Fe-Blog-Uary Day 25 – FYI: Skin Illuminating Primers


During winter, I love reviving my skin a little (or at least creating a persona that it’s revived)! There are tonnes of products which claim to be illuminating, but do they really work? For me, illuminating means a glow to the skin which looks natural and as if its from within! If it looks fake, it’s just highlighter, if it looks natural, it’s illuminating: SIMPLES!



This MONU Illuminating Primer doubles up a moisturiser for me too! It’s quite hydrating and adds just enough nourishment for my skin for me not to have to wear any face cream: double trouble! I received this product in a Glossy Box hence, the small size but ever since I’ve received it, I love it! It creates a really natural looking sheen to the face which literally makes you look as though you drink gallons of water a day!

Skin looks hydrated and completely clean (which is so hard to explain, but it does)! It’s quite white in colour though, so probably not the best for darker skin as it would most likely leave you looking ashy! It doesn’t really make my make up last longer on top, but it makes my skin look so good, I don’t want to wear foundation!

L’oreal Lumi Magique Base
I got this almost two years ago when I was experiencing quite a bit of dry skin on my face and no matter what I used, I always looked dehydrated and as a result my skin started to become a dull colour! I bought this with the hope that it would give me a glow and make me look back to normal again! I love this stuff.. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes to dry looking skin! My skin looks dewy and even when I wear it under foundation, the shine peaks through and looks great!

It’s quite a watery primer and although I don’t notice my makeup lasting longer, I think it looks great on the face! I have to avoid using this on my T-Zone though, as not makes me look almost sweaty with all the shine in an area where I’m quite oily! The liquid is white and great for pale complexions but would also suit olive skin tones too! It has a really fine silver metallic glitter running through which gives that ‘wow’ factor to the skin. For the price.. Priceless!


Revlon Bare It All
Drug stores always come out with highlighters and primers, but I love the idea of lotions and hydrating products, which really help the skin keep as hydrated as possible! This limited edition ‘Lustrous Lotion’ is marketed to be a super illuminating lotion which you can wear under or over foundation! I’m a big fan of stuff like this because it’s so versatile!

I love that this is slightly pink toned, so rather than wear it under foundation, I wear it as a blush and it gives me an amazing glow and when I wear it as eyeshadow, it looks superb then too! It’s quite a thick consistency and although it doesn’t keep my foundation on my face, the look it creates makes me look plastic (which I love)!

Lumi Magique Concealer
I really wanted to throw in this Lumi Magique Concealer because I don’t feel as though it gets enough credit for what it does! Concealers are great for all their coverage and all that stuff but, how many concealers have we tried that make your skin look like it’s naturally chiselled to perfection? I love using this for adding an instant highlight to my cheek bones and making them look prominent! But, it helps my features stand out yet, looks fresh and glowing, as though all that highlighting work is normal! It’s still a great concealer for under the eyes, but for what it does highlighting-wise, it’s amazing!

What’s your favourite highlighting product? Any recommendations?


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