Fe-Blog-Uary Day 24 – MAC vs. MUA


I wanted to try something a little different with today’s post and really wanted to do a true comparison between a High End and High Street brand! I thought about what brands I wanted to compare when it finally hit me, to choose the cheapest brand I know: MUA and one of the most famous brands: MAC! I really wanted to know whether if you paid more, you got more quality with brands, so here’s my test!

I know MUA isn’t available in all countries and people from the UK can purchase it from Superdrug but international beauty geeks can purchase online here! MAC is available from MAC stores which are usually located in main city centres as well as Debenhams, Selfridges and various other department stores! However, you can also purchase MAC online here!

MUA Lipsticks


MUA lipsticks cost £1 each in the UK making them one of the cheapest lipsticks that anyone can buy! I have a few colours from their range which I use time and time again for a pop of colour, as the shades I have, are quite bright! They are really pigmented, glide on and feel really creamy! Perhaps a little too creamy..? They seem to slip around a bit and bleed around my lip line if I don’t wear a lip liner! I love the way they feel.. Really luxurious and they don’t stick to the dry bits on your lip, either! (excuse my poor execution of applying the lipstick.. It kept sliding around on my lips)! The packaging is really good with a clear window which opens out as a pot of lipstick that you can dip your brush into! I love the way it shows the colour of the lipstick and despite it only costing £1, it doesn’t feel cheap at all! They have 16 colours in this £1 range which isn’t a tonne, however, they have lots of other ranges priced differently with different finishes and shades!




MAC Lipsticks


MAC are really well known for their lipsticks! They have some really famous colours but I thought I’d swatch some less well known shades (and one famous one)! Their lipsticks do feel like they have a sense of quality! Although some shades like ‘Mehr’ are quite paste-like on the lips, they still feel really nice to apply though! They’re long-lasting (no matter what the finish) and don’t bleed at all, regardless of the colour! They have what seems like millions of shades but at £15 a tube, they’re 15 times the cost of MUA! You can only buy them where MAC is sold and it’s not as accessible as where MUA are sold! The packaging is a bullet shaped tube which is really classy and classic MAC. There are lots of different finishes which makes finding a certain look, really easy to shop for and of course, who can resist picking up a lipstick from those lovely MAC stores to swatch them.. They have prestige!




MUA Intense Colour Eyeliners

Again, these come in at £1 each and there are 6 colours to choose from! Not the broadest range of colours, but the colours that they do have in this range, are quite funky and fun! The pencils come with a sharpener on the lid making them super easy to use and the whole packaging is the colour of the pencil, making them super easy to find in your stash of eyeliners! It’s really pigmented and smooth to apply! It doesn’t pull or tug at my eye and they’re fairly long lasting too! The colour fades beautifully when it does and leaves a nice subtle hint of colour which I like too! Not bad for £1 ehy?

MAC PowerPoint Eyeliner

I’ve chosen this range of eyeliner because it’s the only eyeliner I have of MAC! MAC eyeliners are something which I actually avoid buying because they cost so much! I received this in a holiday gift set so didn’t really mind the cost as it worked out worth my while! I really like the colour of the pencil because it’s a nice subtle colour which isn’t too harsh! The colour comes off a little patchy though and doesn’t really apply very well.. It’s one of those pencils you rub in your hand or hold under a hair dryer to warm up first and then apply which, isn’t really ideal! There are 13 colours in the range which is a good selection and MAC have a lot of pencil eyeliner ranges! I really like this but at £14 a pencil, the price is crazy steep!

MUA Powder Blushers


These are a recent buy for me when I went shopping around a month ago! I saw these blushers and after trying a tester, I was really shocked that they only cost £1 each! They’re really soft and easy to apply! Although some shades are a little chalky, I think they apply beautifully and create a natural finish because they blend effortlessly! They’re almost completely matte apart from a few shades which have a subtle shimmer running through! There are 6 shades in this collection which was released in 2013 which is not that vast, but the colours are great and suit any skin tone! The packaging isn’t great and the plastic feels quite cheap however, I like the way the lid clips shut and the way it opens horizontally as most blushers open vertically!

MAC Blushers


MAC blushers were the first ever things I purchased from the brand! I remember thinking how much I knew I would love them and I was right! The packaging is really sturdy and although the plastic window pops out on some, it pops back in and I’ve never had any problems! I love the vast colour selection they have in their various finishes and there are countless shades (hence why I can’t give you a number) because they always release new shades with their limited edition collections! The blushers always look natural, have a good shimmer to them (if that’s the finish) but always remain a finely milled powder which feels like silk on your skin when you apply it! I love it when I wear MAC blushers because I just know that my face will look fresh that day and I won’t really need to worry too much about looking in the mirror to adjust my blusher! Coming in at £16 though, these are quite expensive and not the cheapest however, I do think that they’ll last me forever and because they have some really different shades, they have a unique-ness about their blushers!

MUA Eyeshadows

The only eyeshadows I have from MUA is this Naked Palette knock off which comes in at £4 for 12 eyeshadows! The colours are completely based off that palette with some of these colours actually being better then Urban Decay’s palette! I love the finish of the shimmery eyeshadows because they’re so soft! When I swatched these for this picture, it felt so nice to smudge them on my eyelid because they felt buttery and the pay off was excellent! They’re really easy to blend and although the colours are mainly glittery or quite chunky, they don’t have a tonne of fall out and are super pigmented! The matte shades are a let down though, with the payoff being little to none which does let it down a bit! This palette is called the ‘Undressed palette’! The packaging isn’t the best however, it has a clip close again and remains closed.. The plastic feels a little cheap!


MAC Eyeshadows

Of course, everyone knows MAC for their crazy good eyeshadows and the amazing tutorials people make on YouTube and blogs showing the incredible looks they created using MAC eyeshadows! I only own a few MAC eyeshadows, but that is because they cost so much! Eyeshadows come in pan form (without any packaging -£9) protecting the eyeshadow and also in single forms (£12)! I love the way that most MAC eyeshadows are reliable in terms of pigmentation and you can almost be sure that the colour will be true to what it looks like in the packaging! However, the duo I have in the middle host the colours ‘Radial Pink’ and ‘Shadowy Lady’ which are not that pigmented at all! Again, as with all MAC products, the powder is really finely milled and so blend beautifully, but the pigmentation just isn’t there! The other two pans in ‘All That Glitters’ and ‘Tempting’ are really pigmented and buttery though!

So there we have a review of a few different products that both MUA and MAC sell! I love both brands, but for completely different reasons! I remember when I was younger, all I wanted was MAC makeup but, as I got older, I realised that there are tonnes of brands which have similar products for a lot less money!

I’ll have to say that taking everything into consideration, my favourite brand is MUA! I just can’t get over how well they have managed to do despite the fact their products are amazing! Well done MUA!

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