Fe-Blog-Uary Day 27 – Beauty Favourites: Mascara


One of my most favourite make up items to wear and the one product which I feel naked without, is mascara! I think mascara is one of those products that every woman wears even if they wear no other make up! It’s amazing how much better and more awake a face looks when there’s a slick of a good black mascara on those lashes! Over the 10 odd years I’ve been wearing makeup, I’ve developed some favourites.. As you do.. So take a look at my favourites that I’ve managed to narrow it down to (it wasn’t easy)!

It sounds really strange to say but, my lashes aren’t the best however, they take on mascara really well! They’re fairly long but, I don’t have any volume and they’re dead straight so I have to curl them! They’re obedient though.. When I curl them, they stay like that and when I apply mascara, they tend to do whatever the mascara claims to do! If you’re blessed with amazing lashes, then these mascaras will make your lashes even more sexier! If like me, you have droopy lashes, these will make all the difference!


Benefit They’re Real Mascara – £19.50
The cult beauty product which some love and some hate! For me.. It works really well but only at a price! The brush on this mascara is what makes it so unique because it’s a plastic and super spikey which even has bristles on the tip, making it easy to reach those hard-to-reach-corners! I love the way the brush acts with my lashes! The actual product inside the tube is what I struggle with.. It’s quite watery and on average, I find that after using this tube for a month or so, it starts to work amazingly! I’ve depicted a sample size but even that is quite generous so continuing to use it for a few weeks works out well! It separates, lengthens and volumises my lashes incredibly! I have to use a good few coats and build on it, but it really does work well for me!


L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black – £10.99
This is another one of those mascaras which every Beauty Blogger has raved about at some point! I remember using this about 5 or 6 years ago when I was school and it was fairly new and when I saw it a few years ago on the shelf, I bought it to use whenever my then-current mascara finished! I kept forgetting about this whenever my old mascara finished until recently, when I rediscovered it and.. Boy, am I glad? This has to be one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used! It has a really long and thin plastic brush with tiny bristles in a square shape around the barrel! It’s a unique design and works well for top and bottom lashes!

I love this mascara for everything! The lengthening, volumizing and curl it gives my lashes! The liquid in the tube is really thick and paste-like which makes it really good fot volumising however, it takes a while to dry and I often have a to wait a good few minutes before applying another coat! I have noticed that this transfers to my under eyes if I wear it on my lower lash line which, I have never been troubled with before! I do really like this Carbon Black formula better than the original for its superbly intense colour and pigment, though!


Nouveu Noir Black Mascara – £14.99
This isn’t a greatly popular one but by no means least do I not think that it isn’t worth it in my top spot! I reviewed this in a beauty box around a year ago and I was really stunned to receive a full size and really good quality mascara, like this! The brush is a small oval shaped bristle brush which is quite small!

I don’t use this mascara in the normal fashion, though! I actually use this at the end of my other mascara coats because this is so super black! It adds a real darkness to my lashes making them look more voluminous! As well as using it on the top, I use this on my bottom lashes too because it’s such a good sized wand! The packaging is made of metal too.. It feels such good quality! The mascara product itself isn’t so great alone because it did nothing for my lashes however, I found using it at the end for a shot of pure black, works so well!


Maybelline Colossal Volume a Express (Smokey Eyes) Mascara – £7.99
I started using this mascara after purchasing it whilst it was on sale! I didn’t have too many high hopes for it because I thought it would be cheap and wouldn’t work but I couldn’t have been more wrong! They have quite a few different products in the Volume Express range and before this ‘Smokey Eyes’ version, I had ‘Cat Eyes’ which had a different shaped brush! The brush is a medium sized, rounded bristled brush and not too exciting at first!

However, the way this makes my lashes look is amazing and it’s a look I love: slightly clumpy, voluminous and long! The product inside it, is great because I have dipped another spooley in the tube before and the mascara still performed amazingly! It’s great value for money!

What’s one of your mascara recommendations? Have you ever tried one of these?


4 thoughts on “Fe-Blog-Uary Day 27 – Beauty Favourites: Mascara

Add yours

    1. Aww thanks! I’m wearing the Maybelline one today and really like it! It’s not that lengthening until it dries up a bit and then I can built it up a little.. Which is a bit strange! X

  1. You have lovely lashes, lucky girl! Mine are quite short and a blondish/brunette color so I completely get the whole, if I’m wearing nothing else at least I have mascara. I think the Benefit one looks amazing on. The up close shots really help to tell the differences between the mascaras, great post! xo

    1. Thank you very much! The lashes look good with mascara on but trust me, they’re not that exciting at all! They’re Real is amazing! It’s weird how it’s better when it’s a little drier though.. Have you ever tried it?

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