dry, however, it’s something which has become apparent to me for sure!

I love the way that the concealer glides on and how much pigmentation it has, despite being so creamy! It lasts really well and although I still have to powder, it looks so natural! I love the eye catching packaging and a tube of this size has lasted me a whole year (I use it 6-7 days a week)! It’s expensive, but it screams good quality and I naturally rotate towards it on a daily basis! This light shade is really brightening without looking strange and makes you look awake without looking ‘creepy’!


However, when I first started using it, I could never find a brush to blend this out with. Which ever one I tried, seemed to blend it out to nothing and that was quite frustrating until I found the perfect brush (Small stippling brush). I also feel as though the concealer could have slightly less of the balm product and more of the concealer which means more coverage for those people with severe dark circles! I’ve never tried using this on blemishes or spots, but I imagine it wouldn’t be that great as it is so creamy (it would probably blend to nothing). It’s also quite expensive so there’s a lot of people who would avoid buying it for the price.. Including me because even though I love it, to spend so much on a concealer.. Is hard! It only comes in 3 shades so, you’ll be lucky to find one close to your skin tone!


Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – £4.99
After trying this for a few days now, I can see why so many people enjoy using it! I love the foundation already which leaves skin feeling refreshed and I expected the concealer to do the same, which it has. I really like the natural finish it gives skin and this colour matches really well! It leaves a really smoothing effect on the skin which looks just like skin!

The coverage isn’t the best and it’s definitely not for people who have major blemishes to cover, but I like the way my dark circles still show a little, but it makes my face look more like.. My face! I love the price point and the colour range isn’t bad with 4 shades to choose from (no good for darker skin tones as all the shades are really light)!


I like the applicator because it gives me control when I’m spreading the product and the consistency of the concealer is super blend able (it’s best blended with fingers)! I have to set this concealer for sure though because it’s really creamy and moves otherwise! It’s not the most exciting packaging for the tube, but I don’t expect gold plated applicators with a drugstore brand, to be fair!

The Verdict
All in all, I really like these concealers! They’re both really nice in their own right! I feel as though they’re so different, that they would suit whoever was looking for that particular finish they give! The Benefit concealer is really full coverage and the Rimmel concealer is really natural! Depending on my look for the day, they both suit me really well! I wish the Benefit concealer was a little cheaper though, because at the end of the day, it’s a stick concealer and £18.50 is a lot! However, I wish Rimmel catered for darker skin tones more, even if it was just one shade!


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