Fe-Blog-Uary Day 22 – Eyeliner: Gel, Liquid or Felt Tip?


The age old question for me is: What do I use to line my eyes? I love me a bit of eyeliner as I always have done from a young age but all I ever used before was a pencil eyeliner in my waterline and since then, there are loads of new variations of eyeliners, be that the design, the product or the application of it! So, here’s what I think the 4 main type of eyeliners are and what purpose I feel as though, they hold!


** L’Oreal Super Liner Lacquer Black £6.49
Of course, this is the one that most of our mothers remember from the sixties when winged eyeliner was all the rage! I love liquid eyeliner for the jet black colour and the bold statement it creates! Lately, I’ve been using this for my winged eyeliner.. However, for me, it’s a fad that I drop in and out of! I love the application because liquid is smooth and the brushes are easy to use if you have a steady hand! Most liquid eyeliners come in a tube with a detachable brush which you dip in for more liquid! Brushes vary from felt tip-like nibs, bristled brushes and even plastic applicators! But of course.. You can dip your own brush in and use whatever you like! I like the longevity of liquid eyeliners but a lot of them flake when they’ve been on a for a while! I’ve yet to come across one which is completely waterproof because they wipe off so easily! I think liquid eyeliners are the best for your eyelid, however, they’re also great for lining the lower lash like if you like that look too! I love a bit of liquid eyeliner for statement eyes! Liquid eyeliners come in tonnes of colours and some of my favourite ones are from KIKO which I have reviewed here!

Felt Tip

** Be A Bombshell Eyeliner in Onyx – £9
This is the newest invention of eyeliner I have seen in the last few years! I’ve seen liquid eyeliners with a felt tip like nib however, never anything like a pen! A genius invention in my eyes.. If you’ll pardon the pun! This is literally like a pen which you can draw on eyeliner with! The precision is amazing and the product inside is never runny or easily smudge-able thus, making it easy to use for beginners! You might still have to get used to it a little, but I just love the hold you get on the pen and how easy it is to move with it! The nibs can usually create all different sized wings and can be used on the top lid and again on the bottom if you like that. The bad side is that they’re not very long lasting and flake quite quickly, wearing off from the edges after a little while! Also, I find that they dry out quicker then normal eyeliners however, I still really like the effect they give! They’re not the blackest of black colours usually, but they give a nice soft, often matte effect! Again, you can get these in tonnes of colours so the experiment, is all yours!


** Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black – £7.99
I love me a little bit of gel eyeliner and it’s something which I’ve loved for almost 3 years now! When Maybelline released Gel Eyeliner, I remember the beauty industry blowing up because it was the first time it had ever been heard of for a drug store to release anything of the sort! Gel eyeliner is great for lining the waterlines and lash lines too (top or bottom) and they’re often made with a waterproof or long-lasting formulation! I love gel eyeliner for a bold look when applied liberally, or even when it’s smudged, because with gel, you have at least a minute to manipulate the product however you want to until it sets dry! It wears off beautifully, if it even wears off and again, comes in loads of colours! The only downside is that, you often have to purchase your own brush to apply the product with which is just another purchase. Some come with brushes already however, gel is quite hard to apply to start with cause it often dries up in the jar quickly are now really popular with most companies having bought out some sort of gel formula eyeliner now so whatever your budget, the world is your gel eyeliner pot!


** Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in ‘Perfect Black’ – £15
Pencil eyeliner is the go-to and oldest make up item I think I can ever remember in the history of my life! It’s the one make up product which has stuck around for years and years! People reach for it for all their needs! They come in tonnes of colours and shapes and sizes! I know a lot of brands which have eyeliners that double up as lip liners too! Pencil eyeliners, like felt tips, are great for precision because you have complete control of the pencil! You have to sharpen them for a stiff line and they could dry out and drag on your eyes, though! They’re great for smudging, creating a block line, thin liner, thick eyeliner, creative work and for the waterline too! They’re often really long lasting too! I love pencil eyeliner for the waterline the most, it’s such a good way to add colour and depth to the eyes without the need for eyeshadow! It’s a true favourite eye makeup item for me.. Hands down!

After swatching these eyeliners, I wanted to wipe them off to see which ones had the best lasting power! Felt tip wore off first, then liquid, then pencil and lastly gel.. Which stained my hand for quite a while even after wiping off!

So there we have it folks! What I feel as though eyeliner is best for! What one do you like the best? Any recommendations for any new inventions or eyeliners?


2 thoughts on “Fe-Blog-Uary Day 22 – Eyeliner: Gel, Liquid or Felt Tip?

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  1. I prefer liquid eyeliner more than anything, I’d never change now . Revlond colourstay is amazing for their black liner. Pencil never stays for me, always smudges! You have found some lovely dark shades here though. Lovely photos :)

    1. I’ve heard so much about the Revlon Colourstay eyeliner! I’m definitely going to get it after the L’oreal one finishes! Pencils are really hard to find for people with watery eyes.. I’ve heard Stila have a good long-lasting pencil eyeliner! Thanks for your comment! X

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