Fe-Blog-Uary Day 28 – February Beauty Favourites


I can’t believe that a whole month of blogging has gone and I won’t wake up to post my new blog for the day every morning as I have been! I’ve loved Fe-Blog-Uary and I hope you guys have too! I sure missed a few days but I hope I’ve made up for them and it’ll be back to a regular schedule of uploads every other day during March and Blogging April will be here before you can say MAC! I thought it would be nice to end the month by showing you my favourite products of February 2014.. So here we go, for the last time this month!


Beauty UK Blush in ‘Popsicle Pink’ – £3.99
I bought this recently and featured it in a haul post after I had gone shopping for a few bits! Not expecting high hopes for it, I was so surprised at the effect it gives your skin after you’ve used it! It’s supposed to be a really shimmery light pink baked blush but it’s so light for me, I use this on top of my blusher for a highlight and my oh my.. Does it highlight?! It gives an amazing glow to the cheeks without looking fake.. It’s inexpensive too!


HD Brow Powder Kit in ‘Foxy’ – £19.96
I got this in a beauty box and was excited to try it after it being hyped up so much in the beauty community! I’m not a big fan of brows but I’ve loved using these colours as eyeshadows and filling out the odd gap in my brows! The colour ‘nude’ is a perfect crease colour (camel colour) and I love using the lightest shade as a brow highlight! These are really buttery and pigmented eyeshadows so you only need a tiny amount!


Inglot Lip Paint in ’63’ – £10
After getting this in summer, I semi- forgot and semi-lost this lip balm from Inglot! Inglot tend to do really good lip products so I wanted to try this after the amazing sweet smell enticed me! This is a typical ‘me’ shade which is a rose toned nude and it’s a real high shine finish too! It’s really moisturising and smells nice.. Could you ask for anything more?

Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion – £2.99
I got this tiny sample size body lotion in a Glossy Box but it’s not so much the product I was excited about! Although it’s a really nice lotion, it’s not moisturising enough for my body, I think people with oily skin, would love this! It’s not sticky, smells good and absorbs instantly! What I love about this cream is the travel size that it comes in! I love being able to take this out and about with me in my bag to moisturise inbetween my fingers etc. It’s really good for on the go!

Premae Harmony Moisturising Smoothie Serum – £22.50
I received this a while back in my Glossy Box and I loved it however, I’ve only started using it properly since last month! I really like how lightweight, yet moisturising this is on the skin! When I’m applying it, it dries into the skin and I can’t feel it but when I feel my face, it feels moisturised and nourished! It’s a nice little serum I use before bed because it doesn’t smell too offending and I won’t wake up with oil spots because it isn’t that greasy on me!


Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation in ‘202 Natural Vanilla’ – £15
Lastly, is my love for loose powder foundation again and this is the only one I own! I really like the coverage it gives and how fresh your face looks after! I’m a big fan of using this with my concealer too because it sets it perfectly! Body Shop have done it right by finely milling this and I like the fact the packaging has a sieve in it! It’s really mattifying and fills in fine lines too making it a multipurpose product and you can’t beat that!

What’s your favourite products of February? Have you ever tried any of the products I’ve mentioned?


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