Fe-Blog-Uary Day 21 – Concealer Collection


Concealer was the first ever makeup item I wore! I’ve always had dark circles.. Even as a baby and trying to cover them up, was always hard until my mum introduced me to concealer when I was 11. I know it sounds extreme at a young age, but they were really noticeable and I would never take my glasses off because people would always ask if I was ill! And ever since then, I’ve tried tonnes of new concealers in the bid to find a perfect one that covers well, hydrates my dry under eyes and eventually, eradicate them completely!


Bobbi Brown Corrector in ‘Bisque’ – £18
Starting with a well known product in the beauty world is this corrector by Bobbi Brown! Although this isn’t actually a concealer, the idea is that by applying this peach-toned corrector on your under eyes, it would counteract the purple tones of under eyes! It’s a really thick and paste like consistency and I found that it creased under my eyes! Also.. It finishes so quickly.. I hit pan really soon! It does cover dark under eyes really well however, it doesn’t sit well when there is powder on top and almost looks like dry skin! I need something a little more hydrating!

Benefit Boi-ing in ‘3’ – £17.50
This was a summer purchase, hence the dark colour! I really like the idea of the the concealer being a really good coverage! It’s a strange colour though and I often found it looking ashy under my eyes! It has really good coverage and has really good blend-ability too! But again, it lacks hydration and when powdered, it looks quite strange!

Benefit Fake Up in ‘Light’ – £18.50
I’ve been using this concealer for almost a year now and haven’t stopped loving it one bit! When I first bought it, I was a little apprehensive on the coverage but using this has made me realise that my under eyes are fairly dry and that I need hydration there! The concealer has a balm coating the actual concealer in the bullet. It’s an innovative design and it’s really long lasting with just the right coverage!

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer in ‘004’ – £4.49
This is the first ever concealer I bought! I love this concealer even now and it holds a special place in my heart! It has really good coverage and is excellent value! If I ever need to cover a blemish or spot, I reach for this and the shade of this is just perfect for me! It’s affordable.. Although the price has gone up by £2.50 over the years however, I still reach for it when I need more coverage! I can’t help it.. It’s just perfect!


MUA Conceal and Brighten Kit in ” – £3.50
I bought this trio of concealers because I wanted to try a budget brands’ capabilities! Needless to say, I was a little disappointed! The coverage is minimal and although the colour selection with the palettes is broad and all the colours they have generally, are good.. I was kind of bummed when I swatched them and they weren’t very creamy! The concealers aren’t really that pigmented either and blend out to nothing, which defies it’s purpose! Not really that good for its money but I actually quite like using this as a foundation instead.. It’s lightweight and gives a tiny bit of coverage without being over the top!

GOSH BB Skin Perfecting Kit – £9.99


Lastly, we have the most recent addition to my concealer stash! I bought this GOSH concealer as it was the first time that I had ever seen a BB concealer! I was really amazing at the claims that it made on the packaging! Inside it comes with 2 concealers and a highlighter! I think this is the worst concealer I’ve ever bought for coverage! It’s basically like coloured water which blends out to nothing! It’s impossible to build up because it’s so slippery and it creases like no other! Even the highlighter is too artificial looking and to be honest, I don’t see the point of it in this kit! It was a waste of £10 for me.. I feel as though there are tonnes of other concealers which are better!

And that wraps up my concealer collection and review! I do love a good concealer but really need it to cover my dark under eye circles and my favourite one has to be Benefit’s Fake Up because it is just so worth the money to me! What is your most favourite concealer ever?


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