Fe-Blog-Uary Day 23 – Pore Minimising Primer Smackdown!


If you’re obsessed with beauty like I am, you’ll know about Benefit’s Porefessional and Maybelline’s Baby Skin.. Which both claim to be pore minimising primers! They should be exactly the same.. Only The Porefessional costs £24.50 and Baby Skin costs £7.99! But does price really reflect quality?

Benefit Porefessional – £24.50 for 22ml
So this primer claims to ‘Quickly minimise the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother than smooth skin’. It’s supposed to be used on Universal skin tones and helps make up stay put! It even has a Vitamin E derivative in to protect skin!


In my opinion, when this first came out, I was blown away by how it made my pores disappear! I started using it a time when my pores seemed huge and I wanted anything to make them invisible! I really like the suede like texture that it has when you put it on and how well it spreads on the face! You can use this on top of makeup for sure, as I have done numerous times and it doesn’t disturb the makeup at all! I like that the packaging comes in a squeeze tube and I like the colours and graphics however, I hate the jargon they use and I don’t think that their packaging is often very informative for people who don’t really understand makeup!

Although it claims to be universal on any skin tone, I found that the nude colour transferred in on skin tones that I used it on, leaving the person looking ashy and a little dull! Also, it doesn’t blend into the skin that well, in areas where it’s not blended in, it cakes up and creates ‘smudge-like’ marks which look like dry skin! For the money, I thought the blend-ability would be the least of their concerns as it’s a given for high end brands to have a good texture! I didn’t really notice my makeup lasting longer when I was wearing this.. Because I use baby wipes to wipe off makeup, I usually notice foundation or blush however, didn’t see any makeup residue so I don’t think it made my makeup last any longer!


Maybelline Baby Skin – £7.99 for 22ml
Maybelline recently came out with this pore minimising primer which is the first of its kind in the drug store, which is even slightly comparable to the Porefessional! It claims to Provide a matte finish and leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and protected. It also claims to instantly help vanish pores and makes the skin feeling shine-free and tight!

For the first time ever, the drug store has come out with something which is comparable to a big high end product and is refreshing to see! I love the way that this is clear and so you can’t detect it at all! It really does block up pores and looks really natural! I like the squeeze tube packaging and the packaging is actually quite fun however, the colours can be a little garish if you’re pulling it out in public because it looks like a cream you’d put on a toddler for a ‘rash’! I love how I can pick this up in any drug store as so many drug stores in the UK stock Maybelline: Supermarkets, Wilko, Superdrug, Boots etc. This makes my makeup stick to my skin like glue and usually, makeup slides off my face.. When I look at my makeup wipe at the end of the day, there is still makeup on it, so it is definitely making my makeup last longer!

I don’t really think that this helps to reduce shine and when comparing it to the Porefessional, it definitely isn’t as mattifying! I think the packaging could be improved a little with colours more inviting for adults.


I think it’s clear to see that I hold a special place in me heart for both of them however, I just expected the Porefessional to be perfect and feel a little cheated that Maybelline pulled out something so much cheaper and easier to use! You get the same amount of product for almost a third of the price and Baby Skin is just so easy to get ahold of and to use, it just works well! I don’t really mind that it isn’t as matte, as I can use a powder on top and that to me, isn’t a problem! Baby Skin also helps my makeup last longer which no product has ever achieved before and even the Porefessional sank on that test.. Unfortunately, I have to relegate the High End brand and allow Drug Store to claim victory!

WELL DONE MAYBELLIBE BABY SKIN.. Doing it for the High Street Brands!


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